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Whether it’s the satisfaction from mastering a talent or the desire to impress someone, knowing how to play a musical instrument is definitely worth the calluses. But the journey to becoming the next Hendrix is paved with determination, effort, and of course, a good instrument. 

If you’re hoping to pick up a new skill or simply looking to upgrade your current rig, head to Yamaha’s Plaza Singapura outlet for their clearance sale from 9th – 11th March 2018. You’ll get discounts of up to 90% on electric guitars, drum sets, and even music books. We’ve sussed out 6 cool instruments worth getting.


1. Up to 45% off REVSTAR Series Electric Guitars


 Yamaha Clearance Sale - REVSTAR Products

Just like how “manners maketh man”, the electric guitar maketh the rock star. And the rock star vibe was strong with the REVSTAR electric guitars. The models were designed with café racer motorcycles in mind, which was probably why they went so well with my biker-jacket-wearing self.

 Yamaha Clearance Sale - RS820CR

We tried out the RS820CR ($849 after discount) guitar and loved how the axe’s contour was comfortable without being too heavy. And if you’re someone who plays different music genres, you’ll be glad to know that these guitars are fitted with a Dry Switch circuit that filters out low frequencies, giving a clear tone with no hum.

REVSTAR Series Price: From $359 onwards


2. Up to 37% off DTX400 Series Electronic Drums


 Yamaha Clearance Sale - DTX400

Acoustic drummers, who are constantly at the receiving end of neighbours’ complaints, might wanna give electronic drums a shot. After all, they produce less noise, are more compact, and can simulate over 100 sounds.

For those ready to make the switch, you can’t go wrong with the DTX400K series ($499 after discount) or the DTX450K ($799 after discount) which comes with 10 programmable drum kits, in-built practice exercises, and support apps that even allow you to learn to play drums along with your favourite songs!

DTX 400 Series Price: From $499 onwards


3. Up to 40% off AMPLIFI Series Amplifiers


 Yamaha Clearance Sale - AMPLIFI

There’s no point in spending all hours mastering those sweet licks if no one can hear you. To make sure your shredding gets the attention it deserves, invest in a good amp like the AMPLIFI 75 ($399 after discount) which has tone matching technology so that you can emulate your fav musicians. And once the jamming sesh is over, you can kick back and stream music via the amplifier’s Bluetooth. 

Amplifiers Price: From $349 onwards


4. Up to 33% off Reface Synthesizers


Yamaha Clearance Sale - Reface

Think of synthesizers as pimped-up electronic keyboards; they produce virtually any kind of sound whether it’s piano, violin, or drums – you can even piece together existing sounds to form new ones.

 Yamaha Clearance Sale - reface carry

If the thought of being a one-man orchestra excites you, get the Reface YC ($399 after discount) synthesizer which comes with drawbars so that you can change the sounds produced in real-time. You can even play it on the go as the battery life of the synthesizer is 5 hours!

Reface Series Price: From $399 onwards


5. 25% off HELIX Effects


 Yamaha Clearance Sale - HELIX

Every guitarist has a certain sound they’re going for and sometimes, plugging their guitar into an amp simply won’t cut it. That’s where pedal effects come in. Depending on your setting, you can emit distorted, crunchy, and even echoey sounds.

 Yamaha Clearance Sale - HELIX Floor

The Helix Floor ($1799 after discount) recreates world class tones with next-gen HX Modelling Technology. With extensive I/O routings and capacitive footswitches, you’ll also get a super flexible guitar effects processor And if you ever end up going on tour, the Helix is built with solid aluminium construction allowing it to withstand heavy use.


6. Transacoustic Series Acoustic Guitars (Up to 25% off)


 Yamaha Clearance Sale - Transacoustic Guitar

Electric guitars are fine and all but nothing compares to the acoustic guitar when it comes to setting the vibe for jiwang and busking sessions.

 Yamaha Clearance Sale - Transacoustic LS-TA

Take your guitar game to the next level with the Transacoustic LS-TA ($1049 after discount). Besides having a rich, vintage tone, the guitar also comes with 3 knobs to adjust the effects and volume level.

Transacoustic Series Price: From $799 onwards


Get high quality instruments for low prices at Yamaha Plaza Singapura


 Yamaha Clearance Sale - Guitars

Whether your style is Buddy Holly or Gene Simmons, there’s an instrument for everyone at Yamaha’s Plaza Singapura outlet. From 9th – 11th March 2018, the store will be having a clearance sale where you can get up to 90% off on guitars, drums, brass instruments, and even music books.

 Yamaha Clearance Sale - Lessons

And if you wanna gain dem skillz to go with your instrument – be it the drum or bass – the outlet also provides classes at different proficiency levels. So for those of you who’ve always wanted to be Johnny Cash but lacked his last name, here’s your chance to get high-quality instruments at low prices!

Find out more about Yamaha’s Clearance Sale here!

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