“Escape Climate Change!” at The Seletar Mall


laser beam room

If you’ve ever imagined yourself as the hero who saves the world in an action-packed movie, you can see how it feels like for yourself at The Seletar Mall’s “Escape Climate Change!” pop-up maze. 

Setting the scene of the “ground zero” of climate change, the escape room has taken over the mall’s atrium. Here, you can conquer a series of trials with the help of your family and friends, to come out victorious against nature’s greatest enemy. Here’s what you can look forward to: 


Find your way through a maze


Father, daughter and mother in brick maze

A brick maze greets you the moment you enter the first zone of the escape room. Depending on your sense of direction, it can get a little confusing to locate the first task. 

Mother and daughter reading environmental infographics

Fact: Somewhere in the Pacific ocean there’s a massive floating garbage patch that measures 2000x the size of Singapore.

Along the way, there are educational snippets about environmental issues tucked away in several corners of the maze. 


Extract oil from a mini-rig


mother and daughter doing pumping oil activity

Here’s where you’ll have to start flexing those arm muscles for the first task. To open the door to the next stage, you have to “harvest” enough oil to fill a bucket to weigh down a pulley system that opens the door. To do so, you have to wind a mini-rig to “pump” out the oil.

Father, mother and daughter doing pumping oil activity


Sort out items to recycle or trash


Mother, daughter and father doing educational recycling activity

If you loved Marie Kondo-ing your homes, the second task will probably “spark joy” for you. Following a run through a second portion of the maze, you have to do some “decluttering.” 

Mother, daughter and father doing educational recycling activity

Sort through examples of everyday items like plastic bottles, clothes, newspapers and such, to either recycle or trash. Here, kids can learn how to differentiate items that can be recycled and those that can’t. Once you’ve gotten it right, you unlock the next room. 


Sneak through tricky laser beams


Mother and daughter in laser room

Here’s your chance to see if you’ve got those slick 007 skills. You have to carefully crawl and shimmy through a maze of laser beams, with tense background music setting the mood. Touch a laser beam and you have to start all over again, and all you have are 3 tries. 


Climb up to your victory podium and slide down


Mother, father and daughter going down slide

After you’ve dodged the lasers, you get to climb up to the last portion of the maze: a victory slide. You may take a bow before sliding down.


Leave your autograph on the dedication wall


Father, mother and daughter signing on wall mural

As every champion needs to leave their mark, you can do so on the dedication wall beside the slide. Sign on the wall mural to pledge your support as an eco-friendly warrior. As we read about grave environmental consequences in the maze’s infographics, we signed a promise to lessen our carbon footprints.


Conquer The Seletar Mall’s “Escape Climate Change!”


Family signing into escape room activity

If you’re looking for something new to do with your family and friends this month, take a shot at beating The Seletar Mall’s escape room.

family at entrance of escape room

It’s also a pretty fun and interactive way for kids to learn about environmental issues that affect the world, rather than reading about it in textbooks. 

family going inside escape room

With a minimum spending of $30 in a single receipt at the mall, you can go through the entire maze for free. Don’t forget to look out for promotions happening at the mall, such as lucky draws and instant lucky dips. 

Escape Climate Change! at The Seletar Mall
Venue: 1st Floor Atrium, 33 Sengkang West Ave, Singapore 797653
Date: Now until 23 March
Time: 11AM-9PM daily (Last registration at 8.30PM)
Admission: Free entry with $30 spending at mall
More info here

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This post was brought to you by The Seletar Mall. Photography by Huy Pham.