Support The Elderly, Disabled & Low-Income Families In Need By Donating To YWCA’s Online Charity Drive

YWCA charity drives

Donate to these YWCA charity fundraisers
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Through this coronavirus pandemic, Singaporeans have banded together on many occasions to help out vulnerable groups from migrant workers to marginalised children around the world through donation and volunteer work. However, while we’ve powered through strong so far, trying times are not over.

For those able to continue lending a helping hand to follow Singaporeans, the YWCA has 2 fundraising campaigns that are in need of donations to provide aid to the elderly, disabled, needy children and low-income families.


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Among the most vulnerable in our population are the elderly, children and disabled and you can now support them by donating to Meals-on-Wheels. 

With the coronavirus going around, having proper nutrition is vital in keeping the immune system strong. Funds for this food initaitive will go towards delivering lunches to the elderly and disabled and providing dinner for children of low-income families to help them tide through difficult days with full stomachs.

Sustenance For Families

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Running concurrently is the Sustenance For Families campaign, which aims to help low-income families cope through providing them with necessities. Donations to this cause will go mainly towards dry rations like onions and rice, as well as niche needs like diapers and milk powder for young mothers.

The campaigns on Giving.sg were each targeted to hit $200,000. However, with 21 days left to go, Sustenance For Families is only 18% on the way to the goal amount and Meals on Wheels 76%, so every extra dollar counts!

Make a difference with YWCA charity drives

Although we’re now further apart than ever physically, we need to stay close together in spirit in order to overcome this pandemic as a country. If you’ve got a couple of extra dollars to spare, chip in to the larger community to make sure no one goes to bed hungry.

Donate to Meals on Wheels here.
Donate to Sustenance for Families here.

Find out more about YWCA here.


Telephone: 6223 1227

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