Largest arcade in Singapore


Timezone Bumper Cars in Arcade Cover Image

Hanging out at arcades with your pals might be so 2005, but Timezone is bringing it back with their newly opened Vivocity Flagship outlet that spans 12,000 square feet, making it the largest arcade in Singapore. Now having ample space to hold many more games, the store has new ones you’ll not find in just any other arcade, and familiar ones we’ve always held close to our hearts:


1. Zoom around in retro LED-lit bumpers cars


One wouldn’t expect to spot a full-sized bumper car ring in an arcade, no less one with LED-lit cars. Soak in the disco-like vibes with 8 glitzy, glimmery bumper cars circling around the ring and mini spotlights shining onto the floor.

Timezone LED Bumper Cars in Vivocity Arcade

Car controls are easy – pull back to retreat and push forwards to charge, making it easy to aim for that one friend. There’s no need to be paiseh and hold back as there’s a bouncy cushion surrounding each car, so each “crash” will be followed by a safe rebound! 

Price: $8


2. Immerse yourself in a 4D roller coaster experience in Mini Rider


Timezone Vivocity Arcade 4D Mini Rider

Enter Mini Rider, a mini simulator where all you’ll need to do is to sit back and enjoy the show – no need for steering or VR glasses! 

Enter the capsule and you’ll be greeted with 4 different rides to choose from – the Haunted Mine Ride, Glacier Run, Astro Canyon Coaster and Cosmic Race. We were spoilt for choice and eventually went with the roller-coaster – and boy, what a ride it was. 

With twists, turns, and even wind blasting on your face, it makes it easy for you to momentarily forget you’re just seated in a simulator – so get ready to scream your heads silly. 

Price: $8


3. Score your first strike with easy-to-grip Mini Bowling


Timezone Vivocity Arcade Mini Bowling Alley

Bowling is fun, well, at least when the ball isn’t hitting the gutter for the 19375th time. Timezone’s new mini bowling alley however, switches the game up a little bit. Imagine a usual bowling alley – but fun-sized. 

Their mini bowling balls help you have a better grip and control, making it easier to aim accurately. I even managed to get my first ever strike! 

Price: $6 


4. Redeem prizes with old-school carnival tickets


Timezone Vivocity Arcade Game Machine Paper Tickets

Watching paper tickets whizz out of arcade machines might be an iconic thing of the past, which Timezone is bringing back for us to enjoy. Instead of the usual e-tickets we use these days, you’ll be treated to old-school paper tickets which can be used to redeem goodies at the Prize Shop. 

Timezone Vivocity Bucket of Paper Tickets from Games Experience 

Timezone Vivocity Arcade Fun Chomper Paper Tickets

Convert your paper tickets into electronic tickets by putting your tickets through the Fun Chomper, and your tickets will be credited into your Timezone card!

Timezone Vivocity Arcade Prize Shop Redeem

Think of the prize shop as a mini toy store. You are free to roam around, pick and choose whatever that fits into your “budget”, and carry your hauls in a basket – just like how you’d shop at a retail store. 

Note: You can choose to collect e-tickets or paper tickets. We say go for the latter for a more vintage carnival experience.


5. Throw birthday parties in the adorable Monster-themed Party Room


Timezone Vivocity Monster Themed Party Room Interior

There’s no need to rack your brains for entertaining venue ideas, when you can hold your event at Timezone’s Monster-themed Party Room. The room caters up to 30 guests, and has a great view of the Sentosa Boardwalk and cable cars.

Timezone Vivocity Monster Themed Party Room - Sentosa view

And here’s an extra gift for the birthday kiddos: Timezone’s special birthday package also includes 3 hours of play in the arcade, 1 party host and invitation cards.


6. Fun Pass


Timezone Vivocity Arcade Fun Pass - Value and Mega

Having to resist playing all the games you want in order to avoid busting your wallets might just be the biggest bummer while in an arcade. But let’s not leave your gaming desires unsatisfied – Timezone has fun passes for you to go crazy with their games, while keeping your expenses in check. 

Value Fun Pass – 1 hour playtime

  • Unlimited Yellow Reader Games
  • 12 other games of your choice*
  • 2 attractions (Rainbow Reader Games)

Price: $28

Mega Fun Pass – 2 hour playtime

  • Unlimited Yellow Reader Games
  • 24 games of your choice*
  • 4 attractions

Price: $38

*Not applicable for Purple and Rainbow Reader Games


Relive your childhood at Timezone 


 New Timezone Vivocity Arcade - win prizes

If you’re looking for more things to do with your buddies other than watching movies and singing karaoke, Timezone might just be the perfect go-to for your next gathering, – or even date spot!

Timezone Vivocity
Address: Harbourfront Walk #02-43, Vivocity, Singapore 098585
Telephone: 6251 0798
Opening hours: 11AM – 10PM (Mon – Thur), 1030AM – 10PM (Sun, PH and School Holidays) 1030AM – 12AM (Sat and PH Eve)

Find out more about Timezone here!

This post was brought to you by Timezone.