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Is It Practical To Suit Up For A Day In Singapore’s Sweltering Heat? Singaporeans Try: EP 52

Let’s Suit Up!


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In The Smart Local’s office, it’s dress-down Friday, every day of the week except for #TSLTeamThemedThursdays, where we dress up in theme. Other than that, we’re almost always in t-shirts, shorts, and slippers. Comfort is definitely our greatest perks of having a job in TSL.

So we wondered, what would it be like to dress like the fully suited-up men of Raffles Place? 

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We finally got the memo to finally get suited up for a day from Barney Stinson’s No.1 life policy: “Suit up!”. If solely suiting up can boost a person’s confidence to the level of that of Barney Stinson, everyone should try it out! With that in mind, we sent Jonathan, Thomas, Fauzi, and Chris to Topman to have their outfits personally picked and styled.

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The challenge for this episode started the moment they got off their beds. The TSL guys were told to put on their suits and travel to work as they usually do. That means no taxis! 

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Commuting from the office to our nearest market for lunch (10 minute walk each way!) is a daily struggle. But what happens when they do it while battling the heat? 

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Join us in the suiting up experience and find out what went down through the day!

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