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There’s a saying I believe to be true: “If travelling was free, you’d never see me again”. Unfortunately, costly airfares hold most people back from seeing the world as often as they’d like. Well, there’s no such thing as free airfare, but paying just 1% for a plane ticket comes pretty close. Yes – it IS possible. Read on to find out more.


100 coupon codes for 100 kancheong spiders


This may sound crazy, but when ZUJI’s boss is away, the folks there get together to bring you special deals on airfares – specifically, at 99% off (not applicable on taxes and surcharges). To keep you on your toes, the discount is dropped without prior warning, and the destination kept hush-hush till then.

Who knew you could ride horses by the beach in Bali?

The previous Boss Is Away deal to Bali put 100 highly-coveted slots up for grabs, and they were snapped up within an hour. A return ticket on KLM Airlines was originally priced at $292, but this deal reduced it to $72 (1% of $292 + taxes and surcharges) for 100 lucky souls! That’s even cheaper than a ticket to USS.  

A little birdie told us that ZUJI’s boss will be away again real soon, and there may be more than 100 coupon codes this time, so stick around! It also pays to be kiasu and subscribe to ZUJI’s Boss Is Away to receive alerts and updates before anyone else in Singapore.

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We’ve been sworn to secrecy, but here’s a major hint. The next discount could take you to one of these 3 destinations:




A favourite among Singaporeans, the Land of Smiles is a popular destination for quick weekend getaways. Everyone should be familiar with the Chatuchak Weekend Market and Talad Rod Fai by now, but we have since sussed out more reasons to revisit Bangkok.


Recently, she has upped its hipster quotient with a bunch of novelties, like a unicorn-themed cafe and an alfresco restaurant modelled after Rome. Thanks to the strength of our currency, you can even put up at 4/5-star hotels while at that!


Ho Chi Minh


The famous Notre-Dame Cathedral with 40-metre towers, one of Ho Chi Minh City’s landmarks built in the 1800s.

Where colonial French meet traditional Vietnamese, Ho Chi Minh’s gorgeous architecture makes it an underrated city that photography enthusiasts will love. If you were to bluff your Instagram followers that you’re in a quaint European town, they’d probably believe you.


Foodies rejoice, ‘cause Ho Chi Minh is also a street food haven – a possible alternative for those who’ve visited Bangkok too often. Soak in the bustle of colourful street stalls and watch the locals go about their daily lives – a nostalgic throwback to Singapore in the 1960s. If the super strong Viet coffee keeps you up at night, work off the buzz by taking a romantic supper cruise down the Saigon River, or dancing up a sweat at popular nightclub, Apocalypse Now.




Nestled among volcanic mountains and tea plantations, Bandung is perfect for those who crave some quiet in the midst of nature. Explore the unreal craters of famous volcanoes like Tangkuban, or visit the nutrient-rich plantations nearby where you can try your hand at harvesting fresh strawberries.

If outdoorsy activities aren’t your thing, the Paris of Java is packed with restaurants, cafes, and a good retail scene. Shopaholics will find themselves in the maze of factory outlet stores, while foodies go bananas for S$0.10 Goreng Pisang. The best part? You can easily get a nice hotel for cheap here!


Insanely cheap travel prices when ZUJI’s Boss Is Away


Flights don’t have to cost a bomb with ZUJI’s insane Boss Is Away discounts. With 99% savings on your airfare, you’ll have more moolah to indulge in shopping, accommodation, and an assortment of experiences. Bet you’re already itching to pack your luggage, ‘cause I certainly am.

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For additional clues, watch this thread on our Facebook page closely. And even if your fingers aren’t fast enough for the first 100 codes, keep your eyes peeled for the other offers 😉 

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