Malaysia’s Secret Waterfalls



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Malaysia is a waterfall-filled nation – a nature-loving Instagrammer’s paradise. However, snapping a beautiful waterfall scenery without being photobombed by other overzealous visitors is difficult. Secret waterfalls are almost non-existent!

Nonetheless, we uncover some of the least visited waterfalls that are just as beautiful as those you’ll find at the offshore islands. You’ll be required to trek deep into the jungle, but reaching the destination makes it all worth it.


1. Dinding waterfall – Swim in the colourful water


 dinding waterfalls thesmartlocal


Located in Lambir Hills National Park, Dinding Fall is less known compared to other waterfalls in said place due to its remote location. Access is easy with trails all over the park, but the journey takes approximately 2 to 3 hours. 

 dinding waterfalls thesmartlocal

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Dinding is what geologists call a ‘plunge waterfall’, where the water drops vertically without cascading the cliff’s face. Due to various chemical properties that exists in the waterfall’s surroundings, the water consists of different complementary colours, which makes Dinding fall a fairyland come true. 

Coordinates: N4.19881 E114.00803
Entry from: Lambir Hills National Park, Miri, Sarawak


2. Jerangkang falls – Pose at the vertigo-inducing ledge


 Jerangkang falls thesmartlocal

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 Jerangkang falls thesmartlocal

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One of the most iconic spots to immortalise your visit to Jerangkang falls is the natural infinity pool. For daredevils, pose on the log at the edge of the pool – vertigo shots are always insta-worthy. They the perfect Instagram picture that’s a focus of your friends’ envy. 

 Jerangkang falls thesmartlocal

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Although located in the Jerangkang recreational forest alongside the KL-Kuantan highway, the distance from the main road to the campsite is about 15km so visitors are recommended to charter a vehicle. Nonetheless, plan for a camping trip next to Berkelah falls once you’re in the area and head back to Jerangkang during dawn and watch the forest come alive at sunrise from a height.

Coordinates: N03° 46.58′ E102° 56.26′
How to get there: Click here to get there from KL


3. Chin Farm Waterfall – Get close to the cascading water


 Chin Farm Waterfall thesmartlocal

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Also referred to as Nan Tian Men Fall, Chin Farm Waterfall lies in the secluded region of Batu Ferringhi – also widely known for its white sandy beach – within the perimeter of a private farm. The pathways and signboards will keep you from getting lost. 

 Chin Farm Waterfall thesmartlocal

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The unique structure of the Chin Farm waterfall allows visitors to climb up and sit comfortably on the rocky slopes to get as close to the cascading water as possible. It even makes a romantic spot for wedding photoshoots. 

Address: Chin Farm Waterfall, Feringgi Villas, Batu Feringghi, Penang, Malaysia
Entry from: Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Air Itam, Penang


4. Lata Berembun Waterfall – Go on a cliff-diving adventure


  Lata Berembun Waterfall thesmartlocal

Source: @safiuddin.shaifuddin The smaller pool

Berembun’s charm is the two naturally formed pools, a smaller, rockier one where a massive waterfall resides, and larger pool where you’ll be able to cliff-dive into. Do not dive from the smaller pool because it’s shallow and rocky!

  Lata Berembun Waterfall thesmartlocal

Source: @earthkeepers.official The larger pool!

Don’t confuse it with two other waterfalls (both named Berembun) in Selangor and Kampung Sungai Klau. This Berembun waterfall can be reached through a trekking trail beginning at Kampung Koi, Jerantut – it’s a long walk so we recommend driving off-road through the trail.

For those intending to visit Berembun Waterfall, joining the trips organised by Malaysian Outdoor Trekking Hiking Scuba (MOTHS) solves transportation difficulties. 

Coordinates: N03 46.64′ E102 03.58′
Entry from: Kampung Sungai Klau, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia


5. Kipungit Waterfall – Meditate by the waterfall 


 Kipungit Waterfall thesmartlocal

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Visitors to Kinabalu National Park usually pass Kipungit falls, heading straight to the 120-Meter Langanan falls – which means the former waterfall is empty. Unlike Langanan, Kipungit is smaller and calmer, but allows for a picture that’s more personal. Besides, you won’t have to worry about being photobombed.

There’s actually a small resting hut-like shelter right in front of the waterfall where you’ll be able to relax and become meditative – it helps when the place is empty and the waterfall isn’t noisy and intrusive.

 Kipungit Waterfall thesmartlocal

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Coordinates: N06.05145 E116.70119
Entry from: Poring Hot Spring Park


6. Ban Buan Kukoat Waterfall – Go trekking with the locals


 Ban Buan Kukoat Waterfall thesmartlocal

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Ban Buan Kukoat waterfall is located near the border between Sarawak and Kalimantan, Indonesia, and reaching the destination requires a trek through the locals’ plantations. Thus, guidance from the natives is highly recommended. Alternatively, book a tour with Backyard Tour who’ll be able to hook you up with the locals in addition to the expedition.

 Ban Buan Kukoat Waterfall thesmartlocal

Source: @dickyagin

GPS location:  N1.11522 E110.25742
Entry from: Kampung Sadir, Padawan, Kuching, Sarawak 


7. Lata Puteh Waterfall – Be awed by one of Malaysia’s magnificent waterfalls


  Lata Puteh Waterfall thesmartlocal

Source: @hyrulamry

Gunung Bintang houses several unsoiled waterfalls and the magnificent Lata Puteh is one of them. It can be spotted from the mountain foot, even from the roadway between Selama and Lenggong. The trip will take a whole day, even with the company of experienced hikers and a guide. 

  Lata Puteh Waterfall thesmartlocal

Source: @uzaersohigh

The main waterfall is travellers’ favourite place to mark their arrival. The sight of water pouring down like heavy rain has been Lata Puteh’s signature – it looks like a location from a movie worthy of a scene in Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones or even Jurassic Park!

Entry from: N05° 09.30′ E100° 53.07′


8. Jeram Perlus waterfall – Take a dip in the pool after a long trekking session


 Jeram Perlus waterfall thesmartlocal

Source: @changjeanlee After a long trek…

 Jeram Perlus waterfall thesmartlocal

Source: @ahmadshamin take a dip in a natural pool!

Jeram Perlus is a perfect getaway for enthusiastic hikers after a 2 – 3 hours bout of trekking – they will be rewarded with a snaking waterfall all to themselves. The place remains empty despite being beautiful as it is still under the tourist radar. The trailhead is located in Kampung Orang Asli Sungai Gabai, where you are recommended to hire a local guide from. 

 Jeram Perlus waterfall thesmartlocal

Source: @ianishak

Coordinates: 3 12.02’ N, 101 55.40’E
Entry from: Hulu Langat


Malaysia’s waterfall secrets


Hardcore Instagrammers can rejoice because photos of these naturally-beauty waterfalls are game-changing – with the waterfalls’ emptiness and zen-like environment, your IG feed will be the envy of many. #IGgoals!

At the same time, do remember that the lack of traffic in the areas pose a risk – in the event of an emergency, help may be a few days away! Be sure to observe basic safety precautions. Wear proper equipments and bring a good amount of supplies. Have a safe trip!