The EX-hibition

So, things didn’t work out between you and your boo. And now, you’re curled up in the fetal position while drying your eyeballs out from scrolling their Instagram feed in full stalking mode. Look, breakups can be tough. And we don’t blame you for wanting to pound tequila shots, empty ice cream tubs, and slash their tires. 

But we’ve found you a better solution: visiting a breakup-themed pop-up. So, channel your inner Lizzo, walk straight out of the door and towards The EX-hibition happening from now till 30th April at Main Street Commissary where you can hopefully heal.

Texts with the exes & memory dump corner

The exhibition gives you and the emotional wrecks of the world a place to showcase all of the regretful messages you’ve ever sent to your arsenal of exes
  Image adapted from: Main Street Commissary Facebook

To anonymously submit your dirty laundry and have it aired out at the Texts With The Exes display for the public to see, send @mainstreetcommisarry on Instagram a screenshot of the messages. Trust that there’s a whole audience waiting to read pages of your drama.

Main Street Commissary's Creator Profile

Main Street Commissary's Creator Profile

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There’s also a Memory Dump corner so you can finally get rid of the mug, teddy bear, and whatever matching shirts you still have. Time to say goodbye to that era. 


Image credit: @mainstreetcommissary via Instagram

That said, one man’s trash might be another man’s treasure. So if there’s anything that catches your eye, feel free to take it.

Kiss your exes goodbye at The EX-hibition

Like listening to Adele songs, a trip to The EX-hibition might trigger an insane decision to text your ex. But don’t. Just scream what you want to tell them into the void and leave it at that. Or, scribble it down on a piece of paper and hang it up at the exhibition.

new-things-to-do-singaporeImage credit: @mainstreetcommissary on Instagram

Or just fold it and put it in the trash, it’s up to you. The EX-hibition is free for all and opens every day from 9am-5pm so you can come by anytime to press the next button on your ex.

Address: 81 Rowell Road, Main Street Commissary, Singapore 208014
Opening hours: 9am-5pm, Daily
Date: till 30th April 2023

Cover image adapted from: @mainstreetcommissary on Instagram


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