More Than Just Runs



Marathons have been increasing in popularity over the years, but some people just aren’t meant to run 42.195km at one go. An endless stretch of road is not really everybody’s cup of tea. Sometimes, we need a little more motivation to put on those running shoes.

In 2015, we saw many cool themed runs like The Color Run, Race the Dead and Illumi Run that’s got everyone on social media talking. And if you have yet to catch one of these runs, don’t worry, 2016 is shaping up to be a year full of awesome themed runs too!


1. The Music Run



You can leave your running earphones at home for this run. Known as the loudest 5K, the organizers will be blasting the best music all along the route. Run, walk, or even dance through 5 zones of music: rock, pop, old school, hip hop and dance. In the days leading up to the race you also get to vote for your favorite songs to be played during the event!

Rocking out with your friends to your favorite music will let the 5km fly past real quick, but the party’s just getting started. Waiting for you at the finish line is a music festival for you to party into the night. Expect great hits from world class DJs, live bands and a visual spectacle with fireworks, laser light and LED screens. This is one is for the party monsters.

Date: 23 April 2016
Venue: Sentosa
Entry Fees: Basic $50, Rockstar $75


2. Reebok Spartan Race



If running alone is just too easy, maybe this is the race for you. For those who served in the SAF, this race could bring back those wonderful memories of clearing the Standard Obstacle Course in your Tekong Days. Not only do you have to cover distance, you have to get across one brutal obstacle after another.

There are three race types: Sprint, Super and Beast, each with an increasing distance and number of obstacles. Oh, and don’t worry if you meet an obstacle you can’t clear, you just owe them 30 burpees. Push-up burpees.

We all know what’s going through your mind right now. Source

Date: 7 May 2016
Venue: TBA
Entry Fees: $108 – $188


3. Bubble Glow 5K



Between the endless Bubbles, Neon lights, DJs and glow in the dark tattoos, the organizers of Bubble Glow 5K have themselves a recipe for one epic party. Not to mention a stunning venue at the Gardens By The Bay. The stage is set for a run that will look like a scene out of the movie Avatar.

The best part is there’s no need to burn under the hot sun as this race will be at night. Don’t expect it to be dark though – the race will be illuminated by UV light reflecting off the colored bubbles filling the air. These patented UV bubbles are non-toxic and easily washable so you don’t have to go home looking like a light stick.

Date: 21st May 2016, 6pm
Venue: Gardens By The Bay, Bay East Gardens
Entry Fees: Adults $65, Kids $45


4. Coney Island Trail Run



Coney Island has been a really popular destination for Singaporeans since it was opened in 2015. Whether you never been to the island, or have already fell in love with this rustic getaway, the Coney Island Trail Run would be a great way to explore the place.


Don’t forget about the fringe activities too! Befitting the ulu-ness of the locale, you can go horse and pony riding in the wilderness. There will also be a photo booth, live performances and food. It will be a fun day out with the family.

Check out our 10 reasons to go for the Coney Island Trail Run here!

Date: 16 April 2016
Venue: Gallop Stable @ Punggol Ranch
Entry Fees: 5K Adult $55, 5K Child $45,10K Open $59.90


5. Bounce Off



This has got to be my favourite run on this list. Who says only kids can love bouncy castles? Unleash your inner child as you bounce away over 11 of the coolest bouncy castles I have ever seen. This would hardly be a race as I would probably just stay on each bouncy castle as long as I can.

It doesn’t even end there! There are more bouncy castles at the BounceOFF! Bazar, where they have another 10 carnival game bouncy castles. With things like the Water Blob! where your friend can send you flying into the water off a bouncy platform, it is bound to be one exciting day at Sentosa.

Date: 12 March 2016
Venue: Sentosa Trails
Entry Fees: $98 per pax


6. Snoopy Run



Snoopy holds fond memories for many people. I remember Snoopy comics being the first thing I read whenever we were forced to read newspapers in school. While his popularity has died down in recent years, you’ll get to relive your childhood with this family friendly run that’s all about Snoopy.


Every runner gets a Fun Beagle Nose to wear during the run, as well as numerous other Snoopy memorabilia in the race pack to add to your collection. There will also be mascots, and even a giant Snoopy for your photoshoots after the race!

Date: 24th April, 2016
Venue: Singapore Sports Hub
Entry Fees: Snoopy Runner Pack $68 (Early Bird $58); Entry Level Pack $52 (Less Goodies)


7. The Straits Times Run In the City



Singapore’s skyline has only become more beautiful over the years, and this year it has even become iconic enough to have the honour of being destroyed in a Hollywood movie. Look forward to breathtaking views during the Straits Times Run In The City with a route that brings you through famous attractions around Marina Bay.

Date: May 22, 2016
Venue: F1 Pit Building
Entry Fees: 5km Family Run $45; 10km Competitive Run $55, 18.45km Competitive $65


8. Diamond Dash



Nope this is not an iPhone game – it’s a vertical marathon… with diamonds. Taking place in one of Singapore’s most beautiful hotels, klapsons, the Boutique Hotel, this is definitely one of the more atas races on the list. The route takes you up 17 floors the klapsons, where you will be greeted by amazing views from Fabrika, their sky terrace bar.


What’s more, the top prize for the competitive singles race is a 0.80 carat diamond in an 18k white gold pendant setting from Ilya Diamonds! I think it’s time to whip out your track shoes and start training! For those not physically inclined, the couples category is non-competitive, and the best dressed couple will earn themselves a 2D1N stay at klapsons.

Date: 7 and 8 May 2016, 9am to 6pm
Venue: klapsons, the Boutique Hotel
Entry Fees: $39.50 Per Pax (Early Bird $29.50) for both Singles and Couples category


9. kaLIFEdoscope 2016



This run held in conjunction with Metropolitan YMCA Singapore’s 70th Anniversary and it’s all about life. This run is actually half run, half motivational workshop, as the 4.9km route is littered with obstacles representing various challenges youth will face in life. The meanings behind the course are explained here.

While the obstacles themselves shouldn’t be physically demanding, they are meant to teach some important life lessons you won’t forget.

Date: 19 March 2016
Venue: Pasir Ris Park
Entry Fees: $20/pax Group of 2-4: $18/pax (10% off) Group of 5-9: $16/pax (20% off) Group of 10 & above: $14/pax (30% off)


10. Garang Warrior Ultra



We saved the craziest one for last. Don’t be fooled by this scenic and seemingly harmless 5km route around MacRitchie reservoir, this ultramarathon has no chill at all. Garang means fierce in Malay, and you definitely need to have some fierce determination to take part in this race. For 12 hours, the goal is to complete as many 5km loops as possible.

Only the Male and Female with the most loops will be conferred the “Most Garang Warrior” title.

Date: 1 May 2016 Sunday
Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir
Entry Fees: $95 Single, $180 Double


Lace up folks!



After putting this list together I’ll never go for a “normal” marathon again. The Standard Chartered Marathon may be the biggest in Singapore, but it is still just….basic. These Fun and quirky marathons may be small, but they are super cool. I sure hope they’re a trend that’s here to stay!