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Victoria Facelift review

What I Did When I Saw Sagging And Wrinkles On My Face After 30, Instead Of Freaking Out

Victoria Facelift Power-Lift Facial

When I turned 30, I found myself becoming one of those women who’d go, “Nawww, I don’t want to say my age.” After all, the signs of ageing were appearing right smack on my face. Teeny wrinkles around my smile lines, sagginess on my jowls and eyelids, freckles, and dullness now seem amplified every time I look into the mirror. 

A part of me wishes I were bold enough to erase these with the likes of fillers, but to put it simply, I’m afraid of pain. So when I was given the chance to try a non-invasive and pain-free facelift at Victoria Facelift, I was immediately game. Here’s how I ended up with a V-shaped jawline in 90 minutes: 

How the Victoria Power-Lift Facial works

As its name suggests, the Victoria Power-Lift Facial targets ageing problems such as saggy skin and wrinkles. It’s commonly used on the face and neck, to tighten the jawline, create fuller cheeks, and diminish fine lines. It can even eliminate more stubborn problems such as double chins and the folds between your cheek and mouth area.

Victoria Facelift consultation

This is achieved thanks to a formula from the UK called V-Factor. It basically stimulates collagen production in your skin, restoring its elasticity and fullness to create a lifted effect. The formula is also filled with anti-oxidants and ingredients that offer protection against further damage. 

Victoria Facelift Power-Lift treatment
The Power-Lift machine generates electromagnetic waves to heat up your skin cells
Image adapted from: Victoria Facelift

After the formula is applied onto your skin, it’s massaged in with the Power-Lift machine which heats up your skin cells. This gets the ball rolling for your skin to quickly soak up the V-Factor ingredients and let it work its magic. 

And of course, you won’t just be getting a facelift here. Victoria Facelift tailors each treatment to their customers’ specific needs, whether it’s for sensitive skin, dryness, or pigmentation. 

Pain-free treatment

Victoria Facelift Power-Lift facial
The Power-Lift device

Facelifts – invasive or not – are usually associated with some degree of pain. After all, it’s known that the skin needs a little bit of pounding in order to naturally produce collagen and smoothen itself out. 

But this was the first facelift I tried that was not painful at all. In fact, the entire process was very much like a relaxing facial. 

Skin consultation

My treatment began with a consultation with my beauty therapist for the day, Vivian. She examined my skin condition and recommended a hydration treatment for me. Since my skin is pretty much like a desert, she piled on the good stuff such as a hydrating cleanser and masque.

Facial mask at Victoria Facial
All the formulas were cooling so it was easy to lie back and relax. My treatment also included a soothing neck and shoulder massage.

Then came the Power-Lift part. First, Vivian hand massaged an ampoule of collagen-filled formula into my skin. This was followed by another layer of the V-Factor gel that was kneaded in using the Power-Lift machine. I’m happy to report that it felt like a warm and extremely soothing face massage – no pain whatsoever.

The warming sensation wasn’t just for good feels, of course; it’s produced by the Power-Lift machine to help the skin effectively absorb the V-Factor gel. With powerful skin peptides and anti-oxidants, the gel helps to repair the skin and stimulate the production of collagen.

Before and after V-Lift treatment
My fat-less cheeks resurfaced, all plumped up and ready to go. 

Mid-treatment, Vivian showed me the immediate difference between my treated and untreated halves of my face. The treated portion was much more supple, with my jawline and eyelid slightly tightened.

Power-Lift facial at Victoria Facelift

Like any facial treatment out there, Victoria Facelift’s Power-Lift Facial is able to deliver more drastic results with consistent treatment. 

Before and after V-Lift treatment
With subsequent treatments, the lifted effect will be more obvious. 

Since my 32-year-old skin hasn’t yet experienced the full brunt of ageing, my results didn’t exactly show a night-and-day difference. However, I could see that my jawline had a more obvious “V” shape, and my hooded eyelids were less saggy than before. My skin felt supple too, although I was advised that my sleep-deprived eyes needed a lot more follow-up work. 

Power Lift treatment

If you’re like me and are afraid of invasive treatments, first-timers can try the Power-Lift Facial at just $48 (U.P. $486). This includes the 90-minute treatment, plus a three-piece V-Lift Product Set that comprises a cream, cleanser, and skin refiner

Victoria Facelift

If not for its age-reversing abilities, I’d say that the facial itself doubles as a full-on pamper session. And since they’ll tailor the treatment to your specific skin needs, you’ll also be able to address other problems – all while laying back to relax. 

Book a Power-Lift Facial at Victoria Facelift here

This post was brought to you by Victoria Facelift.
Photography by Pepita Hope Wauran.