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7 Ways To Own Seoul Garden’s $15.99 Lunch Buffet With Limited Tummy Space

Seoul Garden’s secret recipes


free cheese dip from seoul garden

Celebrating a special occasion over a steamboat meal is one of those unexplainable Singaporean things that all families do. Because of that, Seoul Garden, being one of the most affordable steamboat chains around, is a name that most Singaporeans recognise. 

Most of us are already familiar with their affordable weekday lunch pricing ($15.99++). But, here’s even better news, folks: when you dine in at Seoul Garden on weekends or for dinner from 5 September – 6 November 2017, you can enjoy 1 free cheese dip with their new promotion, Cheesy Good Times.

seoul garden's marinated meats

If you’re an adventurous foodie, you’ll get to experiment with up to 130 food choices and DIY your own meals. Here are some food combination ideas for you to make the most out of your next trip to Seoul Garden:


1. Grill marinated meats FIRST for extra flavouring


grill marinated meats first

It’s always important to kickstart your Korean BBQ sesh by grilling the marinated meats first. To start the session, guests can find their own picks of beef and slap them onto the grill first. This allows the meat to melt and coat the grill, which spreads to other meats. Apart from preventing later meats from sticking onto the grill, you’ll also get extra beefy goodness to the meats cooked later!


2. Make your own Cheesy Bulgogi Wedges + Crispy Chicken Sticks


slather some cheese on potato wedges

If you’re here for dinner, go ahead and “Korean-ify” your typical cheesy potato wedges by putting in some of their Bulgogi Lamb Shoulder or Spicy Bulgogi Chicken. The first serving of cheese dip is FOC during Cheesy Good Times (till 6 Nov), so if you come by then, you can afford to slather more cheese on!

cheesy bulgogi wedges and crispy chicken sticks

Ta-da! If you’re making it for the ‘gram, you can beautify your dish by garnishing it with spring onion and Korean chili flakes. 

Cheese + Bulgogi Chicken/Beef + Potato Wedges + Crispy Chicken Sticks + Spring Onion + Korean Chili Flakes


3. Make your own Ssambap (Korean Lettuce Wrap) like a real Korean


This is one for the meat lovers. Seoul Garden is best known for their impressive range of marinated meats that will tempt even the fussiest of palates. Here, you’ll find marinated meats like Satay Chicken Cube, Bulgogi Lamb Shoulder, and Curry Spice Fish.

korean-style lettuce wrap

If you’re a fan of Korean cuisine, you can make your own version of the Korean Ssambap or the Korean-Style Lettuce Wrap. Simply grab a piece of lettuce, pick any marinated meat, and top it off with a sauce and banchan. There are more than 20 types of marinated meats to pick from, and if none of them are to your liking, you can make your own dips (see #6!).

We went with their kalbi marinated striploin, Korean chili sauce, and kimchi, then slapped on some cheese dip for an added kick.

korean ssambap with cheese

Korean Ssambap:
Lettuce + Marinated meat (any kind) + Korean chili sauce + Kimchi + Green Chili + Cheese

Tip: When making this, you wanna make each wrap a one-bite affair, so it won’t end up looking like an overstuffed burrito!


4. Mix and match ingredients to create your own army stew


budae jjigae

Dine like a true Korean and warm your soul, literally and figuratively, by creating your own version of the savoury and spicy Budae Jjigae (Korean Army Stew). Creating this dish is easy with the plethora of ingredients available at Seoul Garden. 

Step 1: Use their Kimchi Jjigae premium soup as the base. 
Step 2: Go to the counter and find as many different meats as you can. Rice cakes are a must, but all the other ingredients are up to your preference.
Step 3: Mix everything in the soup base, and wait for the pot to simmer.
Step 4: Prosper.

Recommended Budae Jjigae recipe:
Kimchi Jjigae premium soup + Instant Noodle + Chicken Frank + Chicken Luncheon + Kimchi + Egg + Korean Rice Cake

Tip: Grab some gochujang sauce from the condiments counter if you wanna spice up your stew


5. Experiment and create your own “bingsu”


create your own bingsu at seoul garden

If you’ve been to Seoul Garden, you’d know that making your own dessert from scratch is one of the best “hacks” here. Instead of the normal ice kacang dessert, kick it up a notch and give your dessert a Korean twist by creating your own “Bingsu”.

DIY bingsu at seoul garden

For those with a sweet tooth, you can try our version of the “Bingsu” dessert, made up of shaved ice, a waterfall of evaporated milk and topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Green Tea Almond Cake. 

Alternatively, you can add chunks of fruits into your bowl of shaved ice and sprinkle some syrup for a tinge of sweetness!

Shaved Ice + Evaporated Milk + Vanilla Ice Cream + Green Tea Almond Cake (any kind of cake that’s available)


6. Develop your own dipping sauce recipes (or follow ours!)


DIY dipping sauces at seoul garden

Besides customising your dishes, you can also experiment with a plethora of dipping sauces and condiments to concoct the perfect dipping sauce that’ll suit your taste buds, and yours only. If you’re not that willing to take up the risk, don’t fret. We asked a Seoul Garden chef and got one of his favourite recipes:

DIY Steamboat Dipping Sauce :
2 scoops Soy Sauce + 1 scoop Chopped Garlic + ½ scoop Chopped Coriander + ½ scoop Corn Oil + ½ scoop diced Spring Onion

DIY Steamboat Meat Dipping Sauce:
2 scoops Soy Sauce + 1 scoop Chopped Garlic + ½ scoop Korean Chili Flakes


7. Maximise your cheese dip by mixing it with other food


cheesy good times campaign at seoul garden

When you’re down to your last few mouthfuls of free cheese dips, don’t be afraid to mix it with other food items like kimchi. It’s the food equivalent of the Asian mum “life hack” of mixing water in shampoo bottles so you don’t waste the very last drop.

Though it may seem a little unusual, this food combination has been highly recommended by the staffs of Seoul Garden themselves. Besides, cheese goes well with almost everything and this way, you’ll help reduce food wastage too — it’s a win-win situation!


DIY your own dishes with your posse at Seoul Garden


DIY your own dishes at seoul garden

Whether you’re a sous chef or simply a disaster in the kitchen, it doesn’t matter because when you’re dining at Seoul Garden, nobody’s gonna judge you for your grilling techniques except for when your meats are simply… chao tar

So grab your loved ones for a feast at this steamboat and grill buffet — it’s finally time to put your chef hats on without running the risk of burning down mom’s kitchen!

seoul garden's hotfoods to go with cheese

And specially for cheese lovers, Seoul Garden is having their Cheesy Good Times campaign from 5 September – 6 November 2017. You can look forward to exclusive chef’s recommendations that will only be available for this campaign like Crispy Chicken Stick, Deep-fried Wing Stick, Spring Roll, Potato Wedges, Chicken Luncheon Meat, Kalbi Marinated Striploin, Chicken Frank, and Chicken Fillet.

Terms and Conditions:
● 1st serving of cheese dip is free, subsequent serving is priced at $2.99++ per serving
● Free cheese dip (1st portion) serves up to 4 guests only
● Only available during dinners, weekends, eve of PH and PH
● Promotion is valid across all Seoul Garden outlets, except E!Hub @ Downtown East and City Square Mall 

Find out more about the Cheesy Good Times @ Seoul Garden here!

This post was brought to you by Seoul Garden.