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Let’s face it – it’s 2017 and we’re running out of ideas on where to bring our date. Going to the movies, Netflix and chill; we’ve exhausted almost everything and they’ve all become far too cliche. If you’re looking for an unconventional date idea, this play is the best blend of unique and romantic. Ditch the mainstream movie date and head over to the theatre for a change.

Constellations by Nick Payne is a theatrical exploration of parallel universes and the co-existence of infinite outcomes. Sounds like a mouthful – but it basically means that in a parallel universe, you may not have fallen in love with the same person, or perhaps not have fallen in love at all.

This March, Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) will be staging Constellations directed by Bruce Guthrie. We sat in their script-read session and discovered why it’s so much better than any romance movie you’ll watch:


1. You’ll love it even if you’re not a Science geek


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Constellations isn’t only for quantum physicists or cosmologists – it’s for everyone. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or a logical thinker, this play is about speculating different versions of our current reality. Although based on a scientific notion, Constellations reaches out to anyone and everyone through sheer emotion, without drowning you in scientific jargon.


2. It doesn’t involve UFOs or aliens – just raw human emotion


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Don’t expect gaudy disc shaped props flying around resembling UFOs or actors in green alien bodysuits. Constellations is a play about multiverses, not alien invasions. Its focus is largely on the love story between 2 humans existing in a multiverse, rather than abnormal extra-terrestrial activity. 


3. It will make you question your entire existence in just 70 minutes 


Using the universal language of human emotion, Constellations investigates the possibility of infinite variations of one’s life co-existing in parallel universes. 

After experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions within the span of 70 minutes, you will leave the theatre contemplating things like how your life would have been different if you had or hadn’t rejected that guy/girl – or whether your reality is truly a reality or a mere illusion of reality.

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4.The whole play is anchored by just 2 actors


2 actors
Actor, Edward Harrison and Actress, Stephanie Street play the role of Roland and Marianne [Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre]

Staying true to its minimalistic approach, Constellations is helmed by a cast of just 2 actors telling the tale of star-crossed (pun-intended) lovers living in a multiverse. With just 2 bodies on a close-to-bare stage, you’ll be surprised as to how much it can impact you.

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Constellations’ cast and production team at their first script-read

Director of Constellations, Bruce Guthrie, elaborates more on this in his interview here.


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Constellations – The marriage of Science and Art


interviewing actor
Interviewing the actor, Edward Harrison who plays the role of Roland

“We often stress out about big decisions that we think are going to be life-changing, when really it’s the small choices we make that change the course of our life. This is what the play explores.”

Source: Singapore Repertory Theatre

If you thought Science and Art were two very different disciplines, Constellations will prove you wrong by showcasing its convergence through a spellbinding love story. Switch up the usual popcorn at the cinemas and try an intellectual yet entertaining play at the theatre about the multiverse for a date night instead. 

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