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Brace yourself, techies. SITEX, Singapore’s one and only lifestyle IT exhibition, is back for its 30th edition and bigger than ever. On top of being a one-stop technology marketplace, SITEX is also the place to be if you wanna discover how IT transforms your day-to-day activities. 

From gamers and globetrotters to fitness buffs, you’d be surprised how technology makes everything easier. Happening 22nd – 25th November 2018 at Singapore EXPO Halls 5 and 6, expect a slew of tech-based things to see, buy, and experience.


Real Gamers and Online Junkies Zone: Gaming mouse, monitors and chairs


Whether you’re a casual gamer or a seasoned eSports player, the sheer range of gaming tech available at SITEX will have your head spinning. 

aftershock gaming mouse and monitorAftershock essentials: the M1 Gaming Mouse and the PRISM+ X315 Gaming Monitor . Click for more info on the ultimate Aftershock gaming setup, including the Omnidesk and MX-15 Base Configuration.

Be it console likes Microsoft’s Xbox One or PC favourites like Aftershock, they’ve decked out the area with high-speed internet and accessories. Enjoy special discounts onsite at SITEX, with prices slashed from that of regular stores. 

sitex samsung gaming consoleImage credit: @sitex2018

Partnering with GAM3.ASIA’s Omen Community Challenge, SITEX is hosting its very first eSports Tournament, where players will get to compete in favourites like DOTA 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile.

sitex gaming Image credit: @sitex2018

Experience the ‘then’ and ‘now’ of gaming by trying your hand at old-school console games your parents probably grew up playing. From Sega, Atari and Nintendo N64s to today’s PlayStation, Xbox and mobile platforms, it’ll be a nostalgic blast to the past.

secretlab softweave chairStay comfy for hours of gaming with Secretlab’s newly-launched SoftWeave™ fabric series, inspired by streetwear, courtesy of Secretlab. Original price: $650, SITEX price $499.
Image credit: Secretlab

sylvia and julianImages adapted from: @juliantaytm and @sylsylnoc

Great news for YouTube fans: There’ll be a meet and greet session with Aurelia, Sylvia and Julian from the Night Owl Cinematics. Highlights include a one-on-one interview session plus photo taking opportunities to commemorate the fanmeet. Love listening to Y.E.S. 93.3FM? Here’s your chance to meet some of your favourite DJs: Hazelle, Henry, Mei Gui and Kun Hua. 

Besides getting up close and personal with fans, the stars will also be playing games to win big from a prize pool of over $1000. Register for a spot at the Night Owl Cinematics’ fan meet now. Click here to find out more. 


Travel Tech and Active Fit Zone: Kickstarter holiday essentials you can try


If you’ve been consumed by wanderlust, the travel tech options at SITEX will ensure a smooth journey no matter where your adventures take you.

travel tech minimalist walletImage credit: We The People

Funded by Kickstarter, We The People offer some of the most unique to solve common travelling woes.

Travel light with the Haru Minimalist Wallet ($49.90), a successful Kickstarter project that provides Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) protection. With a capacity to store cash and up to 8 cards, it also has 2 hidden “ninja” slots where you can slide your card out and tap for payment.

For those who love hitting the gym, Quiver has a Multi-Bag ($97) designed with athletes and sports professionals in mind that will solve your fitness packing needs. It’s extra roomy so you won’t have to worry about cramming in large objects like sports shoes or boxing gloves. 

quiver v2Image adapted from: We The People

There are also waterproof compartments with touch screen accessible linings, meaning you can still use your phone through the bag while having a post-workout shower! 

Other brands that are included in the Travel Tech zone include CASIO and Wow! Gadgets.

casio pro trek watchImage credit: Digital Trends

CASIO, showcasing their latest smart watches, such as the Pro Trek WSD-F30 and WSD-F20, which come in orange, blue and black. A newer version will be launched at SITEX 2018, where you’ll be able to pre-order them ahead of everyone else. 

Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd supplies automotive gadgets and security products specialized in dashcams, power solutions, driver monitoring systems with trusted services and customized solutions based on your needs and requirement.

qwoo hd dashboard recorderImage credit: Amazon

At SITEX, they’ll be showcasing their multi-channels drive video recorders and power solutions for parking mode. 


Portable Audio Zone: Affordable and high quality earpiece and headsets


Be enlightened of the difference between proper, high-quality audio devices as compared to that $2 cutesy earpiece that provides nothing but ear torture. The Portable Audio Zone lets you test drive entry-level headphones boasting quality sound at hard-to-beat prices. 

v moda forza metallo wirelessV-MODA Forza Metallo Wireless. Original price: $229, SITEX price: S$189 (Image credit: Digital Trends)

v moda crossfade 2 V-MODA Crossfade 2 Wireless. Original price: S$449, SITEX price: S$399 (Image credit: Digital Trends)

For true blue audiophiles, there are medium to high-end headsets with features like noise cancellation and wireless technology so you can have a customised, eargasmic experience.

AV One will be showcasing their True Wireless Earphones, their Wireless & Wired Earphone, and the Digital Audio Player. 

shure headphonesImage credit: Headphones 100

Brands such as SHURE will also be showcased at SITEX 2018. Providing sound isolating earphones that deliver rich sound quality, SHURE is known as a brand trusted by professional DJs. 


Win big with two lucky draws


In case you needed another push to splurge on all the tech goodies you’ve set your sights on, every receipt with a minimum purchase of $100 entitles you to one entry at the sure-win Mystery Box daily draw.

6d5n trip to paris

The same $100 expenditure also counts as one entry to the Grand Lucky Draw, which is a smashing 6D5N trip to Paris sponsored by GoNative. Terms and conditions apply.

recycle old electronics

Save the earth and win big at the same time with the Throwback 30! Campaign. If you have a hoarding tendency, bring forth all your old tech gadgets to be recycled at SITEX. From GameBoys to that trusty Nokia P30 1988, recycling entitles you to an exclusive Pandora Box prize. Some items you could win include mini figurines of the GameBoy JoyCon Thumb drive, the Banana Boat Phone and even the iconic ThinkPad. 

The first 30 participants will walk away with prizes while 5 lucky winners will be entitled to an exclusive Pandora Box worth $200.


SITEX 2018: Singapore’s biggest Lifestyle IT exhibition 


You’ve waited all year, and this special 30th edition of SITEX is not to be missed. Be it certified techies or even newbies just looking to discover the latest gadgets on the market, strolling through the various zones will leave you bewildered.

sitex 2018 banner

There seems to be no limit to the way that technology can enhance our lives, and the selection at SITEX certainly has all the bases covered. Pssst…Keep an eye out for the Smart Home and Living Zone where a #madebyGoogle experience will be introduced.

If you’re on the prowl for a refreshed appliance to replace an old model or want to venture into something entirely new, swing by and let the seasoned vendors recommend something tailored to your needs.

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