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6 Space-Saving Kitchen Appliances To Upgrade Your Life & Clean As Little As Possible At Home

Space-saving kitchen appliances

As much as we would like to have every gadget available to make cooking a breeze, most kitchens these days just do not have the room to accommodate them all. The cumbersome machines don’t just take up space, they’re sometimes hard to clean too.

Instead of fussing over large devices that overcrowd tiny counter spaces, keep kitchens spick and span with these six space-saving kitchen appliances:

1. Wells The One – Sleek water purifier with digital display screen

space-saving kitchen appliances - wells the one water dispenser

Getting a drink of water should not have to be a complicated matter. But in reality, this could mean having to juggle ice cube trays for a cold drink or waiting for the kettle to boil to make a cup of tea.

With Wells The One, there’s no need for an extra kettle or water containers that need to be replaced frequently. Unlike many others on the market, this water dispenser measures at just 8.8CM in diameter. It has a digital display screen to easily select preferred water temperatures and even volume needed.

Preset temperatures are also available, with water suitable for coffee (85˚C), tea (70˚C) and baby formula (50˚C) dispensed with just one touch. Other temperatures include warm water (36.5˚C), room temperature (27˚C)  and cold water (6˚C).

Get Wells The One.

2. Bruno Mini Rice Cooker – Chic rice cooker that won’t take up tabletop space 

space-saving kitchen appliances - bruno mini rice cooker
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Unless you’re planning on feeding an army or a fussy family with different rice needs, getting a rice cooker with all the bells and whistles would be a waste of counter space. At just over 20cm in diameter, the tabletop Bruno Mini Rice Cooker is one rice cooker that would fit even in the smallest of kitchen counters.

On its own, it makes enough rice for two to three people at a time. But the appliance can be used in other ways as well, such as for boiling soups for a mini hotpot meal, and even making cakes if you don’t have an oven.

Get the Bruno Mini Rice Cooker.

3. Uringo Multi-purpose Electric Pot – Versatile pot with optional steamer

space-saving kitchen appliances uringo multi purpose electric pot
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For small kitchens, knowing what pots and pans to get is important so as to maximise space and storage. Instead of getting different ones for different purposes, invest in versatile cookware like the Uringo Multi-purpose Electric Pot.

There’s no need for gas canisters, just an electrical outlet to use this pot; simply plug in to start cooking. The pot is suitable for stews, stir-fries, soups and more. Opt for the separate steamer basket that locks on top of the pot to cook multiple dishes at once.

Get the Uringo Multi-purpose Electric Pot.

4. Wacaco Minipresso NS – Portable espresso maker using Nespresso capsules

space-saving kitchen appliances - wacaco
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For night owls who have to subject themselves to society’s standards of being up during the day, espresso shots are a necessity to functioning properly. Getting a coffee machine might be the answer, but they’re bulky and require time to clean and maintain.

The Wacaco Minipresso NS is therefore a wiser choice to get that caffeine fix without having to worry about time-consuming cleaning processes. It’s also small and portable to lug around anywhere you might need a cuppa. As an added convenience, the device uses Nespresso Original capsules, so there’s no need to fiddle with grinding and measuring out coffee beans.

Get the Wacaco Minipresso NS.

5. Xiaomi Mijia Blender – Control blending with smartphone app

space-saving kitchen appliances - xiaomi mijia blender
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Xiaomi Planet

Blenders are an essential kitchen gadget, especially since they can be used to make smoothies, purees, and even stand in as a food processor in a pinch. Bullet blenders are indeed super space savers, but we know the more powerful blenders can be a hefty appliance to have in the kitchen.

There’s no need to compromise on power with the Xiaomi Mijia Blender that has a streamlined build for small kitchens. It has eight blending speeds to pulverise fruits, vegetables, nuts and even ice.

Additionally, the blender’s settings can be remotely controlled via the Mi Home app. Use the app to programme when you want the blender to go off too, so you can wake up to a perfectly-blended smoothie just before heading out the door.

Get the Xiaomi Mijia Blender.

6. Midea Mini Dishwasher – Disinfects dishes and has fruit-washing function

space-saving kitchen appliances - midea mini dishwasher
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Kitchens in new BTO flats can be quite small, and a dishwasher would be a low priority appliance to have. But having to clean up a load of pans and dishes after spending so much time cooking can be frustratingly exhausting.

Washing dishes will be one less household chore to fight over with the Midea Mini Dishwasher. The installation-free kitchen appliance cleans and sterilises crockery for four with hot soapy water in about half an hour. When the dishes are done, the dishwasher has a cool water setting that helps in rinsing fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

Get the Midea Mini Dishwasher.

Upgrading kitchens to clean as little as possible

Many households may feel that water purifiers are an appliance that can be bought after renovations are completed. However, including the plans for installation will mean being able to ensure tight kitchen spaces are utilised to their full potential.

space-saving kitchen appliances (2)

In your next renovation or home upgrade, consider getting the Wells The One water purifier for your kitchen. Apart from its sleek and slim design, the water purifier doesn’t require a tank that encroaches the space on your tabletop too.

space-saving kitchen appliances (3)

There is little to clean with Wells The One. It’s a hygienic alternative to drinking straight from the tap with its nine-step water filtration process for clean drinking water. The water pipes are also self-maintained through its sterilising system that cleans the pipes every three days.

With three colour options of white, red and dark brown, the Wells The One water purifier will fit seamlessly into any kitchen aesthetic too.

Wells The One and other Wells products are now available at the following places:

Wells Showroom
Address: 140 Paya Lebar Road, #03-06, AZ @ Paya Lebar, Singapore 409015
Opening hours: 11AM-8PM, Daily

Wells at Takashimaya
Address: 319A Orchard Road, Basement 1, Takashimaya Department Store, Singapore 238873
Opening hours: 10AM-9.30PM, Daily

Wells at TANGS at Tang Plaza
Address: 310 Orchard Road, Basement 1, Tang Plaza, Singapore 238864
Opening hours: 11.30AM-8.30PM, Daily

Find out more about Wells The One here

This post was brought to you by Wells Singapore.
Photography by Pichan Cruz.
Cover image adapted from ezbuyWacaco