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The Artground – Lesser-Known Indoor Playground In Singapore With Whimsical Storytelling Sessions

Learn life lessons the fun way at The Artground

The year-end school holidays are often a restless one for kids, since there’s no need to worry about homework. This usually means they’re cooped up at home and probably itching for something new to do.

If you’ve exhausted all the free playgrounds in Singapore, why not try bringing the kids to The Artground. The arts space features roving exhibitions and family-friendly programmes for kids. Here’s why you should plan a family day here:

Let children run around in a free indoor playground

the artground - clean up or else
Image credit: The Artground

You might have already heard of The Artground for their seasonal interactive exhibitions. These visual art spaces are essentially playgrounds for kids, where they can crawl and climb on the exhibits. Currently, they’re running Clean Up, Or Else!, which aims to make chores fun for kids – a relief for parents, no doubt.

the artground - clean up or else 2
Image credit: The Artground

Familiar parts of the home like the kitchen, toilet, and laundry room have been supersized for the kids to explore. Parents can then use this time to teach kids about responsibility and how to contribute to the home, no matter their age.

Clean Up, Or Else!
Admission: Free, with $15 Deposit
Dates: Now till 31st March 2024
Time: By appointment only
Contact: Clean Up, Or Else! website

Have kids explore the arts with workshops & programmes

Learning about art doesn’t have to involve lengthy history lessons in musty museums. At least, that’s not what happens at The Artground. Instead, art is introduced through workshops that encourage children to stretch their imagination and get curious about the world around them.

the artground - craft workshops
Image credit: The Artground

Have your little ones get busy with their fingers with craft workshops that include making and playing their own musical instruments, making collages out of various materials, and even Christmas stockings for the festive season. 

the artground - storytelling sessions
Image credit: The Artground

There are also storytelling and movement sessions that aren’t just adults reading out loud to kiddos. Instead, your mini mes will be expected to participate, whether it’s by dancing and moving around, following along, or even adding on to the story to make it uniquely theirs.

the artground - programmes
Image credit: The Artground

These programmes start from $7/child and $9/adult, but it also includes 30-45 minutes of playtime at the Clean Up, Or Else! exhibition as well. Note that not all programmes require kids to have a guardian accompany them, so busy parents can drop off their offspring while they tend to errands. 

They also run the occasional free class, not including a $1 booking fee. Visit The Artground schedule for upcoming programmes and follow The Artground Instagram page for updates.

Book The Artground workshops.

Sign your kids up for age-appropriate art courses

If the occasional workshop or programme isn’t enough for your kid to fully express themselves, then you’ll be pleased to know that The Artground will be offering classes at One Holland Village from next year.

the artground - imaginators
Image credit: The Artground

These year-long courses are conducted with Australian arts company Sensorium Theatre and cater to various age groups, so there’s no worry that junior won’t be able to catch up. 

For kids aged 18-24 months, the Explorers class has sensory activities that help toddlers develop fine motor skills while being introduced to the fundamentals of art like colours. As for those aged 3 and 4, send them for the Imaginators class that focuses more on artistic expression through drama and movement.

the artground - imaginators creators course
Image credit: The Artground

The last class, Creators, is for 5-6-year-olds, which brings everything they’ve learnt together in activities that involve singing, reading, and crafting. These are combined into interactive sessions with other kids to also help develop their social skills.

Trial sessions start at $50, with monthly subscriptions of 4 classes going at $200.

Sign up for curriculum programmes at One Holland Village.

Learn about art through play

Art doesn’t just have to be about getting out the crayons and finger paints for kids. If your children have shown even an ounce of interest in the arts then a visit to The Artground will only help to grow that creativity. They’ll get to have fun, while you get them out of your hair for a moment’s peace.

The Artground
90 Goodman Rd, #01-40 BLK J, Singapore 439053
Opening Hours:
Thursday 09:15 AM - 10:30 AM, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM, 02:00 PM - 03:15 PM, and 03:45 PM - 05:00 PM Show More Timings
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Where else to bring the kids this month:

Cover image adapted from: The Artground