Shopee and Save – The Beauty Sale of the Year



New seasons call for keeping up with the trends – that means a full-blown makeup haul! Whether you already blush in three different shades of pink or have a ten-step skincare routine, here are ten highly raved about products to add to your hoard this coming 29th February. Pampering yourself on this special day that appears once every four years is totally justified; even if you bomb the bank, it won’t happen again for the next four, right?



1. Biore Makeup Remover Wipes



Usual price: $4.00
Sale price: $1.16

While it seems wasteful to spend on removing all that precious makeup you spent an hour perfecting, there’s no horror movie more realistic than watching your eyelashes fall out because your mascara decided to stay true to its “waterproof smudgeproof oil-proof” function.

Have no fear – the world’s best makeup remover now comes in an even lazier version: wipe form. Say goodbye to the days of multiple cotton swabs and black-eye mornings, and hello to free skin in a single swipe.

Daily essentials cannot be missed out on, so seize the chance to stock up now.


2. SK-II Eye Mask



Usual Price: $7.00
Sale Price: $2.03

If your impression of SK-II is that only rich taitais in their thirties use it, you’re missing out on some good stuff. This is the mask to use when you look like death after rushing that assignment; watch it uplift the designer bags under your eyes for just $2.


3. 3 Concept Eyes Brush Kit



Usual Price: $32.90
Sale Price: $9.54

Anything from 3CE will have Korean makeup fans squealing, and this brush set is no exception. Famous for their rainbow-coloured lipsticks and cream blushes which can be tricky to apply, 3CE’s professional starter brush kit will save you from all that patting and blending. As the makeup sista of Stylenanda, Korea’s hipster fashion brand, 3CE holds its own in the price department, which makes this sale price of $9.54 just phenomenal.


4. Innisfree Capsule Mask



Usual price: $3.00
Sale price: $0.87

Love the mask, hate the waiting. Twenty minutes of lying down and trying not to move your lips can be more stressful than you’d like, and accidentally dozing off is always a possibility. If you’ve ever wished to go to sleep and wake up with amazing skin, Innisfree’s Capsule Sleeping Mask is the number one lazybum essential for you. At less than $1 for an eight-hour facial spa, who can pass it up?


5. Biore Nose Pack



Usual Price: $4.00
Sale Price: $1.16

No girl has lived her teen years without hearing about or trying this product. A staple for all youths trudging through the pathway of puberty, this is the product that will save you on mornings when you wake up with a miniature Bukit Timah hill growing on your nose. Plus, the refreshing cherry blossom fragrance makes the eeky part of removing the nose pack so much more bearable. For something as essential as a plaster for your face, $1.16 is peanuts, girlfriend.


6. Kose Lotion Mask



Usual Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $3.48

If Snow White ever revealed her beauty secrets, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’d been using this mask the whole time. Dubbed one of the best whitening and hydrating masks in the high-end market, this product aims to revive dull skin and boost moisture, giving you that radiant inner glow.

Imagine waking up to a face that looks like it’s been through several Meitu skin-perfecting filters – now that’s what we’re talking about. To-die-for skin with just a $3.48 mask? Time to buy one for all seven dwarves.


7. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer



Usual price: $19.90
Sale price: $5.77

There’s no other concealer that looks and works like the Eraser on the Paint tool than the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. If you’ve always had the problem of cakey concealers or can’t blend to save your life, this sponge applicator will save you from looking pasty or worse – like you forgot to remove that skin-coloured eye mask before you left the house.

Sold exclusively in selected beauty stores for $19.90, this price of $5.77 is impossible to skip out on.


8. Etude House Color My Brows



Usual price: $12.90
Sale price: $3.74

There’s mascara, and now there’s…browcara? This is for the girls with rainbows in their hair; you no longer have to deliberate over dyeing your brows to match your hair when you can just coat your brows with one-day colour. Plus, it also texturises your brows, keeping the crayon-brows at bay. Brows on fleek? Check. Price dirt cheap? Hell yeah!


9. Original Source Shower Scrub



Usual Price: $19.50
Sale Price: $5.66

Everyone loves a whiff of vanilla and raspberry down the hallways, especially when we’re surrounded by muggy weather and sweaty people 24/7. An all-organic natural scrub with crushed fruit seeds for exfoliation, UK’s Original Source shower scrub is bound to make you feel like you’re bathing in berry juice – every fruit lover’s dream. It’s not hard to tell which is worth more, a punnet of raspberries or this shower scrub with 82 raspberries.


10. Ubersuave Hair Pomade



Usual Price: $24
Sale Price: $6.96

It’s not all about us girls; boys have a share in the aesthetics game too. Look fresh and funky with this hair styling pomade that’s not your typical gel, but a special wax that dries completely matte – perfect for that effortless tousle. Now you can have hair that’s on point all day without looking like you even spent ten minutes in front of the mirror.

Guys, fabulous hair comes at the cheap price of $6.


29th Feb, 29% Prices with Shopee


Broke girl no more – there is a way to score all these gems without busting the bank or cashing out all your CNY angpaos. Shopping app Shopee is having a FLASH SALE on leap day this year, and it’s bigger than any discount you’ve ever seen.


In lieu of the elusive 29th Feb that comes once every four years, these products will be going for 29% of their original price. Do the math – that equates to a jaw-dropping 71% discount!


Before you set your alarm at 12am to head down for the stakeout, you’ll be relieved to know that Shopee is a mobile shopping app. That means no physical shoving to get the best loot; you can engage in the ‘Add To Cart’ battle on your cellphone while on the daily commute to work or school.

Wave goodbye to leaps of faith over real versus fake products too – all products are brand new and shipped from authentic suppliers. Also, until your loot reaches you, Shopee holds on to your payment, which means no shady suppliers can cheat you with “lost” mails. Take that, blogshop trolls!

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