Murdering Pumpkins For Halloween


What do Singaporeans know about Halloween? Other than the crazy costumes and booze-filled parties, Halloween is actually steeped in tradition in the Western world. Since Halloween is around the corner and Singapore is starting to catch on to the Halloween craze, we decided to try out one of these very traditions on the latest episode of Singaporeans Try – carving Jack O’ Lanterns! 

Many of us know that Jack O’ Lanterns are part and parcel of Halloween. But I can safely say that none of us have actually tried carving pumpkins before. And unfortunately, this was obvious from the way we were handling the knives. 

Watch the video below to see which team’s pumpkin made the “cut.” And to see if any of our fingers got chopped off in the process. Now, remember kids – don’t try this at home without adult supervision! 

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