SuperBrunch 2014



Asia’s biggest and most extensive brunch event was back again, and there was no way I was going to give this a miss. Sold out months in advance, Super Brunch is a bi-annual event held and prepared at the majestic The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore. From a 70 kg Wagyu Leg to 30 kgs of Foie Gras and a mouth-watering Caviar Bar, this exclusive champagne brunch extravaganza featured some of the best food man could create. 

The amount of food was simply mind-blowing. Stretched across the hotel from the East Wing to West Wing, you just wouldn’t know where to start. 


The Food



As we walked through the doors of the hotel, we were greeted by the friendly service staff… And a long conveyor belt of sweet treats. Desserts were beautifully displayed every 5 steps you took. 


We got ourselves a couple of fresh juices first, very cutely served in hollowed out coconuts. The theme “The Voyage” aims to take us on an epicurean journey from the Old World to the New World. 


We were led to our table but along the way couldn’t resist looking at the sheer volume of food available. We began our voyage from the “New World” section, with Fresh Oysters from a freezing cold cargo imported all the way from Australia, America and Canada. These were the freshest oysters that I have ever eaten, and I could literally taste the sea where these babies were picked up from as I slurped down oyster after oyster. 



We then proceeded to pick out some salmon from the Salmon station with 14 different types of smoked salmon available, with Hickory Smoked Salmon, Applewood Smoked Salmon and Salmon Rilette just to name a few. We also got a serving of the delicious Slow Baked Salmon with Bearnaise Sauce, which was tender and extremely flavorful. 


On the way, we also took a portion of the Wagyu Beef Chili Con Carne, served with Avocado and Nachos. 


Towering over the counter, the monstrous 70kg Roasted Mayura Wagyu Beef Leg was definitely the highlight for me. The carving station also had Lamb Chops with Black Truffle as well as Stuffed Turkey. The Wagyu was soft and tender, and melts in your mouth at every bite. I could have this every single day. 


There were also very talented musicians and performers to bring life into this beautiful event. I was impressed by their enthusiasm, friendliness and willingness to pose for the camera! 


As we moved on to the Old World, I got a serving of mouth-watering Oak Smoked Foie Gras on toasted Ficelle bread. It was really delicious, and the flavours of the Foie Gras was out of this world, beautifully paired with the warm bread on a layer of Roasted Onion Risotto. 


We made our way to the Japanese section and took some Fresh Sashimi, as well as some Freshly hand-made Sushi and Makis. We spoke to the friendly chef and he kindly made us his specialty that was not on offer, a Salmon Aburi Nigiri with Mentaiko Sauce. He told us to pop it into our mouths on the spot while it was still hot, and it just melted in our mouths with the Mentaiko sauce spilling out. 


The Crustacean Station was another big highlight for me. Fresh and Grilled Lobsters were available, and with different flavors. All the seafood were neatly half de-shelled so that we wouldn’t make a mess of our fingers, which I felt was extremely good service especially while having such a nice meal. We had huge Crab Pincers, King Prawns and Scallops, all perfectly done. 


As we headed back, I took a couple of slices of bread and we also grabbed some Carved Iberico, Salami and Prosciutto from the huge array available. I felt like a kid in a candy store, as I am a huge lover of bread and carved ham. 


Your meal is never complete without some dessert. We went back to where it all began – the conveyor belt – to get some desserts. Some were just too pretty to eat, but we still ate them anyway! There was also a huge Fresh Fruits section for the healthier bodies, with sweet mixed berries, mangosteens and even pomelo! 

To top off a perfect brunch, Super Brunch comes with free flow of Louis Roederer Cristal Vintage Brut ($398) or Louis Roederer Vintage Brut($258). They also have a Cocktail Station featuring some of the best cocktails to kick start your day. Must-tries include the Skinny Manhattan, Bloodless Mary and the Congo Cocktail.





SuperBrunch simply will not fail you. Despite the steep price, it is worth every single cent to indulge in the best food and wine available. The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore only brings this to you twice a year, so plan ahead and grab your tickets before it gets sold out again come March 2015!

Address: 7 Raffles Avenue Singapore, 039799

This post was brought to you by The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore.

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