Valentine’s Day 2019 meals in Singapore


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The season of love is upon us, and with it comes flowers, chocolates and dinner dates. But not everything on this special day has to be expensive.

For those who haven’t made dinner plans, we’ve sussed out 11 affordable Valentine’s Day set dinners under $50/person for you to make a reservation at so you can get in bae’s good books. 

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1. Maru – 4-course meal + cocktail at $49/person


maru affordable valentine's day set dinnerImage adapted from @marusgdinebar

For those looking for fancier fare, make a reservation at Maru, which offers a 4-course meal and Lovetini’ cocktail at $49/person. Choose from mains such as the Foie Gras Tenderloin, served with truffle butter and sauteed mushrooms or the Baked Whole Lobster, which comes with spaghetti. 

You’ll want to leave some room for the Dessert Platter, which comes loaded with Mousse Cake, Mochi, Green Tea ice cream and Azuki Beans.

maru valentine's day set dinner 2019Image credit: Maru

Address: Icon Village, 12 Gopeng St #01-05 to 11, 078877
Opening hours: Mon to Sat: 11.30AM – 3PM, 6PM – 11PM 
Telephone: 6327 1123

 View their full Valentine’s Day menu here


2. Obar Punggol – starter, sharing platter, and wine at $29.95/person


obar punggol valentine's day surf and turfImage credit: @obarponggol 

At Obar Punggol, a Surf & Turf sharing platter for 2 with wine is going at $29.95/person this Valentine’s. This includes a starter of salad or soup, along with baked oysters, grilled prawns with paella rice, 200g of beef ribeye, 180g of citrus pork belly and your choice of sides.

obar punggol sunset valentine's dinnerImage credit: @stjs.13

After dinner, take a scenic stroll along the Punggol Settlement area and make your way out to the jetty.

Address: 11 Northshore Drive, Singapore 828670
Opening hours: Sun to Thurs: 12PM – 12AM | Fri to Sat: 12PM – 1AM
Telephone:  9797 1799

View their full Valentine’s Day Menu here


3. Toby’s The Dessert Asylum – 3-course meal + sparkling drink at $44.50/person


pan seared salmon toby's the dessert asylum valentine's dinner set 2019Pan Seared Salmon
Image credit: Toby’s The Dessert Asylum 

Celebrate the day of love at Toby’s the Dessert Asylum with a 3-course meal and sparkling drink at $44.50/person. It’s an American-style cafe that cooks up delicious steak,  so meat lovers will love the Grilled Ribeye Steak that comes with grilled tiger prawns. Alternatively, Pan Seared Salmon with soft shell crab is also on the V-day menu. 

toby's dessert asylum valentine's day dinner set molten lava cakeMolten lava cake 
Image credit: @tobys_the_dessert_asylum

End your meal with a sweet treat – their warm and chocolatey Molten Lava Cake served with ice cream is not to be missed. 

toby's the dessert asylum interior valentine's day set dinner 2019Image credit: TOBY’s the Dessert Asylum

Address: 8 Boon Lay Way, #01-35, Tradehub21, 609964
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 11AM – 10PM
Telephone: 6316 2422

 View their full Valentine’s Day menu here


4. Sabio by the Sea – 5-course meal + cocktail at $44/person


sabio by the sea valentine's day set dinner 2019Paella de Carne, Vegetarian Salad, Sangria, Churros
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For Spanish delicacies, head over to Sabio by the Sea for a 5-course meal and cocktail at $44/person. Here you can opt for mains such as the Paella de Pescado which comes with seafood like shrimp and sea bass or Paella de Carne which comes with chicken and beef. 

paella de pescado sabio by the sea valentine's day set dinner 2019Paella de Pescado 
Image credit:

Their paella is cooked to perfection in a Josper Oven, which retains the flavour and texture of the ingredients in the pan. Here, you’ll end off your meal with their crisp and sweet churros. 

sabio by the sea view valentine's day set dinner 2019Their main seating area offers views of Sentosa Cove
Image credit:

Address: 31 Ocean Way, #01-02 Quayside Isle, 098373
Opening hours: Mon, Wed to Thurs: 12PM – 10.30PM | Fri: 12PM – 11PM | Sat: 11.30AM – 11PM | Sun: 11.30AM – 10.30PM
Telephone: 6690 7568

View their full Valentine’s Day Menu here.


5. Bodacious Bar & Bistro – 4-course meal + wine at $49/person


confit of duck leg valentine's day set dinner 2019 bodaciousConfit of Duck Leg
Image credit: @bri7777

Bodacious offers a 4-course meal with wine at $49/person. Choose from mains such as the Confit of Duck Leg or the Veal Striploin. End your meal with the Red Velvet Brownie which will be served with strawberry ice cream.

veal of striploin bodacious valentine's day set dinner 2019Veal Striploin
Image credit: @kerzsyt

bodacious interior valentine's day set dinner 2019Image credit: Bodacious

Address: 70 Biopolis St, 138547
Opening hours: Mon to Fri: 11 AM – 10PM | Sat: 10AM – 10PM 
Telephone: 6778 9585

 View their full Valentine’s Day menu here.


6. Brunetti – 5-course meal at $49/person


brunetti oven baked chicken thigh valentine's day set dinner 2019Oven Baked Chicken Thigh
Image credit: Brunetti

Brunetti is an Italian cafe which is offering a 5-course meal at $49/person for V-day. Choose from mains such as the Oven Baked Chicken Thigh and the Pan Seared Sea Bass. They’re well known for their desserts, so you’ll love their cake of the day, which will be served with tea or coffee.

pan seared sea bass brunetti valentine's day set dinner Pan Seared Sea Bass
Image credit: Brunetti

Address: 163 Tanglin Rd, #01-35, Singapore 247933
Opening hours: Mon to Sun: 9AM – 9PM 
Telephone: 6733 9088

View their full Valentine’s Day Menu here.


7. Brewerkz at Riverside Point – 3-course meal at $49/person


brewerkz riverside point exterior viewImage credit: Brewerkz

Brewerkz at Riverside Point offers a 3-course meal at $49/person, coupled with great views and a vibrant atmosphere. Here, you can expect to have mains like the Pan Seared Halibut and Grass-fed NZ Striploin with Black Truffle. For dessert, choose from the Royal Chocolate Truffle Cake or Matcha Cake.

pan seared halibut brewerkz valentine's day set dinner 2019Pan Seared Halibut 
Image credit: @thecelesteoks

If it’s too hot outside, you can choose to have your meal inside the air-conditioned restaurant. 

Address:  30 Merchant Rd, #01-05/06 Riverside Point, Singapore 058282
Opening hours: Sun to Thurs: 12PM – 12AM | Sat to Sun: 12PM – 1AM
Telephone: 6438 7438

View their full Valentine’s Day menu here.


8. Cuba Libre (Frasers Tower) – 4-course meal + alcohol at $35/person


Cuba Libre’s romantic, dimly lit ambience will set the mood for this special day 
Image credit: Cuba Libre Frasers Tower

Cuba Libre is a Latin American-style restaurant offering a 4-course meal with alcohol at $35/person. Start your meal with an appetizer such as the Verduras Manchego Empanadas, made of eggplant, beans and vegetables. 

Verduras Manchego Empanadas cuba libre valentine's day set diinnerVerduras Manchego Empanadas
Image credit:@dannypannywanny

For mains, choose from the Braised Chicken with Honey Balsamic Reduction, Red Tuna and Wild Mushroom Risotto, which is topped with foie-gras and served with beef jus.  

braised chicken with honey balsamic reductionBraised Chicken with Honey Balsamic Reduction
Image credit: Cuba Libre Frasers Tower 

Address: Clarke Quay, River Valley Rd, #01-13, 179021
Opening hours: Sun to Tue: 5PM – 2AM | Wed to Thu: 5PM – 3AM | Fri to Sat: 5PM – 4AM
Telephone: 6338 8982

 View their full Valentine’s Day menu here.


9. Cafe Iguana – 3-course meal at $49/person


prawn mojos cafe iguana valentine's day set dinnerPrawn Mojos
Image credit: @cafeiguanasg

Cafe Iguana is a Mexican restaurant that offers a 3-course meal at $49/person. Choose from mains like the Prawn Mojos de Empanadas or the Veggie Rellenos that’s suitable for vegetarians.

End your meal with an alcoholic dessert – their Lemon-lime Sorbet is mixed with house vodka and served with Frangelico Hazelnut, a nut-based liqueur.

cafe iguana singapore interiorImage credit: @cafeiguanasg

Address: 30 Merchant Rd, #01-03 Riverside Point 058282, Singapore 058282 
Opening hours: Mon to Thurs: 4PM – 12AM | Fri: 4PM – 1AM | Sat: 12PM – 1AM | Sun: 12PM – 12AM 
Telephone: 6236 1275


10.  Cask and Bangers – 4-course meal + prosecco at $44/person


cask and bangers valentine's day set dinner 2019Image credit: Cask and Bangers

For a relaxing dinner at Clarke Quay amidst chatter and drinks, make a reservation at Cask and Bangers which is offering a 4-course meal with prosecco at $44/person. You can choose from mains such as the Pan Seared Salmon or Grilled Striploin cooked in Guinness sauce. Complete your meal with a Heart Shaped Brownie.

Address: 3B River Valley Rd, #01-14, Singapore 179021
Opening hours: Sun to Tue: 3PM – 2AM | Wed to Thurs 3PM – 3 AM | Fri to Sat: 3PM – 4 AM
Telephone: 6259 3918

View their full Valentine’s Day menu here


11. Inspirit House – 3-course meal at $32.90/person


miso salmon inspirit house valentine's day set dinner 2019Miso Salmon
Image credit: Chope 

Inspirit House offers a 3-course meal at just $32.90/person, with mains such as the hearty Roasted Chicken Leg. Those who prefer seafood can opt for the Miso Salmon, which comes with white rice. 

End your meal with the savoury Chocolate Mousse that’s served with wine peached strawberries and sprinkled with chocolate crumbs.

inspirit house interior valentine's day set dinnerImage credit: chope 

The casual setting in this cafe at Punggol Settlement will put you at ease while you enjoy your meal.

Address: 3 Punggol Point Road, #01-05, The Punggol Settlement, 828694
Opening hours: Tue to Fri: 3PM – 12AM | Sat: 9AM – 1AM | Sun: 9AM – 12AM
Telephone: 6920 6388

View their full Valentine’s Day menu here.


Restaurants with cheap set dinners for Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and pretty soon dinner reservation slots will fill up. Luckily, whether it’s Italian, Mexican or Spanish food you’re looking for, this list will help you with your Valentine’s Day dinner plans. So here’s your chance to surprise bae without putting a dent in your wallet.