“I think the dancer A___ is cute” *

“If this posts gets 100 likes, I’ll confess to the donut in my fridge”*

*actual posts, albeit slightly modified.

Sound familiar? This is the recent trend, if you have been browsing Facebook and seen the newspaper report. Schools are jumping on the bandwagon of confessions, with pages springing up from secondary schools, junior colleges, polytechnics and universities. Anyone who is anybody(in the school rank, anyways) has a page to be ‘in’.

The confessions are posted anonymously, with the page admin(s) moderating each post before it is posted up. Sometimes, the admin(s) also add their own comments, further adding to the sense of humour. These confession pages are able to get couples together, as in the case of SP confessions, or even highlight the quirks of some unknown person, or even be just used to troll your fellow friends. As an alumni of a JC, it is also amusing to read the juniors confessions and be entertained ^^ Most of all, these pages appear to be bringing students together, be one a J16, or J3. A great bonding area where each person can share their insight and find like-minded people.

Of course, like all other trends(such as the YOLO/swag period- thank goodness that is dying down, I disliked it so much..) I wonder how long these pages will last. But it makes a very interesting read to pass the time when you are bored, although confessing your crush for someone anonymously.. isn’t going to get you noticed by he/she. Ah, the internet generation.