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The Smart Local, How I Began.


Ahh yes, my first blog entry. I’m gonna be dedicating this to the SmartLocal website for my first post. After working at a publishing company for a month, I thought I was gonna be dying of boredom for the 2 remaining months of holiday I have left. Though it is true that I still play basketball almost everyday but what do I do with my remaining waking hours?

After browsing through the forums, I stumbled upon a particular thread about writing reviews of places that the reviewer has been to. I asked the thread starter anyways and he told me to write a demo about a wedding experience in 100 words or so.

Now I am a single boy who hasn’t even finished his degree yet so I got stumped. I told him I wasn’t married yet and he apologized as he forgot to change that part of the template. So the topic got changed to my university experience. Needless to say I had no problems with that as I love my university life.

And now here I am on The SmartLocal writing reviews and sharing my knowledge to people. It’s really fun to write and now I get to experiment on different styles of writing without worrying about any grade pointers. Oh, and if anyone’s curious, you may find my demo writing, a.k.a. My University Experience, please check out Sunway University under the Malaysian listings.

If anyone wants to talk to me, feel free to add me as a friend here or find me on twitter @TheEyemanGYR