Beat the Singapore heat



Hot hot hot – it’s summer all year round. And just when we thought we were getting used to the perpetual heat, it’s about to get EVEN HOTTER. We’re talking 36 degrees, just 4 degrees short of the blazing Sahara desert!

Before you swoon over and chalk up them MCs just to stay indoors, here are 7 easy ways to beat the heat and stay cool even in the 36 degrees oven weather. Sun’s out, guns out!


1. Chill out at an INDOOR water playground



Calling all water lovers! This colossal water wonderland at SAFRA Punggol promises a splashing good time with its topsy turvy slides and Dory lookalikes. Best of all – it’s completely sheltered, so you’ll never need to worry about sweat and sunburns.

Forget boring deep pools and go for one that’s shin-deep and wholly splash-worthy (and photo-worthy too!). With families making up the majority of pool goers, no one will judge you if you try a flying jump into the pool.

Plus, the low water level means you can selfie all day without risking your phone going diving too.

Address: 9 Sentul Cres, Singapore 828654
Opening hours:
Mon – Thu: 10am – 8pm;
Fri – Sun, Public & School Holidays: 10am – 9pm


2. Escape into your own bubble suit



Sandy from Spongebob would approve of this take on her glass helmet. Armed with some bubble protection from the blazing sun, you’re welcome to water battle it out with your friends for slippery fun and epic fails.

This bubble ball fight on water is everything the hyperactive kid in you could wish for, and what’s more, it’s completely FREE! Be sure to catch the DBS Regatta at Marina Bay on the 28th & 29th of May and 4th & 5th June.

Read our guide to this exciting event here!


3. Swap your bubble tea with herbal tea



In 36 degrees weather, anything icy cold and sweet is life. It’s easy to quench the thirst with on-the-go grabs like bubble tea and bingsus, but little did you know – cold drinks actually slow down your body’s sweating mechanism, making you store more heat internally. Talk about bad chi!

Leave it to your Asian mom to know best. When it’s hot and “heaty”, you can count on her to brew some soothing liang cha to relieve your inner heat and toxins. These herbal teas regulate your metabolism much better than quick iced fixes, so make the better choice today!


Skip the overpriced bingsu and try a good old bowl of green bean soup. Beansu, no?


4. Work out without breaking a sweat



Nothing puts you off your gungho morning run mood than the blazing 36 degrees outside – imagine having to run in that oven-roasting weather! But don’t let the weather stop you from doing your thing; try cycling in water instead!

You’ll never view exercising as a chore again with this never-before-seen sport of Aqua Spin. People who hate to sweat can keep their cool by cycling half submerged in a cooling pool while keeping their legs burning.


If pumping hard isn’t your thing, try a serene sport like Stand Up Yoga! This novel form of yoga takes core-shaking yoga moves out on a paddleboard at sea. Practicing in the midst of a gently-ebbing sea will truly bring to life the phrase “心静自然凉” – a calm heart keeps you cool. Plus, you have the option of diving in when the heat gets too unbearable!

We know a challenge when we see one!


5. Be Lazy And Get Your Food Delivered To You



Lunchtime happens to be the hottest time of the day, and the walk out to grab your grub can be the most unbearable thing ever. After an hour of queueing and chope-ing, you’ll be back in the office with sweat stains and half the appetite you set out with to eat. #truestory.

If packing your own lunch is too much trouble, just sit back and have your food delivered to your doorstep! CBD workers can get their food fix in just 32 minutes with Deliveroo – all without even leaving the office. You’ll never get bored with this extensive selection of your favourite cafe foods to choose from! What heat? It’s 25-degree sweater weather in the office all day every day.


6. Change up your clothes to lightweight materials



Denim jackets are all the rage, but not when the weather’s got you sweating even with just a t-shirt. One lifehack here is to skip the heavy denim and go for the sports luxe look – we’re talking sports hoodies, parkas and bomber jackets!

Uniqlo’s AIRism line of hoodies and tees are bound to make you feel cool and aired out even when packing on the layers. We recommend jumping on the uber cool sports aesthetic trend while it’s still hot; those parkas and windbreakers will get you feeling light and chill while giving you that edgy look.


7. Cool Down With BRAND’S ® Essence of Mushroom



Everyone knows about BRAND’S ® Essence of Chicken – there’s probably no Singaporean student who hasn’t downed it on the morning of a big exam. But Essence of Mushroom? Now that’s a first.

Mushrooms contain Beta-glucans which are naturally occurring polysaccharides that provide greater support in strengthening our immunity system. If the other survival tips aren’t doing enough for you, it’s time to consider this blend of 5 exotic medicinal mushrooms. Non-meat lovers can now appreciate the dairy-free properties on top of its light and sweet taste. Imagine your grandma’s best herbal soup boiled down to a concentrate!

Tip: Drink it warm and it’ll taste like a small dose of herbal Bak Kut Teh without the meaty taste. Yum!


Don’t Sweat It


Don’t let the raging summer fever get you down! Live your life the way you want it by staying healthy. No one wants to fall sick when you’ve got beach parties and stand up yoga to go for.


The health benefits of medicinal mushrooms are endless, especially when dried and concentrated. Down a bottle of BRAND’S ® MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom every time you feel a little under the weather, and you’re all set to withstand the crazy heat.


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