The Tapestry – New luxury condo in Tampines

New condo in tampines

For new couples wanting to check the fifth C off their list, The Tapestry is the new kid on the block that you’d want to keep an eye out for.

This condo is just the thing for homeowners that want to stay in the East in a convenient location – it’s less than a 10 minutes drive from Tampines MRT and Tampines East MRT, and less than a 5 minutes drive from Tampines West MRT.

Plus, it’s also relatively affordable for a condo with such a prime location. BTO 5-room flats in Tampines cost nearly $500k*, while Tapestry condo units start from the $6xxk range and lower** – a steal considering the luxe-level advantages that come with it. Here’s what you can enjoy:

*Note: Prices are for reference only, and does not take into account price variances within Tampines. Based on projections on Feb 2018 here

**Based on estimated price as of Mar 2018. Final price may vary.

Smart home systems for added convenience and safety

Haiku fans in bedroom

 Image is for illustration purpose only. Image credit: Haiku

Ever longed for Tony Stark’s effortlessly luxurious Smart Home? Get a headstart on the future at Tapestry condo, where units have in-built features like app-activated fans, air-conditioners and even smart voice assistants.

Think a sleek smart home system controlled by an app, so you can turn off your fan, lights and air-con when you’ve left the house and prevent your electricity bill from skyrocketing. Or talk to your very own Jarvis – yes, a Smart Voice assistant that can do everything from play your favourite track to taking down a grocery list.

Smart home

Let’s be real, opening your gate with a metal key has become a thing of the past. Image credit: @PerformaHome

And with such a sleek home, of course safety is of top priority. Electronic door locks take security up a notch, while a built-in panning camera gives you peace of mind when you’re out. You can even check on your children, pets or elderly parents if you’re stuck at work, for instance.

Bonus: Private lifts

For selected units, condo residents can also enjoy the ease of private lifts – where the lift brings you straight to your apartment. No more walking down endlessly long corridors while carrying a load of things, or having clueless guests get lost when you tell them which unit you stay in.

Pools that give you clubhouse feels

the tapestry swimming pool

Image credits: The Tapestry

One of the best parts about living in a condo: the pool.

The Tapestry infinity pool

Image credits: The Tapestry infinity Pool

And just like at MBS, The Tapestry has it’s very own 100m Infinity Pool – so you don’t even have to pay for an expensive suite to get stellar shots. For those that like to get some morning exercise in the water, the 50m lap pool is perfect too.

Living in Singapore can get stressful, and massage parlours can get pretty expensive. Thankfully, the condo has its very own Hydrotherapy pool, so you can sit back and relax now and then without having to spend a bomb

Kid-friendly facilities within the condo

Working parents, we all know how difficult it is to source for a suitable childcare centre – near to your home or workplace, and not too expensive please. Here’s a solution: pick up your child after a long day at work right at your doorstep – at the child care centre within the condo premises itself!

You might become fast friends with your fellow parents and neighbours, and can arrange playdates at the Kids Adventure Playground if your kiddos get along too.

A private pavilion and BBQ area to host your parties

Whether for a regular family get-together or a special occasion, The Tapestry has got your back when it comes to throwing parties. Head down to the Social Pavilion, a patio with BBQ pits so that you can barbecue your satays in style.

If you really like to live the luxe life, you can even get a teppanyaki chef to cook for you. Just use the condo’s residential host services – think concierge and personal assistant rolled into one – and hire a private chef. Why, you can even ask the host  to get someone to do your laundry on lazy days, if you like.

A convenient location in the heart of Tampines

The Tapestry directory

Staying in a new estate has its perks: its new, clean and all that. But, residing in a mature estate brings not only a sense of familiarity, but added convenience. Yes, there’s everything you need nearby.

The Tapestry Condo is built along Tampines Avenue 10 and it’s less than a 10 minute drive away from a whole slew of malls, schools, parks and super retailers  – essentially everything you need for everyday living:

Tampines Hub

Image credit: RootsSg


  •  Century Square
  • Tampines 1
  •  Tampines Mall
  •  Tampines Hub
  •  Temasek Polytechnic
  •  St Hilda’s Primary and Secondary School
  •  Junyuan Primary and Secondary School
  •  United World College South East Asia

Super retailers

  •  IKEA
  •  Giant
  •  COURT

Image credit: Direct Cars SG

And, it can be hella easy to get around. The condo is also near to the Tampines MRT station, bus interchange, and soon the Tampines West MRT station!

Luxury living in the heartlands


You’ll also be able to enjoy views of Tampines Quarry Park and Bedok Reservoir.

Image credit: The Tapestry

It’s wise to keep an open mind when it comes to viewing property because you’ll never know if you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

We definitely were when it comes to the top-notch facilities of The Tapestry. You’ll step into a grand entrance – a 30-metre long arrival hall with reflective pools. And inside the units, you won’t just marvel at the Smart Home system mentioned above, but also a fully-equipped kitchen and even bathroom wares and fittings from premium brands like Grohe and Duravit.

But of course, there’s nothing like checking the place out for yourself. You can now drop by their showroom, where you can suss out high-quality units that range from 1-bedroom all the way to 5-bedroom.

All you’ve to do is register on their website here to view The Tapestry’s floor plan and gain FREE access to the showroom!

Who knows, maybe you’ll become a proud homeowner really soon.

Find out more about The Tapestry!

Address: Tampines Ave 10 in District 18

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