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Halloween Costumes SG Edition - Cover Image

10 SG-Edition Halloween Costume Ideas In 2023 To Pay Tribute To This Year’s Icons & Memes

Singapore Halloween Costume Ideas 2023

And just like that, October’s almost done and dusted. However, there’s still time to get up to some hijinks at the many Halloween events in Singapore. If you’re hoping to win the coveted “Best Dressed” award at those joints, you’ll want to peep this list of Halloween costumes ideas, courtesy of 2023’s local trends. 

1. Ticket scalpers – For the opportunistic businessmen

Taylor Swift Concert
Image credit: Must Share News 

Ticket scalpers have caught so much flak this year, and justly so. With big names like Taylor Swift and Coldplay drawing hoards to the National Stadium, ticketing sites have been ransacked by scalpers to make a quick buck. 

Trash Can
Image credit: Rasta Imposta via Amazon

This leaves fans with the conundrum of deciding between paying a premium for tickets or to watch National Stadium concerts from the outside. For forcing our hand, this costume is dedicated to all voice-modulated, mosaic-faced scalpers out there. 

If you’re a bit more of a sadist, you can also remind people of their unpleasant booking experiences by parading around with a printout of the Ticketmaster site, plastered with a huge “sold-out” sticker across the front.

2. Pop Mart box – If opening blind boxes is not enough

Pop Mart BoxImage credit: @s_hwnn & @macbarnett via Instagram

Although the year is coming to an end, the blind box hype is showing no signs of slowing down. Should you still be looking for Pop Mart tips and hacks to snag a glorified paperweight, manifest your favourite designs by dressing up as one.

All you need is a huge cardboard box, paint, a Pop Mart box to reference from, and you’ll have hoards of people clamouring to break you open and see what’s inside. Bonus points if you’re heading out as a Halloween-themed series.

3. Investigation Officer – Put your spoken Mandarin to the test

Investigation Officer
Image adapted from: @用户2440550371312 via Douyin

A certain stern and steely investigation officer has recently captivated many with not only her professional conduct, but also her excellent command of Mandarin. To harness her intolerance for BS, throw on a brown short-sleeved blazer and a pair of specs, while only choosing to converse in fluent Mandarin.

Also, refuse to flip your lanyard to show any sort of identification; the hard-nosed mug is enough to let everyone know you mean business. It’s a rather easy last-minute outfit to throw together – but if your Mandarin CMI, then we’d recommend choosing another costume. 

4. Mixue & Douyin mascots – Iconic fight in Paya Lebar

Douyin Frog Meets Mixue Masoct
The duo has had quite a few fateful encounters outside Paya Lebar Square throughout 2023.
Image adapted from: @zuxianchong via TikTok

You can’t really say you’ve been to a Halloween party without bumping into one of those huggable, inflatable costumes. Our picks this year include the endearing Douyin Frog, along with his sworn enemy, Mixue’s roving mascot. 

Although it may be a little too late to order one from Shopee, you can fashion a makeshift costume just by putting on a green spandex suit paired with the frog’s emblematic blue necktie. By the way, be sure to practice the frog’s iconic salute for full immersion.

If you wanna go twinsies with a friend, drench one of those inflatable fat suits in white paint, top it off with a crown, and you’ve got your Mixue mascot to go with their Douyin Frog.

5. Girl Math – Whip out the calculators from school days

Girl Math
Image adapted from: @chloeabeth4545 via TikTok

Some may shun believers of girl math, but deep down, we’re all guilty of rationalising slap-happy spending at one point in our lives. For a hassle-free costume, dust off the Casio calculators that once helped you solve the hardest PSLE math questions, and try to coerce others into the same cult of deluded accounting. 

You can even double up with a friend. Ask them to bust out the Cartier Love bracelet and Van Cleef 20-motif necklace. The stay-at-home daughter and girl math duo is one that’ll never stray far from each other, or from ION Orchard, for that matter. 

6. National runner Shanti Pereira – Put your FBTs to good use

Singapore Halloween Costumes - Shanti Pereira
If you’re feeling extra patriotic, pack a Singapore flag to parade around as well.
Image credit: @v_shantipereira via Instagram

Some people love running while others avoid it like the plague. For an instantly recognisable costume this spooky season, you can borrow inspiration from Shanti Pereira’s remarkable run in the 19th Asian Games. You’ll want to throw on an athletic tank top along with a pair of your comfiest FBTs.

Without forgetting the footwear, opt for a pair of vivid pink kicks as those were the ones spotted on the runner’s feet as she clinched the gold medal in the 200m at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

7. Katong cyclist – The bane of every driver’s existence

Singapore Halloween Costumes - Katong Cyclist
Image adapted from: Singapore Incidents via Youtube

You’ll find no shortage of mishaps happening on the roads of Singapore. This year, pay homage to the neon-clad cyclist who found herself on the bonnet of a car after an altercation with a driver in Katong.

Simply come dressed in a luminescent, yellow cycling compression shirt along with a blue helmet and you’re good to go. You can even craft a makeshift car bonnet out of cardboard for dramatic effect, and don’t forget the never-say-die attitude.

8. Orchard Road fashion photographer – To capture the mmrs

Orchard Road Fashion
Perhaps you can tape a huge “Orchard Road” road sign if the costume’s not telling enough.
Image credit: Must Share News

With everyone dressed to the nines at Halloween events, there has to be someone to document their fits. You can kill 2 birds with one stone if you come dressed as the mysterious Orchard Road fashion photographer. In case you didn’t know, his name’s Sky and his getup is a tad more mellow than the ones he snaps in the CBD.

So, don’t go too crazy on the outfit, but the props are important for this one – you have to come equipped with a DSLR fitted with a massive zoom lens. Though we hope the camera’s not just for show, as you’ll be the designated photographer for the night. 

9. Oppenheimer – For “movie buffs”

Singapore Halloween Costumes - Oppenheimer
Image credit: @
teadrunktailor via Instagram

Even if we can’t exude the same charisma as Cillian Murphy during his portrayal of Robert Oppenheimer, we can at least try to look the part. You can emulate the physicist’s vintage vibe by donning a similar 1940s-style suit in a sombre grey or brown – and don’t forget the fedora. 

You can also borrow your girlfriend’s makeup to contour your cheekbones for Cillian’s sculpted cheekbones. To really sell the actor’s hypnotic gaze, put on your bluest contacts and you’ll find no shortage of people getting lost in those ocean eyes.

Remember to take all your photos in black and white, topped off with your very own K-6 security badge pinned to a lapel.

10. Barbie & Ken – Costume for the PDA couple

Singapore Halloween Costumes - Barbie Movie
Image credit: @
ricetugo via Instagram

For those who marathoned Barbenheimer, you know we can’t leave out Christopher Nolan’s cloyingly pink antithesis. In essence, Barbie can be anything; you could show up to parties as a vet, doctor, or even the president. Just make sure you’re swathed magenta-pink, and keep in mind that it’s blasphemous to let your heels touch the ground. 

Barbie And KenKen only has eyes for Barbie, so stick on some heart-shaped cut outs and go wherever she goes.
Image adapted from: Warner Bros. Pictures via Youtube

If Oppie’s post-war existential crisis proves to be too much of a downer, pair Barbie with Ken instead. Slap on some spray tan, undo the buttons of your Hawaiian shirt, and get ready to profess your undying love via a beachside dance-off. After all, she’s everything, and you’re just Ken. 

Singapore costume inspirations for Halloween 2023

In the good spirit of Halloween, take this chance to really let loose before you get caught up with the EOY rush to meet work quotas. We say go all out with these costume inspirations; when else can you don a literal cardboard box or a goofy-looking frog, and be lauded for it at the same time? 

For some Halloween events to hit when you’re fully suited up:

Cover image adapted from: @sgvirality via YouTube, @chloeabeth4545 via TikTok, Warner Bros. Pictures