Power On The Go

“When my phone dies, so do I.”

A little melodramatic, but I resonate with this #firstworldproblem quote more than I should.

The fear of even stepping out of your house on a dwindling battery level is terribly real. Now imagine that getting multiplied tenfold when you venture overseas. Miles away from any charging ports, with foreign sockets staring you in the face as your mismatched USB cables dangle unfittingly in defeat.

Don’t get caught in this traveller’s nightmare. Check out these 8 travel solutions that’ll keep all your devices powered up and ready to go!

Connect To The Power

xPower Power Sharing Cable

kakki travel power solutions - flip transform charger

This right here is MAGIC, as far as I’m concerned. The USB plug is able to basically shapeshift into multiple different connectors. With a simple flip of the connector head, it can go from a regular-sized USB to a micro USB, then a lightning connector for Apple products as well.

Multiple iPhone users would also be able to use it as a connector for a “host” smartphone and share battery power with one another. This removes the need for a portable charger or electrical outlet as the power source!

The handy dandy 3-in-1 cable measures 1.2 metres in length and will let you both sync and charge from the computer. The cable is also made out of high quality pure copper, so rest assured that it’ll be hardy!

xPower 2 in 1 Nylon Cable

kakki travel power solutions - transforming charger

Humble as it may be, a cable acts as the connecting link between one device and another. More importantly, it’s essential in feeding your precious electronics with the power that it needs. All the iPhone cables are MFI certified so rest assured that it’s top quality and reliable 100% of the time.

This high-speed output cable supports both charging and syncing. Do away with pesky third party programmes and transfer your files and data seamlessly from phone, tablet to desktop.

kakki travel power solutions - strong nylon wire

Compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad, the cable comes with a protective, non-tearable nylon shield. You know what that means! No horrible “turtle neck” fraying that Apple cables are so notorious for.

Boost Your Power

xPower WC3QT travel charger

kakki travel power solutions - sharing adapter

Triple USB ports mean your phone, tablet and laptop won’t have to queue up to get charged. Convenience aside, this compact charger also has Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 technology, 1 QX2.0 USB and 2 Smart ICs. Before you hit Google up to find out more about this mumbo-jumbo, just know that it essentially means a charging time of up to 75% faster than conventional charging. Hurray!

kakki travel power solutions - adapter

It also comes with a complete set of travel adapters (US/UK/AU/EU) that can be switched around in a jiffy!

xPower WC4QT Smart Travel Charger

kakki travel power solutions - multi charging adapter

By now you’ve probably noticed a pattern: Qualcomm’s Quick Charge prowess is a force to be reckoned with. This travel charger is no different, boasting the Smart Charging technology that makes charging 75% speedier.

With US, UK, AU and EU travel adapters thrown in the mix, this quadruple-port charger is perfect for your crew’s grad trip, or a vacation with the fam. No more fighting over limited hotel charging outlets or worse, not being able to connect at all because someone forgot to pack the all-important adapter! This travel charger was built for world peace.

CC2Q3 car charger

Every time I attempt to charge my phone via the car’s power system, I receive a pitiful trickle of electricity that’s as good as nothing at all.

kakki travel power solutions - adapter car charging

Plug this car charger in as the middle-man between your vehicle and device, and prepare to get a whopping surge of battery juice. Its Qualcomm Quick Charge technology 3.0 enables it to charge 257% more efficiently than conventional methods. Nope, that wasn’t a typo. It really is THAT good!

It comes with 2 quick charge ports so both the driver and passenger get to enjoy power-boosting on the go.

xPower DC5S Charger

This one’s perfect for those belonging to a travelling pack of tech addicts. Or simply if you’re the lone owner of a small family’s worth of electronics. We won’t judge!

kakki travel power solutions - multi wire

With 5 USB ports in a single handy charger unit, you can afford to power up all your must-have gadgets without wasting any time. To keep things tidy, it even comes complete with a removable phone stand for you to anchor your devices safely.

This is a safe way to efficiently charge up multiple electronics at a time, while keeping accidents at bay. It may be hard to imagine, but things could get a lot worse than losing your precious device. Overcrowding a single power outlet could spark a power outage or worse, a fire!

Bring Your Power With You

xPower PB7Q Power Bank

Ever since the lifesaving bricks of portable electricity known as power banks appeared on the market, I’ve been scouring the shops endlessly for the ultimate contender.

kakki travel power solutions - charger sharing

Enter xPower’s PB7Q power bank. Globally-certified lithium polymer battery, Qualcomm Quick Charge technology, and a 8.9mm ultra thin body made of aluminium alloy material. That’s safety, speed and sturdiness all wrapped up in one sleek package.

The icing on the cake? It has one micro USB and one MFI cable, allowing yourself to keep your phone alive while making someone else’s day at the same time. Score!

xPower PB10Q Power Bank

kakki travel power solutions - portable bank

Slim and lightweight, you probably wouldn’t expect this little guy to provide much power. Yet it comes jampacked with – you guessed it! – Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology 3.0. The small but mighty power bank boasts 257% better charging efficacies as a result, and can make your phone battery go from 0% to 70% in 30 minutes. Not too shabby, eh?

There are 2 USB ports that both have bidirectional capabilities. This means you’ll be able to boost the power bank’s battery supply at a high speed and in turn use it to charge your mobile devices on the same speed as well!

Not compromising on the aesthetic front either, it’s decked out in sleek black aluminium. No more lugging around tacky plastic chargers, this trendy piece is basically a fashion accessory in itself.


Power Up Any Time, Anywhere

Be it documenting your adventures first-hand on Snapchat, chatting with your loved ones back home on Whatsapp, or posting the customary tourist shot on Instagram – wandering in a foreign land is undoubtedly when you need your electronic devices the most.

You might even need the help of Google Maps to ensure you don’t wind up lost in the middle of nowhere!

kakki travel power solutions - charging adapter and wire

Avoid getting caught with low to no battery levels by making these portable charging ports and cables your trusty travel companions. Award-winning brand xPower has an entire series dedicated to your on-the-go power-boosting needs. And it’s currently available exclusively on Kakki.com, Singapore’s very own one-stop hub for all your mobile electronics! Pssst…They are now providing free delivery within 1-3 working days so be sure to take advantage of that deal!

All their products are made with quality materials and kept ultra compact, so you better believe that xPower’s charging accessories are able to withstand more than a few knocks in the baggage department without weighing you down.

Check out Kakki.com’s travel solutions now!

Go forth and explore with peace of mind that you’ll always be powered up and connected with the rest of the world!

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