Adelaide: Australia’s best kept secret



I don’t know about you but I sometimes grow tired of the poll-ew-tion and ridiculous peak traffic in Singapore. With the onslaught of claustrophobia that hits you the minute you set foot in the CBD, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find some form of calm on this little red dot. That’s where Adelaide comes into the picture. 

For all you city nomads, it’s time you’re let in on the best hideaway in Australia: Adelaide. Unexpected? While few consider it the go-to on their Australian bucket list, it’s actually chock-full of gems untouched by tourism. This is why we’ve compiled the 11 best things to do to for a complete detox of your hectic life.

 We’re about to reveal some uncharted Australian territory. You ready?


1. Frolic in fields with kangaroos as far as the eye can see


kangaroo south australia

Australia is universally known for these bouncy creatures and their ‘lil pouches… kangaroos! This is why you need to visit the central hub for all things kangaroo – Cleland Wildlife Park. Situated near the top of Mount Lofty Summit, just a 20-minute drive away from mainland Adelaide, this wildlife sanctuary is the perfect getaway for travellers seeking an impressive view of the wild.

From kangaroos and koalas, wallabies and pygmy possums; get up close and personal with Australian wildlife in their natural habitats. Join a pack of animal lovers as you cuddle with your own personal koala, or venture off like a free birdy and spot them all on your own!

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2. Cross the sea on a horse-drawn tram


horse tram

It’s always been a childhood dream of mine to be seated on a horse-drawn carriage, especially during my Cinderella phase. It might not be a carriage, and you’ll probably have to share the ride with a couple others, but this horse-drawn tram at Victor Harbor is as close as you’ll get to fulfilling the fairytale. Here, very chio Clydesdale horses take you along a 630-metre causeway to picturesque Granite Island.

These old school trams which have been around since 1894, also make for a highly insta-worthy photo opportunity. All you need now is a fairy godmother, some talking mice, and you’re good to go!

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3. Scamper with seals at Seal Bay Conservation Park


seal bay walk

Don’t expect any enclosures or cages here. Sitting on the Southern coast of Kangaroo Island, Seal Bay is home to the 3rd largest colony of sea lions in the whole of Australia, and the only place in the world where you’ll get to stand within 10-metres of them.

Along a 1km boardwalk, feast your eyes on an entire herd of sea lions playing, fighting and resting with their pups.

seal face australia

Sea lion selfie, anyone? Once you’ve had your fill, chill with your squad at the nearby Bales Beach. Have a mini picnic party with their barbecue facilities as you watch the sun disappear into the horizon.

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4. Pick (and eat) your own cherries



Cherries are by far, my favourite fruit. Now imagine getting the privilege to pick and eat them at the same time – pure paradise. It would come as a major surprise to many Singaporeans that cherries here are priced at S$2/kg, when we pay quadruple the price back home! Talk about a massive steal.

Not only a great price, but think about the experience you’ll be taking home – hiking through sprawling Gardens of Eden as you pick dew-covered fruit in a fresh, cool climate. Now that’s something worth experiencing.

Check out this Cherry Map for the lowdown on all things cherry-related in South Australia.


5. Get your adrenaline to an all-time high with these extreme outdoor activities


caving australia

Calling all thrill seekers. On Kangaroo Island, you can tour a limestone cave system that has been around since the 1880s. See the fossilized bones of ancient ‘Jurassic Park’ creatures and channel your inner Indiana Jones as you trek your way to the centre of the Earth.

sand boarding australiaSource

If that doesn’t float your boat, why not have a go at sandboarding – yes, sand-boarding – on the sand dune aptly named Mini Sahara or try quad-biking on the island’s cliff tops. For any water nymphs, have your fill of guided kayaking tours along the gorgeous meandering Harriet River.

Get your blood pumping with these daring outdoor activities as you take in the breathtaking views that Kangaroo Island has to offer.

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6. View South Australia from a bird’s eye view


barossa valley

In the words of Aladdin, “A whole new world. A new fantastic point of view.” 

Instead of a magic carpet, prepare to encounter the beautiful stretch of Barossa in a hot air balloon. Unlike popular sites for the activity like Cappadocia in Turkey, you won’t have to put up with a hundred of other tourists in hot air balloons obstructing your view.

Even if you have a chronic fear of heights, I guarantee the stomach jitters will go away as soon as you gaze at the beauty below you. Every journey begins at 4am, right before sunrise. Your lack of sleep will be rewarded with a sight so breathtaking, you’ll never want to settle for another Singapore sunrise ever again.


7. Bike your way around beautiful vineyards


biking mclaren vale asian

You might be in for some wining and dining, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be packing on the pounds. Ditch the tour buses, and throw your worries to the wind with a leisurely cycle around some of the world’s oldest vineyards.

The bike tour is suitable for amateurs and doesn’t require you to have participated in the Tour de France. Along the way, make a pit stop at a nearby vineyard for Shiraz wine and cheese to appease your famished stomach. 

Discover all the possible biking routes available at McLaren Vale here. You’re welcome.


8. Shoot that one-in-a-lifetime sans the crowd at their pink lake


pink lake tailem bend

Scrolling through our tumblr feeds, we all know that Australia is famous for their pink lakes, especially those in Perth. But what many don’t know is, that a huge one exists just off the Princes Highway in South Australia.

pink lake australia girl

Painted a beautiful strawberry-milk as a result of the high concentration of a special type of algae found in the waters, Tailem Bend’s Pink Lake promises that Gary Pepper Girl-esque shot sans the crowd.

No signage is provided so you need to keep your eyes peeled for this insta-sensation.


9. Put your fears to the test and dive alongside Great White Sharks


shark tank south australia

We’ve all seen clips of the film, Jaws, at some point in our lives. And as threatening as these majestic creatures are, we can’t help but want to be close to them. If you’re look for that death-defying experience swimming with these swift killers sans the flesh eating catastrophe, Adelaide will deliver.

From 6.30am, hop on board the MV Calypso Star II that’ll take you to the vast open waters for your meet and greet. Enclosed in a metal-wire cage, literally shake hands (or fins) with the ginormous Great White Sharks of the Southern Ocean.

shark tank close up

This tour uses bait to attract sharks, so you are confirmed a sighting and a scare. This whole day’s journey will be worth your money with this experience of a lifetime.

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10. Snooze comfortably amongst flora and fauna


hanson bay sanctuary

Whoever said camping was limited to just uncomfortable sleeping bags and creepy cricket noises, certainly hasn’t visited the Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary. Each cabin boasts spectacular views of the rugged coast and Southern ocean straight from your bedside. 

Travel the road less travelled by hiking in and out from your cabin along a private beach trail. When you’re that close to passing out from sheer exhaustion, treat yo’self to some RnR with the coastal view and a cold glass of Aussie wine.

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11. Walk the coastline to the Remarkable Rocks & Admiral Arch


remarkable rocks

Don’t leave South Australia without paying a visit to the Remarkable Rocks and Admiral Arch. These landforms have been formed from thousands of years of wind, rain and crashing waves. Not such an easy job.

admiral arch

Our Little Guilin in Singapore is basic at best compared to these geological marvels which you can’t miss from miles away. The coastline walk is particularly breathtaking, and if you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of elusive New Zealand fur seals along the way. Double score.


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