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Nowadays, having great company culture is no longer just an option. Whether it’s work-life balance, the potential for career growth, or even a pantry with free-flow food, job searchers now consider these criteria as much as they consider salary and benefits.

At the 2018 CEO Asia Summit at the Marriott Hotel Tang Plaza, a prominent list of companies were recognised as Top Employer Brands by Influential Brands based on employee engagement, company culture, and company’s HR practices.

Here are companies with outstanding company cultures that you’ll want to update your resumes for. 


1. City Developments Limited – Real Estate Developer sector


city development limited Image credit: Nikkei Asian Review

City Developments Limited (CDL) is one of Singapore’s largest property and hotel conglomerates, involved in real estate development, hotel ownership and investment. They are also one of Singapore’s biggest landlords.

Being part of such a big company can be challenging and even stressful at times, but employees of CDL agree that it’s worth it when you have colleagues who are friendly, supportive and family-like. The company also frequently organises outside work events for bonding such as get-togethers and sports competitions to promote good rapport between colleagues.

Mr Kwek Eik Sheng, Group Chief Strategy Officer at CDL commented that the award affirms their efforts in creating a competent, caring and inclusive workplace and is “humbled and will strive to remain as an employer of choice.”

city development limited logo


2. GRAB – Technology sector


grab app

A name that is no stranger to Singaporeans, GRAB grabbed Influential Brands’ Top Employer Award under the Technology category. With GRAB being the go-to app for many Southeast Asian users, GRAB is an attractive name to have on your resume.

The company’s culture is one that thrives on innovative ideas from all kinds of people. Owing their diverse pool of talent to their open hiring approach, it’s great to note that half of GRAB’s management and workforce is also made up of women.

Besides a comfortable office space with cool hangout areas and a gym overlooking the bay, GRAB employees also have a casual dress code so you can be productive in comfort!

Commenting on GRAB’s culture of diversity, Ms Ong Chin Yin, Head of People at GRAB believes that GRAB will “continue to engage all Grabbers by creating positive and personalized experiences for each and every one of them.”

grab singapore


3. SATS – Aviation & Food Services sector


sats customer serviceImage credit: SATS LTD

From food distribution to baggage handling and passenger services, SATS manages 80% of Changi Airport’s ground-handling and in-flight catering services.

While working in an airport can be thrilling, it may seem intimidating to handle operations at the world’s best airport. SATS’ management has got this covered with “Grow with SATS” – an employee scheme providing career guidance, training, talent management and leadership programmes. As the phrase suggests, you can expect SATS’ staff to have an enriching work life and chances to develop new capabilities during their career.

Ms Lilian Tan, Vice President of Human Capital at SATS also added that the SATS Academy’s training programmes are aligned with SkillsFuture Framework to “enable employees to upskill, stay relevant on their jobs and continue to “Grow with SATS”.



4. Dormakaba – Security & Access Solutions sector


Image credit: The Event Experience

dormakaba provides secure access to buildings and rooms, servicing and repairing of automatic and manual door closers, as well as the enhancement of control systems both at home or in the office.

While offices can trust that their security is in dormakaba’s good hands, employees at dormakaba also trust and rely on each other when they need support. In an environment where mutual trust is present, employees can freely and respectfully exchange opinions, ideas and experiences to produce good and responsible work.

Mr Rowan Tan, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of dormakaba Singapore also relayed his thanks to the employees of the company for their “loyalty and high level of engagement which have made us a highly successful company in Singapore in the field of Security & Access Solutions.”

dormakaba logo


5. PAP Community Foundation – Charitable Foundation sector


pcf caretaker with childImage credit: PAP Community Foundation

At one point, you may have walked past one of PAP Community Foundation’s (PCF) kindergartens, childcares or aged care centres while taking a stroll around your HDB estate. Aside from being the largest preschool operator in Singapore, PCF also offers financial assistance and promotion of resident and citizen welfare.

Some of us may have experienced working with dominating group mates or colleagues who shut down new ideas. Such a scenario won’t happen at PCF, as the company appreciates creativity and allows ideas to be brought to life. PCF staff also won’t have to worry about hitting a career plateau with the numerous volunteer projects, overseas learning experiences, and professional training that they can participate in.

Chief Executive Officer at PCF Mr Victor Bay believes that an “Engaged Employee is a Happy Employee”, and aims to “create a conducive work environment for everyone to learn, grow and excel in their role.”

pcf logo


6. ROHEI – Training Provider sector


rphei meeting roomImage credit: ROHEI

If you prefer working at smaller companies, you’ll find your fit at ROHEI, a Learning and Development Consultancy. With less than a hundred full-time employees, ROHEI has successfully fostered a cosy company culture that values camaraderie.

Fresh graduates looking for a first job may appreciate ROHEI’s safe and joyful work culture where mistakes are accepted as important lessons so long as you own up to it and learn from them. Fun is also injected into the workplace, such as “gamifying” staff polls, offering coffee and restaurant vouchers as incentives, and even providing weekly hip-hop and pilates classes for the staff.

Chief Executive at ROHEI Ms Rachel Ong says that ROHEI is “grateful to help organisations build trust, navigate change and develop relationally competent leaders”, and hopes to continue upholding the company’s commitment of encouraging high employee engagement and strong cultures.

rohei singapore


7. Esco – Life Science Technology sector


esco staffImage credit: Esco Global

Those working in the life science technology industry would be familiar with Esco, a renowned Singapore-based company and manufacturer of laboratory equipment and medical devices.

At Esco, you won’t have to worry about office politics, favoritism, or not possessing enough connections to earn you a promotion. Here, meritocracy is the way to go and the talented are moved ahead based on achievement. Employees also have the security of knowing that there are promotional opportunities despite the competitive environment.

Benefits such as on-the-job growth and overseas travel are also available for many positions, so you don’t have to worry about missing out.

esco singapore


8. MindChamps – Education sector


mindchamps lesson in progress

MindChamps is one of Singapore’s premium pre-schools and has been awarded the Top Influential Brands award (Education) five years in a row. It is also the only early childhood education provider to have as its Chair of Research, world-renowned neuroscientist Professor Emeritus Allan Snyder FRS, who is the father of the global study of the Champion Mindset – a way of thinking which it inculcates in its preschoolers through its unique curriculum.

They place a strong emphasis on family commitments and provide parents with a family-friendly work environment to help them better juggle their work and home commitments. Work-wise, the MindChamps management also hosts proprietary training sessions and retreats to help its employees upgrade their skills.

mindchamps singapore


Recognising the top employer brands in Singapore


While employees should be rewarded for their contribution to a company, employers who go the extra mile to promote good company culture should also be recognised and rewarded for their efforts. These companies prove that culture is no longer just an HR buzzword – it’s something that drives top companies and if done well, allows you to emerge as the cream of the crop.


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