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b2ap3_thumbnail_sakura-singapore.jpgSource: Instagram – @ministryofprint

I’m sure we’ve all seen the beautiful pink and white flowers carpeting our roads and fields in the recent weeks. Even if you’ve been living under a rock, or have been hiding in the comfort of your home to escape from the unrelenting heat, scrolling through your Instagram feed would have informed you of these glorious sightings. 

In fact, I double-checked the location to confirm that my friends weren’t posting these pictures from Japan, but from Singapore. It really is pretty spectacular. I mean, I had expected this:

But what I saw on my screen was this:
Transformed Tree

And then my Instafeed just surprised me further the more I scrolled, because can you believe it…


This is Singapore! I’m sure we all had this thought running through our heads: “Don’t need to go to Japan to see Sakura anymore.”

While these flowers are not truly the authentic Cherry Blossoms that symbolise the ephemeral nature of life, they do resemble them. They come from the Trumpet Trees and Mempat Trees, and have been boasting pink and white blossoms as a result of the crazy dry spells and sudden downpours in Singapore. Well, at least we’ve gained something beautiful out of the erratic weather we’ve been experiencing recently. The next thing we know, we could be drinking sake and feasting in a field of “Sakura”.

To help you capture this moment, we’ve put together a list of places you can go to catch a glimpse of this unexpected phenomenon. It may never happen in Singapore again so here’s a list of places you can go to right now to check them out!


1. Gardens by the Bay


b2ap3_thumbnail_43_20140410-073227_1.jpgSource: Gardens by the Bay Official Facebook Page


2. Pasir Ris Drive 1


b2ap3_thumbnail_28_20140410-065056_1.jpgSource: Nori Ishmael


3. Sembawang Avenue


b2ap3_thumbnail_29_20140410-065247_1.jpgSource: Anne Yong


4. Tampines Street 21


b2ap3_thumbnail_30_20140410-065401_1.jpgSource: Nazreen Shakeel


5. Changi Business Park


b2ap3_thumbnail_31_20140410-065602_1.jpgSource: Apoorva Desikachar


6. Bedok Road


b2ap3_thumbnail_32_20140410-065746_1.jpgSource: Nori Ishmael


7. Woodlands Street 32


b2ap3_thumbnail_33_20140410-065947_1.jpgSource: Gordon Wong


8. Old Chua Chu Kang Road (Opposite Home Team Academy)


b2ap3_thumbnail_36_20140410-070958_1.jpgSource: Bin Hee Kwee


9. Toa Payoh Estate


b2ap3_thumbnail_34_20140410-070152_1.jpgSource: Eugene Sng


10. Sembawang Park


b2ap3_thumbnail_35_20140410-070727_1.jpgSource: Lee Siew Peng


11. Old Holland Road


b2ap3_thumbnail_37_20140410-071240_1.jpgSource: Oh Chew Hiang


12. Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park


b2ap3_thumbnail_39_20140410-071700_1.jpgSource: Lufang Wang


13. Warren Country Club


b2ap3_thumbnail_40_20140410-071952_1.jpgSource: Adeline Chang


14. Katong Road


b2ap3_thumbnail_41_20140410-072146_1.jpgSource: Gregory Chan


15. Robertson Quay


b2ap3_thumbnail_42_20140410-072937_1.jpgSource: Ed Cheong/ Facebook 


16. Telok Blangah Hill Park, Stream Garden



Credits: Simon Soh


After Spring… comes Autumn


Japan has their own Cherry Blossom Association, and with the unpredictable climate change these days, we could very well be opening Singapore’s very own association in the near future! 

I’m just kidding. But do note that the peak period of “spring” has passed and we are very well near the end of this season. So if you still want to catch a glimpse of these beautiful flowers, do it quick!

b2ap3_thumbnail_44.jpgSource: David Chang/ Facebook – Outram Park

In fact, autumn has already arrived at Outram Park. You know, if you’re unable to catch spring, autumn’s not so bad either. Singapore, you keep surprising me!


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