About Viva La Papa



Viva La Papa hand cooks their chips in small batches with pure sunflower oil, with a hint of natural Peruvian flavours.

To make their chips, Viva La Papa aims to use the most delicious and sustainable varieties of native potatoes, originating from Peru thousand years ago.

They are also the proud sponsors of Amantani, who run educational boarding houses for children in the remote Andes of Peru. They make a contribution from each bag sold to this charity.



Flavours of Viva La Papa

  • Andean Pink Salt Potato Chips
  • Anticucho BBQ Potato Chips
  • Chillies & Lime Potato Chips
  • Exotic Sweet Potato Chips
  • Andean Native Potato Chips

Where can I get Viva La Papa Chips?


You can look out for these chips at the following supermarkets in Singapore!

  • Real Food Grocer
  • The American Club
  • Swiss Butchery

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