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10 Ways to Prove You’re The Ultimate Swiftie At The 1989 World Tour


I Will Show You Incredible Things


There are two kinds of people in this world: Swifties, and people with poor taste in music. The question is not how to tell these people apart (the latter have a depressingly empty look in their eyes), but rather, how to set yourself apart from other hardcore Swifties.

This year, Taylor Swift will grace Singapore with her glorious presence, bringing her 1989 World Tour to the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 7 and 8 November. Didn’t manage to get your hands on any tickets? Here are 10 other ways to prove you’re a hardcore fan of Taylor Swift – stand a chance to win a pair of concert tickets while you’re at it!


Taylor Swift everything


1. “Starbucks Lovers” tank top



If even Taylor’s mum misheard the lyrics of her hit song Blank Space as “Starbucks lovers”, then I suppose you’re off the hook even if you did too. Top can be purchased both ironically and unironically – while stocks last.

Recommended for: 1) Taylor lovers and 2) actual Starbucks lovers

Get it here.


2. Taylor Swift poster



An item listed as “Badly Drawn Taylor Swift Poster” by the seller, “BadlyDrawnArt”, who caters to the extremely niche market of hardcore fans who would collect any poster of their idol. Are you one of them?

Recommended for: Swifties who appreciate art. It’s avant garde, duh.

Get it here


3. Taylor Swift nail decals



Why pay an extra $5 for your manicurist to give you french manicure nail tips that you will inevitably ruin within minutes of leaving the nail salon, when you can pay $5.66 to get Taylor Swift nail decals?

Recommended for: Swifties who feed their nail envy by following #nailart on Instagram, while dreaming of being able to use that very hashtag someday.

Get it here


4. Taylor Swift “Blank Space” ring



Once you’ve pimped up those nails, accentuate them with this ring inspired by Taylor’s running mascara look in her music video of Blank Space. “Super cute”, the listing says!

Recommended for: If you like it you should’ve put a ring on it!

Get it here


5. Taylor Swift-autographed kicks


You can’t call yourself a Swiftie if you don’t own something this exclusive. These are the sneakers that Keds will be giving away to a lucky swiftie this year. This year, just in time for the 1989 World Tour, this could be you! Stay tuned to 98.7FM and camp on their Facebook page for more details of the contest. We hear it will be sometime in October!

Recommended for: Swifties who wear T-shirts, sneakers and stay on the bleachers.


6. Taylor Swift bow-tie



Fret not, gentlemen – here’s one for you. Complete your look with this bow-tie featuring not one Taylor Swift, but nine; heck, wear it to sleep if you like!

Recommended for: The fashion-forward Swifties who want her quite literally close to their hearts.


7. “Hello I’m a Swiftie” top



If you know which ex-boyfriend each of Taylor’s lovelorn songs are about and spend your weekend nights alone in your room grooving to the playlist “TAYTAY MY QUEEN <13”, take it up a notch and do so in this tee that screams “I’m a Swiftie!!!!!!!”

Recommended for: Swifties who struggle with the woes of the sharpied lyrics on their shirts not surviving even one wash.

Get it here


8. Taylor Swift prayer candle



I mean, every second of listening to Taylor is a religious experience anyway. In addition, maybe if you wish hard enough to Saint Taylor, you will be just about a tenth as perfect as her.

Recommended for: Everyone. Everyone should acknowledge the glorious splendor of Tay Tay.

Get it here


9. Taylor Swift bank note



To say that great prosperity casts darkness over our minds is just sour grapes. Also, cheers to female emancipation! Countries with females on their currency include Argentina, Philippines, and – you guessed it – Taylor’s.

Recommended for: Currency investors. 1 British pound can get you 3 million Taylor Euros, but the value of Taylor Euros is skyrocketing, so don’t say I didn’t say, I didn’t warn ya~

Get it here


10. Taylor Swift for Keds footwear


Remember the one time when Taylor was dressed in a really dull get-up? Me neither. Her outfits are always spectacularly on point, even on dress-down sneaker days. Fortunately for the rest of humanity, Taylor Swift has paired up with Keds to produce a collection of sneakers characteristic of her quirky yet lovable character – think chic florals, cat prints, and more!


Win Taylor Swift concert tickets!


Win tickets to the 1989 World Tour when it’s completely sold out!

If there’s one thing not even a million Taylor Euros can buy and one prayer even Saint Taylor cannot answer, it’s getting the insanely coveted tickets to Taylor Swift’s 1989 concert tickets on 7/8 November this year that sold out instantly upon release.

Stand a chance to win a pair of Taylor Swift concert tickets from Keds! From now until 30 September 2015, purchase any pair of Keds footwear from an authorized retailer, and simply take a photo of yourself in your new kicks and share it on Instagram with the hashtags #kedsontour, #kedssg, and #1989TourSingapore.

5 most creative entries will each win a pair of Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour concert tickets! For the full contest details and terms & conditions, please visit


TSL Giveaway Time!


Dress well and get to see Taylor Swift perform live? Get your Keds today! And here’s how 5 lucky girls can win a pair of Keds sneakers each.

Step 1: Like TheSmartLocal and Royal Sporting House on Facebook
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Results will be released on 9 September 2015. Good luck!

This post was brought to you by Keds.