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We all know that friend who’s obsessed with avocado toast. Their hashtag vocabulary comprises #avocadotoast, #avocado, #avotoast and nothing else, and “Anywhere with avocado toast” is their standard answer to “Where do you want to go for brunch?”.

So what do you get someone who’s already an expert in avocado for a special occasion like their birthday or Christmas? Avocado-related stuff, of course. From backpacks to phone cases, here are 15 affordable and mostly practical avocado-themed gifts you can get off Taobao

1. AirPods charging case sleeve ($2.50)

avocado AirPods charging case sleeve
Image credit: Taobao

Dress up a plain AirPods charging case with this silicone avocado-shaped sleeve ($2.50). It comes with a ring for you to put your finger through for easy carrying. If your bag has a hook or chain, you can also attach this there so you won’t have to rummage around to find your AirPods. 

2. Plushies (from $4.65)

avocado plushies
Image credit: Taobao

These plushies ($4.65-$7.40) are must-haves in any avocado lover’s home and are not only cuddly, but also make great decorative elements for the sofa and bed. Plus, they come in two sizes so you can buy a few to mix and match.

3. Tote bag ($2.50)

avocado tote bag
Image credit: Taobao

We like the still-life painting of the ubiquitous halved avocado on this tote bag ($2.50). It looks neutral enough to go with any everyday outfit, so you can use it for everything from grocery runs to a casual dinner.

4. Shoes ($27)

avocado shoes
Image credit: Taobao

These shoes ($27) were made for walking…to the nearest cafe for an avocado-based brunch dish. They look great for the ’gram too.

5. Pyjama set ($28) 

avocado t-shirt & shorts
Image credit: Taobao

This PJ set ($28) will fuel the wearer’s avocado-filled dreams when they sleep. The t-shirt with very strategic placement of prints can also be paired denim shorts or jeans to wear out on casual days. 

6. Keychains (from $1.95)

avocado plushie keychain
Image credit: Taobao

Hanging a keychain on your belongings is one of the best ways to identify them. And Taobao has a lot of options to suit different aesthetics. This plushie keychain ($1.95) is a good choice for those who love soft toys.

avocado keychain
Image credit: Taobao

But if you’re more finicky about your stuff trapping dust, there are also these rubber keychains ($2.50) that are easier to clean.

7. Hair accessories ($0.20)

avocado hair clips pins & tie
Image credit: Taobao

Wear your love for everything avocado on your hair with these hair accessories ($0.20 for set of 3). There are bobby pins, snap clips, and a set of hair ties to pick from.

8. Tumbler ($25)

avocado tumbler
Image credit: Taobao

Be it just plain water or an avocado smoothie, your beverage will taste much better when sipped out of this avocado-print tumbler ($25).

9. Backpack ($25)

avocado bag
Image credit: Taobao

Backpacks have made a comeback in the past year, so get this bag ($25) for that friend who’s into the latest street style – and wants to incorporate their favourite fruit into it. 

10. Phone cases (from $3.65)

avocado hp case
Image adapted from: Taobao, Taobao

A phone case is a great way to show off your personality since we Singaporeans spend most of our waking hours on our devices. Taobao has many avocado-themed options to choose from, but we love these two in particular.

The one with an attached pouch ($5) suitable for storing mini barang like cash and hair ties is perfect for that friend who’s always forgetting her stuff except her phone. And there’s one full of smiling avocados ($3.65) that’ll instantly brighten anyone’s day. 

11. T-shirts and pullovers (from $11.45)

avocado t-shirt
Image credit: Taobao

With these pullovers ($19.20 each) coming in 4 different avocado designs and 6 base colours (pink, white, yellow, red, green, and black), you have a whopping 24 options to choose from – more than enough for the whole squad, and even their plus-ones too.

avocado print t-shirt
Image credit: Taobao

There are also more hot weather-friendly options like these printed tees that show avocados engaging in various sports – such as doing a cardio workout ($11.45) or playing ball ($11.45).

avocado print t-shirt
Image credit: Taobao

12. Socks ($4.60)

avocado socks
Image credit: Taobao

These socks ($4.60 for set of 4) are made for those who want to literally show their love for avocado from head…to toe. 

13. Lanyard ($2.70)

avocado lanyard
Image credit: Taobao

This lanyard ($2.70) can be hooked to one’s mobile phone, office pass, or EZ-link card case, so your avocado-obsessed friend can use the excuse, “like that I won’t lose my stuff, mah” when people give them the side-eye. 

14. Bowl ($2.50)

avocado bowl
Image credit: Taobao

Using this avocado-shaped bowl ($2.50) to hold more avocados will let an avocado-obsessed person achieve an Inception level of avocado-ing. 

15. Iron-on patches

avocado iron-on patch
Image adapted from: Taobao

If all else fails, you can just get a bunch of iron-on patches ($1.40 each) to add to your favourite clothes, bags, and shoes. 

Avocado themed gifts on Taobao

Even if you scrolled through this list with the intention to get a gift for someone else, we won’t be surprised if you were tempted to get some of these items for yourself too. And why not – since many of them are practical too.

Cover image adapted from: Taobao

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