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14 Student Discounts To Take Advantage Of In 2019 For Food, Entertainment, & Shopping

Student discounts in Singapore

Image adapted from: @k.star_karaoke, @andrewlignelli

Being a student is never easy, especially when you have to drag yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn to go to school for 8 hours before realising that…there’s quite the limitation to the sort of after-school activities you can do with your friends, because you’ve all got limited budgets.

Thankfully, many establishments understand the struggle, and swoop in to save us with their student promos for everything from set meals to karaoke and tickets to attractions:

– Food –

1. Watami – Japanese dishes with free drink from $8.90

watami japanese black pepper beef set Black pepper beef with rice set
Image credit: @ortega_sg

Satisfy your Japanese food cravings at Watami, which has a special student meal menu with more affordable prices. Get yourself dishes like the Salmon Sashimi Rice at ($11.90, U.P. $15.90) or Beef Hot Pot ($10.90, U.P. $14.90), and to top things off, there’s also miso soup and a drink to go along with it.

Additional side dishes you can get include Salmon Sushi ($1.50), Salmon Sashimi ($4.90), and Chawanmushi ($2.50).

And if you’re one to load up on the carbs, you’ll be happy to know that the Star Vista outlet has free flow rice for you to whack to your heart’s content. Check out the full student menu here.

Student promo timing: Mon-Fri 11.30AM-5PM
Check out their full list of outlets here. (Student meals only available at the Star Vista and Junction 8 Outlet)


2. Pizza Hut – pizza, pasta, or baked rice with free-flow drink for $5.90

pizza hut singapore food promotions Image credit: @pizzahut_sg

Pizza Hut’s student meal which entitles you to a main and a free-flow soft drink. Depending on whether you take up the $5.90 or $6.90 option, you’ll get to choose between the different types of Personal Pan Pizzas (U.P. from $9.80) , Spaghetti (U.P. from $10.50) and Baked Rice (U.P. $13.50).

You can choose to add-on Garlic Bread or Cheesy Fries at $2 or Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Drumlets or Honey Roasted Wings for $2.50.

Student promo timing: Mon-Fri 1.30PM-5PM
Check out the full list of outlets here.

3. Hot Tomato – main with drink for $10 nett

steak and fries hot tomato student promotion Steak and fries
Image credit: @greely__

There’s nothing like a hearty lunch to get you through the rest of the day- even better if it comes at the price of just $10 nett. Swing by Hot Tomato from 11am-5.30pm and get a main of your choice – such as Chicken Chop & Aglio Olio and Fish & Chips, just to name a few. You’ll also get a free drink of your choice.

hot tomato steak and spaghetti student promotion Image credit: @burpwithcal

Student promo timing: Mon-Fri 11AM-5.30PM

Check out the full list of outlets here.

4. Pastamania – pasta or pizza for $4.90

pasta mania spaghetti student promotion Image credit: @eneeli_e

It’s hard to believe that you can still get a full meal at the price of just $4.90 in a restaurant these days, but Pasta Mania does offer such a deal for students – you’ll be able to choose either a pasta like Aglio Olio or Cheesy Crumble Chicken Ham, or pizza, such as the Chicken Ham and Mushroom Pizza.

You’ll also be able to make it a set meal – by topping up $3, you’ll get a soup of the day and a drink. For $4, you can choose to add a drink and garlic bread, as well as waffle potatoes or cheese sticks. You can find out more about the full student menu here.

Student promo timing: Mon-Fri until 6PM
Check out the full list of outlets here.


5. Eighteen Chefs – baked pasta/rice with drink and ice cream for $7.20

18 chefs student meal promotion Image credit: @thenocturnalhumanbeing

The popular Eighteen Chefs student meals are popular for good reason: at the price of $7.20, you’ll get to pick either baked rice or pasta (U.P. from $10.80) as your main, with iced lemon tea and a scoop of ice cream. You can even upgrade your ice cream to soup of the day for just $1.

18 chefs heart attack fried rice meal Heart Attack Fried Rice
Image credit: @fokvince

You’ll also get $2 off all main courses in the other sections of the menu except for salads and kids’ meals. Some yummy dishes you can look forward to are the Salted Egg Prawn Pasta ($13.80) and Heart Attack Angus Beef Fried Rice ($19).

What’s even better is that there are 12 branches all across Singapore, both in town and the heartlands. No matter where you’re studying or hanging out, there’s likely to be a restaurant near you!

Student promo timing: At all times
Check out the full list of outlets here.

– Entertainment and recreation –

6. K. Star Karaoke – $4/pax per hour

singapore k star karaoke Image credit: @k.star_karaoke

There’s something therapeutic about screeching your favourite Taylor Swift song lyrics into a microphone with your best buds. K. Star Karaoke, Singapore’s first themed KTV, further heightens the experience with its pink LINE friends rooms, or even a chapel-themed one with stained glass decals.

The karaoke joint offers up frequent monthly deals just for students that can go as low as $4/pax per hour (U.P. $20/hour) for a minimum of 2 people. You could also opt for the 2-hour package with a free soft drink at $12nett/pax.

k star karaoke singapore

Check out our article on K. Star Karaoke here.

Student promo timing: Mon-Thurs 12PM-8PM

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #05-01, Singapore 238896
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12PM-3AM
Telephone: 6634 2801

7. Trapped SG – save $10 per person (U.P. $28.90/pax)

trapped sg escape room Image credit: @chowyeeling

Forget watching movies – at Trapped SG, you’ll get the chance to live them instead. The Purge: Escape Room will have your adrenaline pumping, with only 60 minutes to escape before the Annual Purge begins. In movie context, it means 24 hours before all crime is legal. Yikes.

tekong army bunk trapped sg escape room Image credit:

There are other room themes that might hit a little closer to home, too – in Escape from Pulau Tekong, you’ll be tasked to find out why the commanding officer has not been responding to HQ. You might just be horrified at some of the unauthorised activities that have been taking place there!

The best part is that you get $10 off (U.P. $28.90) when you flash your student card from Monday to Friday, before 6pm. The discount is valid for students below the age of 21. Otherwise, you can still get $6 off during off-peak hours or $4 off during peak hours.

Student promo timing: Mon-Fri before 6PM

Address: *SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, #02-20/21/22, Singapore 237978
Opening hours: Sun-Thurs 11AM-10.30PM | Fri-Sat 11AM-2AM
Telephone: 6636 9722

8. Cinemas – from $5/ticket

cinema singapore promotion

The smell of fresh popcorn, the excited buzz before the movies – going to the cinema is always a great way to wind down after a long day at school. As students, a lot of our social activity often comprises of going to the cinema, especially fuelled by the student promos:


Cathay Parkway Parade has the cheapest tickets at just $5 on Mon, Wed-Fri before 6pm and all day on Tuesday. If you’re headed to the other Cathay Cineplexes, tickets cost $6 all-day on Tuesday and $7 on Mon, Wed-Fri before 6pm.

Check out Cathay’s locations here.

Golden Village

Tickets at Golden Village go for $7 for 2D movies and $9 for 3D movies, on weekdays before 6PM.

Check out Golden Village’s locations here.


Regular tickets at Shaw cost $6.50 for students on weekdays before 6PM.

Check out Shaw’s locations here.


Head to any Filmgarde outlet to get a $10 movie bundle at all outlets, which includes a movie ticket, popcorn and a drink. The Century Square Outlet in particular has student tickets priced at $7 each. Get these deals on weekdays before 6PM.

Check out Filmgarde’s locations here.

9. Bounce Trampoline Park – $19.90 for 1st hour (U.P. $25)

bounce singapore trampoline park Image credit: @ragnarok.dbc

Releasing all that pent-up stress at Bounce Trampoline Park can provide great relief when you’ve been cooped up in class for too long. Good news – students pay $19.90 (U.P. $25) for the first hour and $14 (U.P. $21) for the second hour.

the smart local x park adventure course X-Park Adventure Challenge Course
Image credit: Bounce Inc

And it’s not just jumping up and down on trampolines, because the park also has plenty of activities for you to play and complete with your friends like Dodgeball, Slam Dunk and an Adventure Challenge Course which has no additional charge.

bounce singapore trampoline park Image credit: @bouncesingapore

There are also workout classes like Bounce Fit with high-intensity cardio for your core and others such as Flight Academy for you to master all your front sault and twists to impress your friends.

Student promo timing: Mon-Fri (PHs, school holidays not included)
Address: 8 Grange Road, #09-01 Cineleisure, Singapore 239695
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10AM-10PM | Sat-Sun 9AM-10PM
Telephone: 6816 2879

10. Universal Studios Singapore – 6 months unlimited entry for $98 (U.P. $75 per entry)

universal studios singapore shrek castle Image credit: @chenfeng_gao

No one’s ever too old for Universal Studios Singapore – there’s something about it that makes you feel as though you’re in a different world altogether. Maybe it’s the enormous Shrek castle or the adrenaline-inducing rides, but a day trip to USS is always a day of guaranteed fun.

sesame street spaghetti space chase universal studios singapore

Students can purchase a season pass at $98, with which you can enter the theme park as many times as you’d like for 6 consecutive months. It’s super worth investing in, especially since a normal adult-priced ticket costs $75 for 1-day entry. You never know when you might just need to hop onto a roller coaster to scream all your stress away, anyway.

universal studios battlestar galactica ride roller coaster singapore Battlestar Galactica, hands-down the most terrifying ride in USS
Image credit: @_wayne_lim_

Student promo timing: At all times

Address: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098269
Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 10AM-7PM | Fri 10AM-10PM | Sat-Sun 10AM-8PM
Telephone: 6577 8888

11. Xcape SG – escape games from $16/pax (U.P. from $22)

xcape sg escape games Image credit: @xcapesg

Escape rooms are always a good idea for class bonding outings. Lucky for us, Xcape SG has a student discount of $10 off per person for their RPG games (U.P. $48/pax). With RPG games, things become even more realistic as you’ll be able to roleplay, with costumes included. For other escape games, you’ll get $6/pax off (U.P. $22/pax).

xcape games shanghai 1943Shanghai 1943 set
Image adapted from: @xcapesg

One of the games that you can look forward to is Shanghai 1943, a murder mystery that’ll transport you back in time. Players will choose from over 200 costumes to cosplay as various characters to solve the mystery, with double the time limit and space of a usual escape room. Apart from this, there are also mystery thrillers and sci-fi-themed rooms to rack your brains on.

shanghai 1943 escape room sg Image credit: @rachbiechan

Check out our article on escape rooms here with virtual reality and 5D game options!

Student promo timing: Mon-Thurs (Xcape RPG) | Sun-Thurs after 6PM (Other escape games) | Not valid for PHs and PH Eves

Address: Bugis Village, 160A Rochor Road, Singapore 188435
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 11AM-11.30PM
Telephone: 6337 4905

– Health, beauty, & tech –

12. Apple – save up to $70 on your new laptop

macbook pro promotion Image credit: @andrewlignelli

Apple products can get pretty pricey, but who knew that there were student discounts for you to get your next laptop at a cheaper price? The student discount is applicable to all Mac models for university students.

For example, MacBook Pros cost $1828 (U.P. $1898) while the 12-inch MacBook will go for $2278 (U.P. $2348).

Student promo timing: At all times

Address: 270 Orchard Road, Singapore 238857
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10AM-10PM
Telephone: 1800 699 2824

13. Apgujeong Hair Studio – 20% off all hair services

apgujeong hair studio student promotion Image credit: @apgujeonghairstudio

There’s nothing wrong with a little pampering here and there, especially when places like Apgujeong Hair Studio provide 20% off all hair services for those that flash their student cards. Haircuts by local senior stylists cost $26.40 (U.P. $33) for guys and $30.40 (U.P. $38) for girls.

apgujeong hair studio Image credit: Capitaland

If you want a little extra TLC, a shampoo and blow drying session costs $12 (U.P. $15) for guys and $16 (U.P. $20) for girls with short hair. The full list of prices and services offered can be found here.

Do note that the student promotion is valid for students below the age of 26.

Student promo timing: Mon-Fri before 4PM (PHs not included)
Check out their list of outlets here.

14. Anytime Fitness – $88/month with no joining fee

anytime fitness gym singapore Image credit: @afpayalebar

Breaking a sweat is a great stress-reliever, which also boosts your brainpower so you can kill it at the studying game. Hit up 24-hour gym Anytime Fitness to get squeeze out a workout anytime, be it after a late night study session or early in the morning.

The gym has a special package for students at $88/month for a 12-month contract without a joining fee. In total, you’ll be saving $218.

Student promo timing: At all times

Check out the different outlets here.

Student promotions in Singapore in 2019

Being a student does typically mean cramming for exams, trying not to fall asleep in lectures and generally just feeling quite broke most of the time. But despite that, there are still some perks to being a student – such as these great deals that’ll make your wallet cry a little less.