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Waterbike SG Lets You Cycle On Water At Pasir Ris Beach & Is The First In Singapore

Waterbike SG at Pasir Ris

With new countries just added to Singapore’s Vaccinated Travel Lane, it’s unsurprising to see Singaporeans flocking to reserve their plane tickets over the weekend. However, if you were hoping for closer destination alternatives like Bangkok or Koh Samui, it looks like you’ll have to wait a little longer for that tropical getaway.

In the meantime, check out Waterbike SG at Pasir Ris Park, Singapore’s first water bike adventure, for a thrilling new way to explore Singapore’s shores from the sea. It’s kinda like cycling on land but better – you don’t even need to know how to cycle.

Water biking in a nutshell

If you’re wondering what on earth water biking is, we’re here to enlighten you, young padawans. Unlike regular two-wheeled bicycles, the water bike frame is installed on two large floats which mimics the shape of a catamaran.


Once you’re seated on top of the floats, you can pedal the same way as you would a normal bicycle. Except that this time, you’ll be cruising through the waves instead of gravel and dirt on solid ground.

The water bike is also not motorised at all so it’s an environmentally friendly way to enjoy nature with your friends and family.

Safety measures

Ask any of your outdoorsy pals and chances are, they’ll tell you about the importance of prepping well before you embark on any adventure in sunny Singapore. Water biking is no different.

Unless a dehydrated sunburnt look is your thing, make sure to bring a filled water bottle and slather loads of sunscreen on yourself before heading down to Campsite 1 at Pasir Ris Beach. You can also bring a cap and a pair of sunglasses for extra protection from the glaring sun rays.

Before we headed out to sea, the friendly Waterbike SG staff provided us with the lowdown on everything we needed to know.

safety brief

After we had a short safety briefing on how to have fun without getting lost at sea, we were equipped with life jackets that we had to keep on the entire time we were on the water.

While there’s no fixed dress code to go water biking, I’d recommend wearing shorts, slippers and a Dri-Fit or sleeveless top if you don’t want to be soaked in a mixture of sweat and seawater.

We were also loaned a walkie talkie each to reach the Waterbike SG’s safety officers on duty just in case we required any assistance while we were far out from shore.

walkie talkie

Pro tip: You can also use this device to speak to your friends or family members exploring a different part of the sea. However, do note that everything you say to each other on the walkie talkie will be heard by everyone on the channel including Waterbike SG staff, so try not to say anything too embarrassing while using it.

safety officerSafety officers will be looking out for you the entire session

Explore the tranquil waters of Pasir Ris Park

As we were just renting so the crew had the bikes assembled for us by the time we arrived at the beach. The only thing we had to do was to get ourselves into the mindset of a Tour De France racer and be ready to go.

posing with bikeThose willing to fork out $1,800 for their very own water bike will have to take apart the bike to transport it around and reassemble it whenever you want to use it

And if you’re wondering whether you can bring your valuables along for the ride, the answer is yes. You can place small things like your phone or wallet into your life jacket pockets or stow larger items into the waterproof box attached to the water bike itself.

gif pushing bike

After we mounted the bike, a staff member gave our water bikes a swift and strong push to lead us out to sea. The moment they did that, we were told to start backpedalling like our lives depended on it for 5-10M before steering left or right. This was done to avoid bumping into beachgoers near the shore.

Cycle up to 15 KM/H on water easily

I found the water bike simple to manoeuvre compared to kayaking or stand-up paddling. As long as you can use your legs, you can pedal and steer this contraption – confirm plus chop.

In fact, it’s so easy that the minimum age requirement is set at only eight years old on Waterbike SG’s website.


Once you get the hang of this, race your friends as you take in the stunning sea views and sight of Pulau Ubin in the distance.

pulau ubin
Pulau Ubin is just opposite Pasir Ris beach

If you get tired, chill on the bike while you regain your energy. Better yet, simply ask the staff to attach an umbrella to your water bike for free so you can relax in the shade. 


Not to mention, with current restrictions in place, water biking makes a perfect 2-pax date idea, so grab your best partner in crime and head down to Pasir Ris Park ASAP.

You don’t need to know how to swim to get on these water bikes because the odds of you capsizing are practically zero. As mentioned earlier, the waterbike is installed on two large floats instead of wheels, forming a stabilised craft that does not require any balancing act on your part whatsoever.

gift shaking bike

We’re no experts but we had no issues standing up on our water bikes. And even if you find yourself on shaky waters because of strong waves rocking your bike, you’re probably not going to fall in. Phew.

Take IG-worthy pictures


Recreate those #throwback holiday moments by getting some cool IG stories of the scenery and golden hour selfies out at sea. 

If taking pictures yourself doesn’t float your boat – or bike – just jio an extra buddy for a picnic by Pasir Ris beach and make them your unwilling onshore photographer to get those candid photos.

candid backdrop

Cycle on water with Waterbike SG

date pic

The east side of SG is buzzing with lotsa things to do, from a new Disney Tsum Tsum Pop-Up to some water biking fun in the sun. 

If you’re looking to do something other than simply sipping on cocktails at a fancy bar or suntanning by the beach on a chill weekend, this is it. 

Book your tickets on Waterbike SG’s website before heading down and arrive 15 minutes early for your safety briefing. It’ll be a novel experience that’ll have your friends asking “Omg, where is this?once they see your IG stories. 

Prices are as follows:

  • $30/pax for 1 hour
  • $50/pax for 2 hours
  • $70/pax for 3 hours
WaterBike SG
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$30/hour | $50/2 hours | $70/3 hours
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Photography by Milim Tay.