Siloso Beach: SG’s Most “Happening” Beach With Beach Clubs, Bungee Jumping & Giant Ziplines

Sentosa’s Siloso Beach

Ask any Singaporean what the best beach is in Singapore and chances are, you’ll get Sentosa’s Siloso Beach quite a bit. With a strip of fine white sand coupled with a myriad of things to do, it’s no wonder that it’s a favourite among both locals and tourists. 

Powdery sands for the biggest beach bums

The coastlines of Singapore don’t have the natural vast expanse of beaches that bless the Maldives or Bali, but you’ll notice that Siloso Beach is layered with a blanket of powdery, fine white sand that you can’t find elsewhere in the country. That’s because most of it is imported and artificially filled up to give the place a dreamy, chio “holiday” experience.

Lay out your beach towel and build up a good tan, or play a couple of rounds of volleyball with your friends at the free Siloso Beach Court. When the sky’s clear, do yourself a favour and grab a bag of snacks and bubble tea from the nearby VivoCity for a picnic by the sea.

Bungee jumping, beach clubs and seaside hotels

The waters are relatively clear and great for taking a dip – unless it’s jellyfish season. But if you’d prefer to dip your toes into more thrilling activities instead, look no further than AJ Hackett. Located along the beach, it’s where you can rev up your adrenaline levels by bungee jumping or taking a giant swing ride from 50M up in the air. 

Mega Adventure also lies in the vicinity, featuring a giant 450M-long zipline that puts our childhood flying foxes to shame. It whizzes you from a nearby hill to one of the little man-made islands offshore, connected back to the beach by a bridge. 

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Rumours Beach Club 

Of course not all of us will jump at the idea of thrilling activities. If lazing the day away on a deck chair or swimming in an infinity pool sounds closer to your idea of fun, there’s Rumours Beach Club, originating from Bali, which flexes three pools on its grounds.

On the other hand, Ola Beach Club next door offers sea sports like kayaking, along with tiki-themed cocktails to sip on as you catch the sunset. 

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Too much of a good thing isn’t always bad. If you can’t get enough of Siloso Beach, don’t just spend a day there. There are many hotels lined up along the shoreline, with rooms featuring panoramic views of the sea. Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa lies right at the edge of the beach for a more private experience and is chock-full of activities from sea sport rentals to an in-house water playground for children.

Visit Siloso Beach for a chill day out

Here’s a random fun fact that may surprise you: Siloso was this close to being turned into a nude beach. Former PM Lee Kuan Yew proposed the idea to boost tourism in Singapore back in the 1990s, but needless to say, the other ministers veto-ed the idea. 

Nevertheless, we’re more than happy that what was once a blank canvas of an empty island has evolved into what it is today; and for many of us who miss our overseas escapades, this spot cuts pretty close to a proper getaway. 

Currently, the number of people allowed on the beach is limited to 100-350 for safe distancing during weekends. You can make a reservation ahead of time on Sentosa’s website to secure a slot, and avoid queuing up to enter. 

Getting there: Take the Sentosa Express from VivoCity and alight at Beach Station. Siloso Beach is a 5-minute walk away.

For more things to do in and around Sentosa:

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