Barxiu Café – Saigon vintage work-friendly cafe visited by many celebrities

Besides playing the role of get-together places, cafes in Saigon are also preferred spaces for freelancers and flexi-time workers to do their jobs.

Among them, Barxiu Café offers a great location and a pleasant atmosphere to focus on your work. It is also suitable for small group conversations among friends and check-ins, with its many Insta-worthy corners.

It is a beloved work-friendly café

Barxiu Windows
Many customers of Barxiu Café come here for a place to work efficiently.
Image credit: barxiu.diary

Located on the first floor of a building in downtown Saigon, Barxiu Cafe is a hidden gem where you can come to get inspired for work. In fact, the whole space is filled with black and brown colours, from the walls to the furniture.

Together with windows large enough for an adequate amount of natural light to get in, the space gives off a pleasantly nostalgic vibe.

Barxiu Interior
The calmness and gentle white noise here will improve your focus on work.
Image credit: Barxiu Café

A big plus for this cafe is its grey wall. In fact, this cement-like colour, as well as the simple decorations, means you don’t have to worry about distractions.

Moreover, the white noise of people quietly chatting, keyboard tapping and gentle music will make you more focused on your work here.

It serves great cold brew and bạc xỉu

Barxiu Coffee
Coffee drinks at Barxiu Cafe are kept in small glass bottles like this.
Image credit: Võ Hoàng Phi Trường

Barxiu is a witty wordplay with bạc xỉu, a traditional Chinese-Vietnamese coffee drink. It comes as no surprise that the main drinks here are these caffeinated bevvies.

At this cafe, you can choose from various drinks from classic cold brew to bạc xỉu to latte. The prices start from VND30,000 (~USD1.29).

Barxiu Apricot Coldbrew
Apricot cold brew, a new signature drink.
Image credit: Barxiu Café

Barxiu Cafe’s signature drink is cold brew with pink lemon and honey. Otherwise, you can go for cold brew cherry blossom. Both combine strong coffee essence with acidic fruits to produce memorable tastes.

Many celebrities are regular customers

Nguyen Truc Thuy Tien
Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên, Miss Grand International 2021, at Barxiu Café.
Image credit: Barxiu Café

Though it may require some effort to find the cafe, this hidden gem is a favourite of many Vietnamese celebrities. So if you want to visit this place over and over, you are likely to meet them soon.

Truc Nhan
Trúc Nhân, a Vietnamese pop star, at Barxiu Café.
Image credit: Trúc Nhân

Their regular appearances at this café may be because the place has many wonderful check-in corners. From grey walls with vintage decorations to a street-view balcony, this cafe will give you a lot of beautiful pictures to brush up on your Instagram feed.

Peaceful cafe in Saigon

This cafe hidden in downtown Saigon is where you can enjoy great cold brew and bạc xỉu. Here, you will have a great space to focus on your work and have great pictures with the cafe’s vintage design.

Barxiu Café
The 1st store: 1st Floor, 90 Trần Đình Xu Street, Cô Giang  Ward, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City
The 2nd store: 141-143 Nguyễn Trãi Street, Bến Thành Ward, District 1, Hồ Chí Minh City
Opening hours: 8am – 11pm, Daily
Telephone:036 959 6764
Barxiu Café’s Facebook page, and Instagram
Barxiu coffee drinks are also available in Singapore via this Facebook page and website

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