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11 BEST Student Specials Under $15 That Will Make You Hold Onto Your Matric Card Forever

Super Saver Student Specials


With studies, exams, presentations and various other projects all piling up, the student life can get super hectic. After surviving a gruelling wave of submissions and all-nighters, what better way is there to celebrate, than to indulge in a fabulous feast?

For everyone who is, or was, a student, you’ll be familiar with the too-often sighed sentence: “Eh cannot, I’m SO broke now.” If you’re one of those students attempting to save up money, whether it’s for that new pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing or for academic related-reasons, eating out is a mere pipe dream. Even more so if you’re headed to the town area. $25 plates of pasta?! Ain’t no student got money fo’ that. 

Don’t let your low funds stop you from having a good meal out! Here is our guide to 11 awesome student specials that you can grab in Bugis+ – all for under $15


1. Rice and Noodle Asian Delights For $10+


If quintessential Chinese food is more your thing, then you’ll be delighted to hear that The asian Kitchen at Bugis+ is now having a $10+ Student Weekday Afternoon Set Offer, which runs from 3pm to 6pm. 

Starting from $10, this deal will get you your choice of Rice or Noodle Dish, complete with a refreshing drink. You can pick anything from Pork Cutlet La Mian to Cereal Fried Rice.

$10 for roast duck? Count us in! 

One of our top picks from The asian Kitchen is undoubtedly their succulent signature roast duck, which comes with a paper thin, super crisp skin. You can enjoy a taste of their duck with an order of their Roast Duck Noodles, which fall under their student promotion. 

Another of their top-selling dishes is the Tang Hoon Paradise, which is their own rendition of ma yi shang shu (“ants climbing a tree”) – a Sichuanese noodle dish consisting of glass noodles that have been stir-fried with minced meat, mushrooms and chilli. The fragrant minced meat clings to the chewy thin strands of noodles as you pick them up, hence the curious name of this dish. 

Beyond their student specials, you can consider trying the Mala Hotpot if the group of you guys are into spicy food. With a variety of ingredients to choose from to supplement your choice of chicken, beef or prawn, you’ll be able to customise the amount of fiery kick you want in this dish from 3 levels of spiciness.


2. $14.90 Korean BBQ Lunch Buffet, 4 Dine For The Price Of 3



Daessiksin, the Korean BBQ buffet restaurant on Level 4 of Bugis+, sees crowds of students, office workers and families alike, all here for their incredible 90 minutes KBBQ buffet

Their 90-minute weekday buffet lunch, at $14.90, is probably one of the most generous KBBQ buffets you’ll be able to find. To take things up (and prices down) a notch, Daessiksin’s latest Happy Hour 3+1 Free promotion means that groups of 4 get to dine at the price of 3! 

The buffet comes complete with a whole line up of Korean side dishes and snacks. You can choose between lighter options like salads and Korean glass noodles, or dive for the crispy deep-fried items. They even have kimchi pancakes and tteobokki (spicy rice cakes)!

Pick up whatever meats you want from the buffet counter as well. With sirloin, lamb, pork belly, short ribs and all kinds of cuts, this place is meat lovers’ paradise. There are 4 types of marinated chicken as well, which was particularly delicious. 

Grill it all up on the spot! 

You don’t have to worry about leaving this buffet place smelling like you just fell into a greasy barbecue pit. Daessiksin has vacuum fans to suck up the smoke from the grill at every table, so your clothes and hair won’t have to be washed about 1,000 times before the BBQ smell goes away. 

As if an all-you-can-eat meat buffet wasn’t enough – You can even order cooked mains like Beef Fried Rice and Kimbap (Korean rice rolls), which will be brought freshly prepared to your table. If you can polish off 2 mains, the $14.90 that you’ve spent on the buffet would have been more than covered.  

What a time to be alive.


3. $10 Seafood Lunch Deal, With 10 Different Options!


 Fish & Co. is a place that I’ll always remember fondly during my time as a student. Even though a trip to Fish & Co. with my friends would have been considered slightly beyond my usual student budget, it was well-worth it. 

And now, with the Student Fish-esta Deal, they’ve just made dining at their Bugis+ branch so much more affordable! 

The Student Fish-esta will get you a soft drink and a main dish, all for $10 nett! For your main, you can choose from 10 different dishes, with a selection including battered Fish & Chips, Pastas and Grilled Fish! There’s even a option of Grilled Peri-Peri Chicken, for that one friend who doesn’t like seafood (but has been dragged to a seafood diner). 

My favorite dish from the Student Fish-esta Menu was undoubtedly the White Fish with Pesto Parmesan. This slab of golden-crusted fish was delightfully succulent, and when paired with the unique pesto-infused parmesan crust, it becomes almost addictive. The fish comes with 2 sides – you can pick from healthy sauteed greens, to heartier selections like creamy mashed potato. 

With 9 other dishes to choose from, and an option to top-up $2 for 4 additional premium dishes, even the choosiest amongst your circle will have no chance to complain about a lack of choice.

Their recent menu revamp has introduced a new dish – the Seafood Broth Pots. Each piping-hot pot is meant for sharing and comes in 3 different styles, with the Caribbean Cajun Broth-Pot making for a flavorsome option that really brings out the natural sweetness of the delicious seafood. 

Every pot comes with a pan of paella rice, so you won’t be missing out on your carbs either. The broth pots can be rather pricey, so bug your parents to take you to try it! 

Beautifully decorated in a seaside beach theme, The Fish & Co. at Bugis+ is a great place for both large groups and smaller gatherings with your friends. 

No matter how many new and innovative dishes they come up with, the food at Fish and Co. will always taste of nostalgia to me.


4. Extra 15% Off Daily Lunch Sets, 7 Days A Week


LENAS is another place where you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice, in terms of their lunch sets. In fact, the choices for their Daily Set Lunch (starting from $10.50) encompass their ENTIRE MENU.

 And if you are a student, you get an additional 15% off this deal!

From between 11.30am – 5.30pm on weekdays (ends 3.30pm on weekends), you can order any main dish from $10.50 and above from their menu, and you’ll be treated to an Iced Tea, Salad Of The Day, and Dessert Of The Day, absolutely free!

I love how LENAS is so flexible with their set lunch specials. Most places have a limited range of options, but you can get almost anything off the menu here. Their menu is extensive, with options such as pastas, pizzas, baked rice, curry omelette rice, seafood, grilled and roasted meat items, and much more!

They don’t skimp on portion sizes either. My Grilled Spicy Chicken came with an additional basket of potato wedges and a bowl of sweet corn kernels, not forgetting the huge slab of grilled chicken thigh.

As if a drink+salad+main+dessert combo wasn’t good enough – present your student card and slice an extra 15% off your set! This includes weekends as well, so there’s no need to rush over after school just to catch this deal. 

You’ll definitely leave LENAS feeling stuffed and happy, as I did. 

You’ll find a superb range of choices on LENAS’ super-sized menu.


5. 10% Student Discount on All Dishes At Poulet


Poulet, as their name might suggest, is one of the places to head to if you’ve got a major craving for rotisserie chicken.

What I like about Poulet is how they make French fare affordable for almost everyone, with most of their mains being priced at around $17 and under. And now with their 10% Off For Students, a trip to Poulet has just been made sweeter. 

The classy decor and cushion-lined booths at Poulet @ Bugis+ set the ambience for a relaxing French food feast. Their menu boasts a focused selection of French classics such as slow-cooked oxtail, duck au vin, and of course, their signature rotisserie chicken.

The one dish at Poulet that you cannot miss is the Poulet Roti. The crowd-favorite Poulet Roti with Mushroom Chardonnay Sauce (U.P. $15.90 for Half, $28.90 for Whole) comes beautifully oven-tanned on the outside and incredibly juicy on the inside, in a pool of creamy-smooth sauce. 

One tip from the manager: Try a forkful of the chicken on its own first, with no sauce. I did, and was amazed by how naturally sweet the soft meat was – I was told that all of Poulet’s chickens are marinated in fruits, before being roasted. This imparts a subtle flavor and complexity to the meat, making it extra delicious. 

End your meal with the Tiramisu ($7.90), which comprises of coffee-soaked lady’s fingers, mascarpone, rum syrup and cocoa powder, all presented in a huge mason jar.

For the generous portion given, this dessert is quite value-for-money, especially considering how a smaller order of tiramisu at many other restaurants can set you back by a good $10 or more. 


6. Japanese Cuisine With 15% Off The Whole Bill


I’m sure I’m not the only person who’s absolutely crazy over Japanese cuisine. From agedashi tofu to zaru soba, there’s no dish that I won’t devour.

Here’s one for all you Jap food fans like me – Reddo Sushi has got a deal that will slash your bill by 15%! Now, fixing your cravings for sushi and sashimi no longer have to be an expensive affair. 

Browse through their vibrant selection on their iPad ordering system. 

Reddo Sushi doesn’t just provide Japanese food at affordable prices – they have some funky Singaporean-inspired creations like Salted Egg Crab Nigiri ($5.90) and Laksa Maki ($9.90) on their menu! 

Chirashi Don for under $15? YES PLEASE. The usual price for this sashimi donburi comes just under $17, and with their new special, you can get it for less than $15! 

Portion sizes could be more generous, but for that price (and the impressively sweet scallops), I’m not complaining much. 

Diner who prefer something hot and hearty should check out their Grill Sets, which come with a bowl of furikake-topped rice, miso soup, salad and half an ajitama egg. 

Reddo Sushi’s Chicken Teriyakki (U.P. $15.90) isn’t your usual grilled chicken basted in teriyaki sauce. Reddo Sushi fries the chicken cutlet before slicing it up on a hot plate with teriyaki sauce- this technique cuts down on cooking time, allowing the food to reach your table ASAP. This also locks in the juices of the meat, while creating a crisp, crunchy outside. 

I’m a sucker for anything aburi, and one of my favorite aburi rolls is the classic combination of flame-torched salmon and mayo. Reddo Sushi’s Salmon Crab Roll (U.P. $13.90) didn’t disappoint, with its distinct smokey flavor, sweet salmon and generous toppings of crunchy tobiko (flying fish roe). Not as intensely rich as the iconic Shiok Maki, but this will strike a chord with customers who prefer something lighter and less jelak


7. $13.90 Yakiniku Lunch Buffet


At Rocku Yakiniku on the 4th level of Bugis+, you’ll find one of the most value-for-money yakiniku lunch buffets in the whole country. 

Rocku’s Student Special $13.90 Yakiniku Buffet comes with a free-flow of beef, chicken, pork and even seafood like prawns, squid and salmon. All the meats will be brought straight to your table, where there will be a yakiniku grill all aflame. Grab a set of tongs and get to grilling! 

A top-up of $5.90 will get you an additional upgrade of free-flow wagyu beef and iberico pork. With the way the beautifully marbled slices of wagyu sizzle into mouth-watering morsels of lightly-charred meat, you won’t be regretting that decision. 

And if that isn’t crazy enough, you’ll be granted access to the buffet bar as well! On one side you have an array of Japanese and Korean appetizers, as well as a selection of fresh fruit and veggies.

On the other side, you’ll find trays of Rocku’s special garlic fried rice, stir-fried udon, seasoned edamame, and even FRIED CHICKEN. Guess what? It’s all free-flow as well! Stuff yourself with as many servings as you wish. The garlic fried rice is particularly addictive – I couldn’t help but polish off a whole bowl, in spite of the copious amounts of meat I had just ingested. 

With long tables and spacious booths, Rocku is just the place for celebrating the end of a sports season with your teammates, or to head to if you’re holding a massive gathering. Get the whole team, and go crazy with this insane yakiniku buffet deal! 

Just make sure that you come with a huge appetite. 


8. $10 Ramen From Singapore’s Next Ramen Champion


Here in Singapore, ramen doesn’t come cheap. A bowl could easily cost more than $15, not including GST, and usually not counting extra toppings like ajitama (marinated soft-boiled egg), chashu, etc. As much as you may love ramen, can you imagine blowing a sizeable chunk of your allowance on a bowl of ramen that doesn’t even come with an egg?

With Ramen Champion, all these ramen woes will be vanquished. At the Bugis+ branch of this one-of-kind “ramen stadium”, 6 different ramen stalls compete amongst each other in order to secure their tenancy, as decided by a customer voting system. The definition of “best” is subjective, so the fact that Ramen Champion runs on popular vote means that you’ll never waste your calories – or money – on a bowl of bad ramen.

And now, with their $10 School’s Out Weekday Ramen Deal, Ramen Champion has just made good ramen a whole lot more affordable. One selected dish from each stall will fall under this promotion, which mean that you’ll get to choose from 5 different styles of ramen and 1 non-ramen dish. 

If you are a fan of paitan ramen, go for Torimatsu’s Rich Chicken Ramen. This bowl of 100% chicken-based ramen comes with springy noodles in a creamy chicken broth – that’s been boiled for over 10 hours – , topped with slices of tender chicken breast chashu, ajitama, and chicken meatballs. Compared to your usual thick tonkotsu ramen, this paitan ramen not as intense, but yet it still manages to remains very flavorful – perfect for people who prefer a lighter, cleaner-tasting bowl.

 Menya Ryu’s Sapporo Miso Ramen falls on the other end of the ramen spectrum, with its rich soup base made from 3 types of miso. The noodles are thick and curly, typical of Hokkaido-style ramen, pairing well with the robust broth. I found this to be on the salty side, but that may be due to my preference for lighter ramen.

Apart from the items featured on their Student Deal menu, the other dishes at Ramen Champion are well-worth a shot as well. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked Tonkotsu Ikkyu’s Original Tonkotsu Ramen, which came adorned with delicate slices of melt-in-your-mouth sous-vide pork collar chashu and a whole ajitama. The tonkotsu base was far from the oily, overly-rich renditions I’ve suffered before – this was intensely flavorful with a lightness that made it very sippable. Unsurprisingly, Tonkotsu Ikkyu is the stall with the most votes so far!


9. $12.90 Shabu Shabu Buffet With 5 Different Soups


Suki-Ya is known for their affordable sukiyaki and shabu-shabu buffet, where diners can order as much food as they can finish, in 80-100 minutes. 

Now, their new student promotion means that students can enjoy their all-you-can-eat shabu shabu feast, inclusive of free-flow soft drinks and green tea, for almost half its usual price at only $12.90!! Suki-Ya’s buffet is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a soul-satisfying feast without feeling like you’ve over-indulged. 

You can choose from 5 different types of broth to cook your meats in – Shabu Shabu, Sukiyaki, Butaniku, Touyu Miso and Kimuchi

While waiting for your soup to boil, head on over to the buffet counter, where you can get your pick of ingredients such as veggies, eggs, seafood balls, crabsticks and much more! They even have special cheesy meatballs. 

Don’t miss the Healthy Bar either, which has a wide selection of fresh veggies to brighten up your hot pot, as well as a fresh fruit section for a post-buffet palate refresher. 

You’ll be gathering stacks of empty meat trays in no time at all, with unlimited platters of shabu shabu style chicken, pork and beef. If you feel like splurging a little, top up just $5.90 for an upgrade to free-flow Premium Wagyu Beef and Iberico Pork! How amazing is that?

The more the merrier, so head to Suki-Ya with your classmates for a super affordable shabu-shabu feast that’s guaranteed to fill you up.  


10. 1-For-1 Korean Noodle Dishes


If you’re looking for a place to serve as your tasting platter for Korean cuisine, Seoul Yummy is the place to head to. With their wide array of appetizers, mains and sharing dishes, you can get a taste of almost any popular Korean soul food dish at Seoul Yummy. 

Now, they’ve got a special deal for students! For every order of any noodle dish at the Bugis+ branch of Seoul Yummy, you get the second bowl free

This includes the Spicy Braised Pork Belly Kimchi Ramyon, Spicy Chicken Kimchi Ramyon, and of course, Jajang Myon and an assortment of Japchae.

Jajangmyeon and Spicy Chicken Japchae: Get the best of both worlds

Jajangmyeon is the Korean take on the popular Chinese zhajiangmian, and has garnered quite a fanbase itself. The best way to enjoy it is to mix the noodles evenly with the savory black soybean-based sauce, before slurping it all down.

On the other hand, japchae needs no mixing – this dish of stir-fried glass noodles would have already been tossed with the seasoned veggies and sliced meat. At Seoul Yummy, you can have your choice of spicy chicken, spicy pork, braised pork, tender beef or spicy octopus to go with your glass noodles. 

Clockwise from the top left: Grilled Eel Bibimbab, Ginseng Chicken Soup, Jajangmyeon, Stir-Fried Glass Noodles, Spicy Octopus, Army Stew with Assorted Seafood, and Andong Jjimdak 

Aside from noodle dishes, Seoul Yummy has a wide repertoire of other well-loved Korean classics, like Andong Jjimdak and the famous Army Stew. Portion sizes for both are HUGE – perfect for sharing. I loved the chewy tteok (rice cakes) that came in the Army Stew, which had just the right amount of bite.   

Super-sized portions aren’t found solely on their main menu. Check out this mega-sized Bibimbab Bingsoo that’s looks just like the iconic Korean hot stone rice dish.

It was literally larger than my face 

There will be no complaints about the mixing bowl-sized portion you get. It’ll take a true beast to polish off the bingsoo solo, especially after all the Korean food from before, so grab a friend (or 4) to share this monster dessert with.

The feast will certainly be seoul yummy.


11. 20% Off 15 Different Flavors of Wings


It’s super-easy to get your fill of chicken morsels, whether you’re part of a huge group or just with your best friend – all thanks to Wing Zone’s 20% Off Student Special, which students can snag with a minimum spend of just $10. 

Wing Zone is a chicken speciality restaurant that doesn’t just sell fried chicken – they sell flavors. They’ve covered the whole spectrum of flavors, from sweet Honey Q to the extremely fiery Nuclear Habanero. This makes Wing Zone the perfect place for spice-fiends and chilli-haters alike to indulge in a basket of skin-fried chicken that’s seasoned with the flavor of their preference. Aside from chicken, you can also enjoy the classic American fanfare of sandwiches, burgers and salads

There is even a range of flavors that combine both sweet and spicy tastes, for the indecisive few who simply can’t decide between the two. The Mango Fire is one such flavor – this interesting combination starts off with the sweet fruitiness of the mango, with the spicy heat kicking in at the end.  

All their chicken is cooked upon order, so you’re guaranteed a basket of piping hot chicken each time you dine. They are best eaten straight away, for the optimum taste and juiciness. 

Here’s how it works: First, order your choice of chicken wings, boneless chicken bites, fried chicken tenders or whole chicken drumstick. Next, depending on the quantity you ordered, you can choose up to 4 different flavors to infuse your chicken with. 

Don’t fear, if you hate picking out chicken bones like me. Wing Zone’s Boneless series is made with 100% fresh chicken breast, and there are no annoying bones to deal with in these. You may think that chicken breast would be dry tasting, but not these – they come out surprisingly juicy, with an addictive crispy outside. 


Spend Less, Save More, Eat More!


Dining out is no longer hard to do! With authentic ramen, gourmet French chicken and even all-you-can-eat buffets on this list, you’ll be guaranteed a sumptuous soul-satisfying feast, without busting your budget. 

These meals may not be as cheap as McDonalds or cup noodles, but for the taste and quantity, they make for some amazing deals. Perfect for that stress-alleviating post-exam treat. 

With all these superb student specials and discounts gathered in Bugis+, it’s a no brainer where you should head to for next meal out with your schoolmates. So what are you waiting for? Whip out your students passes, grab your friends, and treat yourselves to some super worth-it student deals! 

Find out more about the latest dining offers by following Bugis Junction x Bugis + on Facebook and Instagram!

This post was brought to you by Bugis Junction x Bugis+.