Singaporeans Try The Whisper Challenge


You saw our lips become innocent casualties in the sadistic Spicy Noodle Challenge last week. Now, we’re back with a vengeance and burning resolve to ace the Whisper Challenge. Somewhat.  


Man is given five senses, nearly all of which can be used to communicate with one another. Based on scientific research, only 7% of communication is verbal. Pretty small percentage, right? So we decided to put that statement to the test.

This is how the whisper challenge works. While one contestant stays plugged into heavy metal at unhealthy audio levels, another attempts to convey a message solely through the mouthing of words. 

Watch as frustration ensues, bringing out ridiculous reactions from our contestants. From screaming out loud to getting lost in each other’s eyes, we completely lose it. 

If you’re into saliva spewing, miscommunication or watching us fail badly in general, don’t miss out on this week’s episode of Singaporeans Try!

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