Guess What “Eropagnis Ot Emoclew” Sounds Like Backwards

 We Singaporeans are excellent at Math, Science, and any exams we go for. But how good are we at speaking Singapore’s main language… backwards?

In this episode of Singaporeans Try, we faced one of our toughest challenges yet – The Backwards Word Challenge! This challenge has made its rounds on YouTube, but now we put the TSL office to the test and see if we’re any good at it. This challenge involves us making a fool of ourselves by attempting to say different phrases backwards. But what do we sound like we’re saying when the recordings are reversed?

Watch the video below to see who did the best in this challenge! Watch till the end of the video to see us take on the Reverse Challenge as well where we had to be creative and do something that will look spectacular when reversed. Some of what we did ended up looking pretty magical in reverse.

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