Telegram stickers packs with Singlish and Singaporean inside jokes


Singaporean Telegram sticker packs

Gone is the era of Whatsapp’s monopolic reign – tons of free messaging apps have sprung up across the web. Telegram’s one of the most popular ones yet, and for good reason too – other than special hacks and groups/bots that’ll help make your life easier, it’s also got a truckload of cute sticker packs available for you to better-express yourself. 

Here are some of the best stickers that reflect the true spirit of our Little Red Dot:   


1. OCS Journey 



Here’s one for all the Singaporean sons trudging through their time in the Midshipman Wing. Time to act cute and send these to bae in exchange for boundless affection when you’re stuck in camp!  

Download OCS Journey here.


2. BB Never Tell 


BB telegram stickers

Here’s another set featuring BB, this time not just limited to dudes in a particular army vocation. With so many variations in pack, BB confirm find something for almost every situation.

Download BB Never Tell here.


3. SG Lang 


SG tele stickers

SG slang takes on an adorable twist with these illustrations. The next time you feel like throwing shade at a friend, don’t hesitate to use this sticker pack and ask them to go fly kite

Download SG Lang here.


4. PM of SG, LHL 



I mean, who can ever get Hsien of our cool PM? 

Download PM of SG, LHL here.


5. Singlish 


SG slang

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself chuckling out loud at the stroke of genius in this sticker pack.

Download Singlish here.


6. Losted 



Your starter pack to unleashing your inner ah lian/ah beng. ‘Nuff said. 

Download Losted here.


7. Kuehkueh  


Kueh Kueh

To be honest, this sticker set is pretty useless. But hey – who can resist the inkuehdible temptation of these local delights, right?   

Download Kuehkueh here.


8. GE 2015 


GE 2015

This sticker pack is for you, in a sense that… it’s also for me. It’s for us! Thumbs up man

Download GE 2015 here.


9. :/


Sun Ho

Sun Ho fans – aka half the SG population – rejoice! Now you can have these flattering images of your fave artiste right in your phone. Xiaxue version included.  

Download :/ here.


10. By @jillehdoodles 


SG telegram stickers

Let us take some time to admire the typography here. Spice up your conversations with these vibrant stickers reminiscent of watercolour calligraphy instead of using just mundane words as per usual. 

Download By @jillehdoodles here .


No more awkward silence with these Singaporean Telegram stickers 


The next time you’re struggling to keep a monotonous convo going on Telegram, just whip out a sassy sticker or two and you’ll find yourself sustaining the spark for much longer. If you’ve found yourself smiling at a couple of the ones showcased above, do share them with your friends just for the LOLs!

 Know of any other uniquely Singaporean sticker packs? Share them with us the comments below!

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