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Singapore’s multi-cultural landscape has grown to include influences from the likes of Japan and Korea to Mexico, Spain and America. From K-pop to J-rock, East to West, Singapore encapsulates these cultural elements, bringing them closer to home in order to give locals a taste of these foreign cultures without any inconvenience.

If you’re forever struck with wanderlust but can’t find the time or means to travel, here are 6 ways to experience the cultures of Los Angeles, Madrid, Mexico City, Seoul and Tokyo right here in Singapore.


Los Angeles


1. Go vinyl shopping at Hear Records


How many times have you watched a movie where boy meets girl at a vinyl store and reach out for the same record at the same time? Welcome to Hollywood everyone, and these record stores are as much a staple in Los Angeles as they are in our sappy rom-coms.


Here in Singapore, you can own a piece of LA’s music culture in a corner of Burlington Square, where Hear Records sits quietly with its old-fashioned charm. From Beatles to Lady Gaga, jazz to death metal, the store is home to both new shipments and used records, as well as turntables, electronics and vinyl frames. Make a trip here and you’ll most likely score treasures you’ll never find online..




2. Pick up Flamenco dance



How can one talk about Spanish culture but leave out the Flamenco dance? The folk music, fluid movements, and the dramatic ruffles on the Traje de Flamenca. Did you know that the Flamenco dance is spontaneous and not choreographed? One simply moves to the rhythm of the music, so if you clap along, the dancers may just improvise on the spot to match your beat!

The art had grown so popular that there’re more flamenco academies in Japan than in Spain itself. If you’d like a slice of Spanish culture right here in Singapore, there’s no better way than to pick up Flamenco dancing!


Mexico City


3. Make merry at Lucha Loco


Inspired by their travels to Mexico, the 3 founders wanted to create a place in Singapore that will embody the sights and sounds of Mexico City. Lucha Loco has done exactly that. With a lavish selection of gourmet tacos and other mexican grub, it’s safe to say you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The restaurant is dimly lit with both indoor seating and a garden bar that simulates an old school cantina.


Embracing these ideals, Lucha Loco hosts Mexican-themed parties regularly for patrons to let their hair down and have a blast with pinata bashings, best-dressed amigos and taco eating competitions!!




4. Watch a K-Pop Dance Off


There was a point in time when everyone thought that it was just a fad, but really the reign of Kpop is far from over. With the likes of Big Bang, 2NE1 and Super Junior performing on the world stages in flashy, out-of-this-world costumes, there’s no wonder why Kpop’s energy has found its way to Singapore.


Kpop Dance Off is jointly organised by *SCAPE and (X)clusive, a Kpop news and culture site in Singapore. It’s a 3 hour event that takes place one every 2 months, for Kpop dance community to meet and have dance battles. Remember the riff-off scene in Pitch Perfect? This is basically the Kpop version of it. Prior to the event, followers can submit song requests on the Facebook page too!

The same committee also organises Kpop All-In, a fair that holds performances and a flea market for Kpop enthusiasts to be entertained while shopping for fan merchandise ranging from apparels like band shirts and caps, to beauty products like hair chalk and cosmetics.




5. Relax at a Japanese Spa



Many tourists travel to the natural hot springs of Japan to experience the traditional onsen – a relaxing ritual where you sit on a stool in a steamy bathroom and take a shower before getting into a hot tub to relax. Sip on a cup of tea, enjoy a traditional finger pressure massage, and you’ll be able to enter zen mode. But there’s no need to jet off just yet – we found you a spa in Singapore that’ll take you to Nippon for a couple of hours.

Along the rows of shophouses in Bukit Timah, Ikeda Spa wouldn’t be hard to spot from afar. Decorated heavily with wood finishings to simulate the traditional Japanese baths, the establishment offers a variety of spa services. Be it a ganbanyoku detox massage on a hot volcanic stone bed and bath salts from various hot springs in Japan, there’s something to pamper yourself with in private or communal chambers.


6. Discover the Unexpected at CHIJMES



Most people have no idea that CHIJMES used to be a church, then an orphanage before it was converted into a school.

The colonial beauty right smacked in the city center is one that is ironically often overlooked and unexplored, but there’s no better time to experience CHIJMES than on Heineken Cities Festival 2015. Feast your senses on a colorful variety of cultures and flavors, alongside the character of this charming building with a rich heritage that dates way back.

Heineken Cities Festival 2015


The Heineken Cities Festival 2015 will be hosted at CHIJMES, taking you on a journey through 6 different cities: Los Angeles, Seoul, Tokyo, Madrid, Mexico City and Singapore. Expect to be entertained by international acts like Mariachi Neuvo Estilo, a Mexico City Mariachi band from America’s Got Talent, along with music by guest DJ Cristian Varela from Madrid and more!

What: Heineken Cities Festival
When: 7.30 pm on Friday, 28 August 2015 till late

This event is open to the public.

For more details, please follow Heineken on Facebook or @HeinekenSG on Instagram!

This post was brought to you by Heineken. This article is co-written by Joyce Yang and Jonathan Paul Seow.

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