Singapore’s never short of all-year-round cultural events. And with Phase 3 now in full swing, we can celebrate the new year with one that kicks tradition up a notch: RE•MIX 2k21 by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Whether you’re well-versed in Chinese-Singaporean culture, or simply looking for new activities to do this month, you can expect a ton of onsite and online activities from 15th – 24th January 2021. We’re talking a ‘gram-worthy exhibition, artsy workshops, and energetic music events – some of which are completely free! Here are some highlights to look forward to:

Play detective at an escape room

Pan!c At The Gallery at SCCC Remix 2k21
Image credit: SCCC

If you have a knack for solving puzzles, or simply love the thrill of a time-limited escape room experience, enter Pan!c At The Gallery for an exhilarating time channelling your inner detective. 

Your task is to find the infamous criminal mastermind who’s plotting to take down an important member of the local Chinese community. Suss the culprit out at the SINGAPO 人: Discovering Chinese Singaporean Culture exhibition, where you’ll have to uncover clues and solve puzzles along the way.   

Pan!c At The Gallery Online versionThis experience is also available online with a 360° toggle of the crime scene for you to solve the case at home 

Pan!c At The Gallery
Price: $27 (onsite, available as Festival Pass only) | $6 (online)
Date: 16th,17th, 23rd, 24th Jan 2021 (Onsite) | 16th, 17th, 21st – 24th Jan 2021 (online)
Time: 1PM, 3PM (Onsite) | Thu – Fri 7PM, 9PM | Sat-Sun 2PM, 4PM, 7PM, 9PM (online)
Onsite venue: SCCC SINGAPO人 Exhibition, Level 2
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Snap IG-worthy shots at the All Walks of Love exhibition

All Walks of Love Exhibition at SCCC Remix 2k21Image credit: SCCC

Those looking for a new dating spot to impress bae can check out the All Walks of Love exhibition, where there’ll be tons of photo spots to take advantage of. 

A walk through the exhibits might send you down memory lane, as you’ll come across a nostalgic see-saw you can sit on and reminisce your childhood. Look out for romantic backdrops while you’re at it, where you can snap enviable couple shots with your date. 

Price: $10, available as single activity ticket or Festival Pass
Date: 15th Jan – 28th Feb 2021
Time: 10AM-8PM (per hour entry, last entry at 7PM)
Venue: SCCC Creative Box, Level 6
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Pick up new skills at creative workshops

RE•MIX the Dance WorkshopImage credit: SCCC

Whether you’re an aspiring or avid dancer, get your groove on at the RE•MIX the Dance Workshop. Street dance and Chinese dance might be two very different genres, but at this workshop, you’ll learn how these styles can merge.

Creative workshops at SCCC Remix 2k21Left to right: Rubber stamp carving, cute doodling and fashion design illustration.
Image credit: SCCC

You can also embark on craft projects from the comfort of your home with online workshops, which includes fashion design illustration, rubber stamp carving and cute doodling. 

Taught by experts in each area, these workshops will let you get hands-on and create your very own masterpiece. For instance, Mandy Lau, the artist behind @draw.a.story will be teaching Fashion Design Illustration, which covers the fundamentals of fashion sketching, including outline and colouring techniques.

RE•MIX the Dance Workshop – Street Dance VS Chinese Dance
Price: Free
Date: 22nd Jan 2021
Time: 9PM
Address: O School Studio
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Fashion Design Illustration Online Workshop
Price: $20
Date: 17th Jan 2021
Time: 2PM
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Chop! Chop! Rubber Stamp Carving Online Workshop
Price: $30
Date: 23rd Jan 2021
Time: 2PM
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The Art of Cute Doodling Online Workshop 
Price: $20
Date: 24th Jan 2021
Time: 2PM
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Attend a silent disco and online performances

Silent Disco at SCCC Remix 2k21Image credit: SCCC

We’ve temporarily bid goodbye to music events in 2020, but you can still meet new people while bobbing to your favourite tunes at the RE•MIX Silent Music Party. It’s basically a silent disco where attendees put on earphones and enjoy a curated playlist.

Throughout the party, keep a lookout for a mystery code that’s hidden within the playlists. Solve the code correctly and you just might bring home a mystery prize. And to help spark conversations among fellow attendees, take a music personality quiz to find out what best puts you in a groove at the online event.

Price: $6 (online) | $10 (onsite)
Date: 16th-17th, 19th-24th Jan 2021 (online) | 16th-17th, 23rd-24th Jan 2021 (onsite)
Time: 9PM (online) | 2PM-6PM, per hour entry, last entry at 5PM (onsite)
Onsite Venue: SCCC SCCCI Multi-purpose Hall Level 7
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Performance lineup at SCCC Remix 2k21 - livestreamImage credit: SCCC

Music lovers can also tune into the TGIF RE⦁MIX Music Station: SCCC X YES 933 live stream. Local youth artists like 4L4HA, Joel Choo, Fang Rong, Ferlyn G, Fingerfunk, The Fleurist, JJ Neo, BPM – Broken Pieces and Mending and the Cold Cut Duo will be taking the stage with performances of both oldies and modern-day hits. 

Those into the Mandopop scene will be stoked to know that EggPlantEgg and Qiu Feng Ze X Cai Zi will be live streaming all the way from Taiwan.

Apart from music, SCCC RE•MIX 2k21 will also be live streaming dance performances with intense dance battles for your viewing pleasure. For more visual treats, there’s also a deluge of themed fashion design live streams such as a RE•MIX Fashion Runway Show. 

To inject a good dose of laughter into your Saturday night, join the SGAG crew – Pam, Nadia, Xiaoming, Brightman and Maddy – in a series of games that test their knowledge of the Chinese Singaporean culture. 

TGIF RE⦁MIX Music Station: SCCC X YES 933 live stream
Date: 15th Jan 2021
Time: 7.30PM

RE•MIX the Dance live stream
Date: 17th Jan 2021
Time: 7.30PM

RE•MIX Fashion Runway Show
Date: 24th Jan 2021
Time: 5PM

SGAG Night ‘Live’ @ RE•MIX
Date: 23rd Jan 2021
Time: 8PM

All live streams will be available on the SCCC Facebook Page

Kickstart the new year with high spirits at SCCC RE•MIX 2k21

Whether you jiak kan tang or your last memory of anything Chinese was during your ‘O’ levels, you’re in for an unconventional experience learning more about Chinese culture in the most youthful way you’ve seen. 

Start marking your calendars for the exciting new year with these RE•MIX events by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre and jio your friends along to enjoy the fun. 

Find out more about SCCC RE•MIX here

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Cover image adapted from Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre.