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10 Hotels In Taipei Near Shopping Districts From $65/Night

Hotels in Taipei near shopping areas

Image adapted from: Hotel Poispois, CityInn Hotel Plus Ximending, RF Hotel Taipei, and Play Design Hotel

Our mental image of Taipei conjures up bustling night markets and the excited chatter of crowds passing through, so vivid that we could almost smell the charred scent of freshly-grilled street food. But let’s not kid ourselves – shopping’s what we truly care about.

Thankfully, Taipei is a shopper’s haven and comes with everything from high-end shopping malls to underground fashion boutiques. Here are 10 hotels in Taipei that are near key shopping areas like Ximending and Taipei Main Station:

– Taipei Main Station –

Underground shopping malls and Breeze Taipei Station

Image credit: @tl.cheah

When you’re at Taipei Main Station, you’re essentially at the heart of Taipei City. It’s easy to get lost here since there’s a full-blown network of shopping alleys, underground malls, and department stores. They’ve got everything from anime specialty shops to touristy souvenir stores, so it’ll take more than a day or two to explore the entire area thoroughly.

1. Finders Hotel – from $65/night

Image credit: @hsuan0515

Staying in Finders Hotel is a lot like staying in a high-end cottage in the woods – it’s decked out in turquoise green walls and even has its own life-sized deer sculpture. We’re also more than pleased with the communal areas: they’ve got a foosball table, an electronic dart board, and even a thoughtful snack bar that boasts a ready supply of free Taiwanese instant noodles.

We’ll be spending all our time at the snack bar, which comes with free-flow instant noodles and popcorn.
Image credit: Finders Hotel

And we all know that after a long day out shopping, there’s nothing better than sinking into a comfortable couch with a free bowl of instant noodles.


Image credit: Finders Hotel

But of course, you’ll still be spending plenty of time in your hotel room. Rooms start from an affordable $65/night for a Standard Double Room, which sleeps up to 3 guests. Those travelling with friends or family might prefer an Adjoining Room at $127/night.

Address: 86, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng, Taipei City
Distance to Taipei Main Station: 650m, 9-min walk 

Book Finders Hotel here.

2. Roaders Hotel – from $88/night

Image credit: Roaders Hotel

Roaders Hotel looks like a drinking saloon right out of a classic Western, with worn leather couches and vintage trinkets everywhere. But no pigeon-holing this hotel: it’s one for the millennials with a free photobooth to print out headshots, a snack bar with free snacks, and 24/7 arcade games.

A photobooth that prints out reward posters, with the word ‘Wanted’ stamped in capital letters.
Image credit: Roaders Hotel

Even some of the hotel rooms have a tinge of the Old West-influence, with colourful chairs and a real-life teepee hut – most likely meant for the kids to crawl in and play house.

Image credit: Roaders Hotel

The Roaders Room starts from $88/night, but if you’re looking to splurge, then their Deluxe Suite (from $143/night) comes with a standalone tub and quirky Western decor.

Address: 68, Yanping South Road, Taipei City
Distance to Taipei Main Station: 700m, 10-min walk 

Book Roaders Hotel here.

– Xinyi –

High-rise shopping malls like Taipei 101, Breeze Song Gao, and ATT 4 Fun

Image credit: Taipei 101

Xinyi Shopping District is a whole lotta like Orchard Road – it’s filled with luxury brands and off-the-runway designs that you’re sure to covet. But be warned: one purchase from these designer shops can throw your entire travel budget out of whack. Nonetheless, it’s worth a stroll around in evenings to soak up the lively ambience and tunes of street buskers.

Plus, what’s visiting Taiwan without making your way to the famed Taipei 101? While there, visit nearby malls like Breeze Song Gao and ATT 4 Fun, as well as Eslite Bookstore for its 7 floors of books.  

3. Hotel Poispois – from $70/night

The Palette Room also has a marble bathroom and tub. 
Image credit: Hotel Poispois

Hotel Poispois is nothing but quirky, and with its bubble-shaped decor and splashes of millennial pink, appears to be purposefully targeting the Instagram generation. The very word ‘pois pois’ itself is a loose French translation of ‘bubble’ – which the hotel designers took to heart, resulting in an overload of bubble lamps and bubble chairs.

We’re not complaining: it makes for a stylish abode.

Image credit: Hotel Poispois

Choose from rooms like the minimalistically white Petite Pois Pois Room to The Green Room, a nature-themed room that’s covered in a lush green wallpaper. Room rates start from $70/night for the Standard Twin Room.

Image credit: @blair___h

But you’ll be spending plenty of time in other parts of the hotel – especially when there’s a bistro that’s also decked out in whimsical pastel colours, neon lights, and massive bubble lights. The bistro, aptly named Ch-eat & Drink, serves up food like Mushroom Risotto with Truffle Sauce (NT780, ~$34.90) and Fresh Fish (NT520,~$23.30).

Address: 168, Section 4, Civic Boulevard, Da’an District, Taipei City
Distance to Xinyi Anhe Station: 1.2km, 17-min walk 

Book Hotel Poispois here.

4. Sparkle Hotel – from $111/night

Image credit: Sparkle Hotel

When your hotel’s less than 100 metres away from Taipei 101, rest assured that all your time will be spent in shopping malls. And that’s exactly what will happen when you’re staying at Sparkle Hotel.

While the rooms here come equipped with all your basic necessities and more – a comfy bed, writing desk, and balcony for natural sunlight to stream in – you wouldn’t be spending that much time cooped up indoors.

Image credit: The Jerny

Room rates start from $111/night for the Vogue Double Room, but you’ll need to pay a premium to get a room with windows. A buffet breakfast is also complimentary for all guests, so dig into a hearty breakfast to prep for your shopping day out.

Address: 16, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Taipei City
Distance to Xinyi Anhe Station: 1km, 14-min walk 

Book Sparkle Hotel here.

– Zhongxiao Dunhua –

Small fashion boutiques and underground Korean labels

Image credit: @njnanji

It’s all about underground labels at Zhongxiao Dunhua, with small boutique stores offering designs that are either artfully handmade or showcasing the latest fashion trends from countries like Japan and South Korea. You can easily spend your afternoons here, wandering through the winding alleyways or admiring the aesthetic storefronts.

5. RF Hotel Taipei – from $112/night

Image credit: RF Hotel Taipei

Sometimes, we’re just after a no-frills hotel room that’s plain, simple, and most importantly, clean. And that’s what you’ll find at RF Hotel Taipei. Their rooms start from $112/night for the Super Mini Single Room, which fits 2 guests comfortably. All rooms also come with a tub to soak in, so you can rest your weary feet after a full day of shopping.

Image credit: RF Hotel Taipei

But of course, if you’re after something with a tad bit more pizazz, you can opt for their more colourful rooms like the one above.

Address: 235, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Road, Da’an District, Taipei City
Distance to Zhongxiao Dunhua Station: 300m, 4-min walk 

Book RF Hotel Taipei here.

6. Chez Nous Hotel Taipei – from $100/night

Image credit: Chez Nous Hotel Taipei

There’s a reason to splurge for the best room at Chez Nous Hotel Taipei – their Penthouse Suite is designed like a loft, with airy high ceilings and a staircase leading up to the bedroom. But rest assured: you won’t go wrong with any of the rooms here, since they all come decked out with wooden decor and either city or forest views.  

Image credit: Chez Nous Hotel Taipei

Rates start from $100/night for the Standard Double Room. Upgrade to the Chez Nous Classic ($132/night) for a standalone tub, where you can soak all your worries away with a good ol’ bubble bath.

Image credit: @iamchangwenshu

The hotel’s near Tonghua Night Market, which is considered as one of the less-touristy night markets in Taipei – they’ve got everything from fresh fruits to cheap clothes. If you’re up for a night in instead, there’s also an in-house bar where you can unwind with a cocktail or 2.

Image credit: @ru_chenn

They do food as well with a focus on home-style Taiwanese food like Classic Fried Pork Chop (NT280, ~$9.70) and Grilled Miso Cod (NT360, ~$16.10).

Address: 18, Alley Lane 147, Taipei City
Distance to Zhongxiao Dunhua Station: 1.5km, 21-min walk 

Book Chez Nous Hotel Taipei here. 

– Ximending –

Street fashion, accessory stores, and Ximending Night market

Image credit: @eunju_1121

From local youths to tourists, Ximending is one of Taipei’s more crowded shopping districts: it’s a car-free zone so you’ll see plenty of people spilling into the streets. While it’s commonly referred to as the ‘Harajuku’ of Taiwan, this area doesn’t just carry Harajuku-type fashion – expect everything, from global brands like Adidas to wholesale clothes from China.

7. CityInn Hotel Plus Ximending – from $103/night

Image credit: CityInn Hotel Plus Ximending

The cartoon motifs at CityInn Hotel Plus Ximending vary across rooms: it could be army-themed with a disgruntled bear donning on sunnies, or it could be a whimsical unicorn that’s prancing across a purple dreamscape. Whatever you end up choosing, know that the rooms here will suit your shopping needs perfectly since it’s just a 2-minute stroll to Ximen Station.

Image credit: CityInn Hotel Plus Ximending

Rooms start at $103/night for a Standard Room, and thankfully, there’s no need to fork up extra cash to sleep in a thematic room. There’s also a self-service laundry too, so you can bring fewer clothes to save up on luggage space.

Colourful designs from the hotel room to bathroom. 
Image credit: CityInn Hotel Plus Ximending

Address: 63, Baoqing Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City
Distance to Ximen Station: 170m, 2-min walk 

Book CityInn Hotel Plus Ximending here.

8. Swiio Hotel Ximen – from $101/night

Image credit: @nxnfoo

Swiio Hotel Ximen looks more like a cosy underground bar than a hotel when you first step in. It might be the brown furnishings or the leather couches, but whatever it is, it gives off edgy vibes that most bars can only hope for. There’s an actual bar area where you can get drinks – it’s fitted with comfy armchairs and couches for you to have a relaxing evening in.

Image credit: @nxnfoo

Rooms start at $101/night for a Standard Double Room – those travelling in groups of 3 will be pleased to know that there’s a Triple Room too.

Image credit: Swiio Hotel Ximen

Although compact, the rooms cleverly make use of space and comes with a seating area and clothes storage space too.

Address: 72, Section 2, Wuchang Street, Wanhua District, Taipei City
Distance to Ximen Station: 500m, 7-min walk

Book Swiio Hotel Ximen here. 

– Zhongshan MRT –

Small boutiques and underground ‘Book Street’

Image credit: Focus Taiwan

Zhongshan District is a massive district – if you’re a serious shopper, note that you’ll want to head straight to the MRT Station vicinity. It’s got a wide selection of fashion boutiques, Taiwan’s longest underground book street, and is just one MRT stop away from Taipei Main Station.

Tip: there’s also a bunch of cafes hidden in alleyways near the MRT Station.

9. Play Design Hotel – $147/night

Future Lab – a hotel room whose designs will get you pondering over daily life in the future. 
Image credit: Play Design Hotel

It’s the perfect blend of play and design over at Play Design Hotel, an award-winning hotel that’s known for its thoughtful designs. Their designs are also available for purchase – so if you’re eyeing the quirky chair you’re sitting on, feel free to bring it back home with you for a price.

Image credit: Play Design Hotel

That aside, the hotel rooms here are named after seemingly random concepts, ranging from Play Tea Room that’s perfect for the tea-drinker or Maker Room for those keen to explore the Maker Movement.

Image credit: Play Design Hotel

Both the Play Tea Room and Maker Room start from $148/night, while other rooms like Future Lab and MIT3.0 start from $175/night.

Address: 156-2, Taiyuan Road, Taipei City
Distance to Zhongshan MRT Station: 600m, 8-min walk

Book Play Design Hotel here.

10. Amba Taipei Zhongshan – $147/night

Image credit: Amba Taipei Zhongshan

At first glance, Amba Taipei Zhongshan looks like any other conventional hotel – one that you’ll be pleased with in terms of comfort and cleanliness. But it’s the little quirks here that you’ll hold dear to your heart.

Image credit: @mshannahchia

Their Smart Room (from $148/night) is sleek and modern, but with all the homely touches you’ll long for when overseas – like bluetooth speakers to blast your favourite Spotify playlist. For a premium price, you can also choose to have a balcony.

Image credit: Amba Taipei Zhongshan 

The hotel’s also a reasonable 15-minute walk to Ningxia Night Market, a food market where you can try all of Taiwan’s famed street snacks.  

Address: 57-1, Section 2, Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City 
Distance to Zhongshan MRT Station: 550m, 7-min walk 

Book Amba Taipei Zhongshan here

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If you’re interested in more than just shopping, here are a few other things you can check out in Taipei:

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