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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Stay-At-Home Life And Feel More Atas On A Budget

Ways to upgrade your stay at home life

Staying at home may now be a national pastime, but for long-time homebodies and new converts alike, your day-to-day can benefit from a much-deserved boost. From luxurious treats to bathtime indulgences, these five ways to upgrade your stay at home will keep you living the life – all without leaving the area between your desk, couch and bed.

Offered by Singaporean sellers and business, these upgrades let you #supportlocal from the comfort of your home. Plus – affordable as they are, you can snag these deals at even more attractive prices during Amazon Prime Day that’s happening between 21st – 22nd June 2021.

1. Elevate breakfast with classy beverages like Whittard of Chelsea 

We’ve heard this one aplenty: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While most of us stick to the tried-and-tested kaya toast each morning, something as simple as a high-quality tea can take your experience up a notch.  

Image credit: @mim_thetealady

With over a century of history, Whittard of Chelsea features a whole range of single-origin and flavoured teas from all over the world. Apart from sipping on some floral English Rose ($18) or a fruity Mango and Bergamot ($38) with dem pinkies out, you can also opt for a more familiar option like Darjeeling black tea ($25) that’s also gluten-free.

Image credit: @make.happyy

Not your cup of tea? Local roaster Jewel Coffee has got you covered with their signature blends like Bold As Love and El Salvador Nespresso, that are available in 10-packs of convenient Nespresso capsules ($7.90).

Shop Swift Health Food’s Whittard of Chelsea and Jewel Coffee on

2. Level up game night with your very own “escape room”

bearscape-otto-escape-roomSuitable to play alone or as a team, a round of Bearscape Spaceship Otto shouldn’t take you more than an hour.  

Image credit: Lockdown Escape 

With the Bearscape Spaceship Otto ($49.90), you’ll easily take board game night to the next level with your very own escape room… in a box. Instead of solving clues to gain your freedom in a traditional escape room, you’ll be solving challenging topics ranging from math to chemistry to break into a mysterious box.

It’s a tough and novel experience – one that’s sure to impress loved ones as you all struggle to solve its many sums and riddles.

P.S. Game on testing your brain power further? The slightly tougher “padlock” version of Bearscape might do the trick. 

Shop Lockdown Escape on

3. Add bath salts and aromatherapy to bath time

After a long day staring at our laptop screens, soaking our stresses away in the bath often does the trick. Chock-full of natural ingredients, Maia Botanicals range of plant-based bathroom products will leave you feeling relaxed and energised.

Their products are a must-have especially if you’re into low-waste, plastic-free and sustainable ingredients.

Image credit: Maia Botanicals 

If you’re lucky enough to have a bathtub at home, soak away with Himalayan Pink & Epsom Soaking Salts ($18) for a head-to-toe detox sesh. Otherwise, pamper yourself with Luxe Body Oil ($28) or the vegan and cruelty-free Matcha Latte Cleansing Grains ($29) and you’ll emerge smelling as good as you feel.

Shop Maia Botanicals on

4. Eat premium popcorn for Netflix binges

It goes without saying that Netflix binges are best enjoyed with a bucket of popcorn in hand. To make the most of your calories with these movietime must-haves, get your hands on some top-quality gourmet options by Eureka Popcorn.

Image credit: Eureka Popcorn

Whether you strictly follow the one episode per day drill or soldier through an entire series in 24 hours flat, Eureka Popcorn offers 19 different flavours for a different one each time. With options like Eureka Barbecue BBQ Popcorn Can ($7.50) and Cereal Butter Caramel Popcorn, there’ll be something for everyone during Netflix nights.

Even folks with quirkier taste buds are in for the treat, with White Coffee Popcorn ($7.50) and Seaweed Popcorn ($10.70) delivered to your doorstep just in time for stay-home movie nights. 

Shop Eureka Popcorn on

5. Bring nature home with futuristic high-tech indoor gardens

aerospring-gardeningImage credit: @aerospringgardens

Gardening is a rewarding pastime, but to enliven things at home without the mess of stray soil and racks of pots and planters, Aerospring Gardens offers a sleek, high-tech solution for modern homes. 

With their futuristic aeroponic gardening setups that can be assembled within 15 minutes, you’ll be reaping harvests of kale, bok choy and bell peppers ($3.50 per sachet of seeds) in no time.

Shop Aerospring Gardens on

Support local businesses during Amazon Prime Day

This time spent at home is a great opportunity to recharge and reconnect with loved ones, and it’s also a great chance to support local retailers. Ever since they’ve kickstarted their journey on Amazon, these founders of small business in Singapore have come a long way to fulfilling their passions and realising their dreams:

Swift Health Food

honeyworldSwift Health Food’s HoneyWorld also offers a line of highly sought-after manuka honey
Image credit: Pearline

With her knack for sourcing high-quality products at affordable prices, Pearline started Swift Health Food almost 20 years ago – her first and only job since her graduation. Apart from introducing Whittard of Chelsea teas to our shores, she’s also founded HoneyWorld and is proud to be one of the first to source high-quality manuka honey for fellow Singaporeans.

She’s since been able to raise awareness of her high-quality products to Singaporean audiences by bringing them online through Amazon, which has let her not just boost her brand, but also connect with fellow locals.

Customers who interact with our amicable and sincere staff always walk away feeling like they’ve chatted with a friend,” Pearline says. “Being able to contribute to society and providing opportunities for our team has also been extremely rewarding over the many years.

Maia Botanicals 

Image credit: Maia Botanicals

Meanwhile, Aishwarya began her mission to create natural products after realising how family and friends were prone to allergic reactions from off-the-shelf brands. 

Having experienced the healing properties of Ayurvedic ingredients from a young age, she was inspired to start Maia Botanicals to create all-natural and soothing hair and skincare products for fellow Singaporeans while keeping things eco-friendly. That’s why most of their products are also 100% plastic-free.

Despite starting out small, Aishwarya has big dreams for her brand – and hopes one day to expand beyond our shores. Amazon’s regular online training sessions, customer service and easy-to-use payment system has helped Maia Botanicals get a headstart even from its early days.

My inspiration was to create a clean, natural and cruelty-free skincare brand for fellow Singaporeans,” Aishwarya says. “I wanted people to be able to use clean products that are low-waste and sustainable, so that we can leave a better planet for our future generations.” 

Offering products as unique as their stories, each of these five local small businesses might just have a thing or two to help upgrade your stay-at-home life. The best part –  you’ll be able to support this growing pool of local brands and retailers on Amazon Singapore’s curated storefront of small businesses during Prime Day 2021

Stay tuned for new Lightning Deals released every 12 hours, along with e-Gift Card promotions with HSBC, DBS/POSB, UOB, Singtel Dash members and Grab during Amazon Prime Day. 

This 48-hour extravaganza between 21st – 22th June 2021 offers up attractive deals from tens of thousands of local brands and an endless list of international ones. There, you’ll find attractive discounts on your purchases, including $20 off $60 on daily essentials and $50 off $150 on Beauty and Healthcare products.

Amazon Prime membership also comes with access to Prime Gaming and Prime Video, along with two-hour delivery via Amazon Fresh.

To get in on these deals, you’ll have to register for an Amazon Prime Membership that costs $2.99/month, but you can also get on board with a free 30-day trial first. Till 20th June, users can also get $10 off $40 on their first Amazon App purchase with code APPFIRST, along with $20 off $60 on Amazon Fresh till 22nd June.

You’ll also get free domestic delivery on eligible orders with no minimum spending required, and free international delivery on eligible orders over $60.

With attractive deals across over thousands of small Singaporean businesses, Amazon Prime Day 2021 is just the spot to score attractive deals for a more comfy stay-at-home life, all while supporting fellow local sellers during this crucial time.

Find out more about Amazon Prime Day 2021 here  

This post was brought to you by Amazon Singapore.
Cover image credits: @mim_thetealady, @tasteofbrunei, @imnotahamster and Lockdown Escape