Making Chinese New Year 2018 count

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Family chats on social platforms, regular video calls, and that inescapable sense of longing when you have an empty seat at the table at every festive occasion or birthday celebration. That’s the kind of life you grow accustomed to when you have loved ones living overseas.

Having a complete family reunion is not always the case, and it’s not always an easy task for our “missing” members to make it home. Whether it’s a case of tight finances or sheer distance and effort that separates families all over the globe, no special occasion is complete without the love and warmth of family – especially during Chinese New Year.

The reality of having a loved one overseas

For my family, this year marks the 6th year my father has been living and working in Shanghai on his own. Even with travel allowances and special leave entitlements, he doesn’t always make it back for special celebrations.

Sometimes people comment on how “lucky” I am to have constant access to duty-free shopping or a “free pass” to travel to visit my father whenever possible. But what they don’t see is the heartbreaking pictures he sends us of his daily meals for one while we sit down for family dinners in the evenings or the toll it takes on our family with him being away for stretches at a time.

A couple of days ago, we celebrated Christmas with a tinge of guilt – it’s not an official public holiday in China, you see. So while we sank our teeth into mounds of smoked turkey and stuffing, there my father was, living vicariously through our Whatsapp pictures from the desk of his office.

If you’re reading this empathetically with someone you love and care for in mind, we’ve got good news for you!

The Reunion Project – No place like home

For most of us, Chinese New Year is that one time a year where extended family and friends come together to celebrate and appreciate family. Some even consider the “reunion dinner” the most important meal of the year.

There’s no need to settle for an iPad Skype session of wishing your family members wealth and prosperity this Chinese New Year. Tiger Beer is giving Singaporeans something even bigger than any ang pao – a chance for you to reunite with the ones you love.

Tiger Beer Chinese New Year contest The Reunion Project free flight ticket

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No matter how many million miles stand between you and your loved ones, everyone deserves to be with family during this special time of the year.

Tiger Beer is gifting a very lucky someone a chance to bring a loved one back home – for free! The reason? They are committed to making reunions count.

All you have to do is head over to The Reunion Project and nominate your chosen loved one for this very special surprise trip home. Make your 2018 CNY count today!

Nominate your loved one and stand a chance to bring them home!

This post was brought to you by Tiger Beer.

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