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13 Signs You Know You’re Truly Malaysian

What makes us Malaysian?


Ever wondered what makes us Malaysians stand out from the rest of the world? What makes us so unique? Maybe because we have so many little holidays in a year.

You’ve probably seen “Cuti-cuti Malaysia” commercials on your television or came across the “Malaysia Boleh” slogan and that’s how you came to know about our little country. Actually, I believe it is our habits and actions, be it good or bad (or silly).

Here are some significant habits that really defines us Malaysians.


1. Yellow means speed up



I’m pretty sure we all acknowledge that yellow means slow down. Despite so, most Malaysians (myself included) accelerate instead of slowing down. Why? Because some of us are kiasu while for others its a hard-to-die habit.


2. Kiasu-ism



For those who do not know what kiasu is, it means afraid to lose. Much like the Singaporeans, we Malaysians possess a tad bit of kiasu-ism too. The kiasu habits include cutting queue on the road, parents comparing grades and the list goes on.


3. The infamous ‘lah’ slang


The Malaysian slang or Manglish can only be understood by our own and our closest neighbouring countries such as Singapore. Here is another that cracked me up.


4. Generally, we are freeloaders



Hacking others’ WiFi, stocking up free samples at home and who knows what else.


5. We all suka sangat guna Bahasa rojak



The term ‘Rojak’ bears the meaning mixture in Malay. Rojak is a traditional fruit and vegetable salad commonly found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Due to Malaysia being multiracial, we not only fuse the Malay and English language but other combinations such as English and Cantonese as well.


6. We are smartphone addicts


Need I say more?


7. We have mastered the text while driving skill



However, due to the existence of social network we also Whatsapp and Facebook while driving.


8. Before we eat, we say grace



by taking pictures of our food and posting them on Instagram.


9. In addition to kiasu…


we (Malaysians) are also very kiam siap. Also, we NEVER leave tips.

“Hah? What tip ah?”


10. The power of “The Hand”



Its various functions include expressing gratitude and the ability to cross the roads with ease.


11. We daily-double-park



On the curbs, sidewalks, grass. Anywhere is good for us.


12. We are almost always late



Better late than never, right? Meetups, assignments, class, etcetera.


13. We complain. A lot



When toll price increase, we complain. When petrol price increase, we complain. RM 10 for Starbucks coffee, “Wah, so cheap ah?”.


Just for fun!


Ta-da! These are what we think makes us Malaysian. It’s all in fun so don’t get us wrong, we are very proud to be Malaysian! Can you think of any other traits that we Malaysians possess? Do let us know in the comments below!