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Romantic things to do

8 Spontaneous Ideas For Singaporeans Guys To Not Fit Into The Boring Practical Boyfriend Stereotype

Romantic things to do for your girlfriend


Romantic things to do

Image adapted from: Eatbook

Singaporean guys have a knack for being overwhelmingly practical. Not that we’re complaining – this can be all very useful when it comes down to chores like household expenses and budgeting. But when it all boils down, there’s no harm in adding a lil’ romance to our relationships.

That doesn’t mean grand romantic gestures like proposing at the Eiffel Tower or reenacting a ‘90s chick flick boombox scene. Here are 8 ways Singaporean guys can show off their romantic side in an ordinary everyday situation:


1. Surprise her on a normal day


Romantic things to do for your girlfriend - flowers

Birthdays and anniversaries mean you’ll do something special, but it’s the small and meaningful gifts that mean the most to us. Don’t wait for a special occasion – there’s nothing like a bouquet of flowers and some gourmet chocolates that’ll get you into the good books of any girl.

It’s a cliche, but a cliche we all adore. Even those who proclaim “what a waste of money” are secretly enjoying their fresh blooms while scoffing down chocolate-y goodness.


2. Pack her a homemade lunch


Romantic things to do for your girlfriend - homemade lunch

Although your culinary skills might not be up to scratch, you can be rest assured that anyone will be pleased with a packed lunch. It saves us the hassle of braving the hot Singapore sun to get our own food, and we’ll be more than thankful for having a nutritious meal to look forward to.

Take inspiration from here, it’s got all sorts of recipes from pad thai to deconstructed sushi.


3. Keep your phones in the safe during staycations


Romantic things to do - staycations

Staycations are the obvious gateway to some sacred alone time. To escape from the prying eyes of your friends and family, book a hotel staycay to indulge in quality one-on-one time where you can do a multitude of things – lazing by the pool and enjoying the breakfast buffet will always be on the top of our list.

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Check out here for some affordable hotel staycation ideas that won’t break the bank.


4. Wake her up with breakfast in bed


Romantic things to do - breakfast in bed

While Good Morning texts are always welcome, take it a step further and order her up some hearty breakfast in bed. You might not be the best chef in the kitchen – but that’s why you’ve got the likes of McDelivery and GrabFood. A Sausage McMuffin? Delicious, especially when it’s an unexpected surprise.  


5. Let her overorder food even if she can’t finish it


Why Boyfriends Are Fat!

If your boyfriend does this for you, it just means he loves you. Tag him here! Leftovers your boyfriend would enjoy. Order now! With Pizza Hut’s Wow! Takeaway deals, you can now skip the weekend crowds and still have a hearty stay-in dinner while catching up on Netflix.

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It’s a common problem to have eyes bigger than your stomach, which means we’re often guilty of over ordering food. When you’re that hungry, you don’t pause to think of practicalities. Instead of depriving her from her favourite dishes, simply order up a storm and takeaway whatever you can’t finish – you can save it for a midnight snack while watching Netflix together.

Romantic things to do - overorder food

When she single-handedly orders up a feast.
Image credit: Eatbook


6. Plan a proposal instead of asking “BTO ai mai?”


Romantic things to do - propose

Image credit: Zula

Some girls have their weddings entirely planned out, down to the matchy-matchy bridesmaid dresses and the colour of the groom’s bowtie. Don’t ignore these elaborate plans by spoiling it all with a crass “BTO ai mai?”. There’s no need to bring her somewhere extravagant, but think of a venue that you both hold close to your hearts.


7. Watch a live stand-up comedy or theatre show


Although it’s much more convenient to watch Netflix – own time, own target – it’s a whole lot more enjoyable when you’re both equally engrossed in a performance together. We’re not simply talking about the movies: take her out to a live stand-up comedy or theatre show.

With upcoming musicals like Matilda and various comedy acts, there’s a whole lot to bond over in Singapore’s arts & culture scene.


8. Surprise her with Swarovski jewellery


Romantic things to do - Swarovski jewellery

While we have a soft spot for all types of jewellery, it’s Swarovski jewellery that we’re seriously coveting. How could we not, when their new Creativity and Louison ranges are dazzling with precision-cut Swarovski crystals? All practical lads out there might think that a necklace is merely a necklace, but to a girl, such delicate strands hold great sentimental value.


Gifts for your girlfriend – Swarovski’s Creativity, Louison, & Louison Pearl range


If you’re racking your brains to add some much-needed romance into your relationship, don’t worry – you’ve got plenty of easy choices from ordering her breakfast in bed to surprising her with a gift from Swarovski. Although overlooked by most practical boyfriends, girls will always hold jewellery close to their hearts.

Romantic things to do - Swarovski jewellery

Surprising her with the Creativity Earring + Necklace Set ($249) is a solid choice, especially since it’s a classy option that can be worn from day to night.

Romantic things to do - Swarovski jewellery

Both the studded earrings and single-strand necklace are delicate pieces and will add an elegant flair to any outfit, especially when they feature abstract circular motifs lined with sparkling pavé.

Romantic things to do - Swarovski jewellery

For even more sparkle, pair the set with the Creativity Bracelet ($279).

Swarovski - Louison collection

The Louison range is stunning in all its glory, with delicate strands of crystals and pearls.

Rest assured that any girl will adore the Louison and Louison Pearl range too, if not for the Swarovski crystals, then for the white pearls.

Swarovski jewellery - Louison Pearl

Swarovski earrings

Louison Pearl Necklace ($449) and Louison Pearl Earrings ($179) are designed with frosty winter leaves in mind.

These Louison Pearl Necklace ($449) and Louison Pearl Earrings ($179) have a touch of old Hollywood glamour with strands of white pearls, but are also very much in trend with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

Swarovski jewellery - Louison

The Louison Bracelet ($399) and Louison Ring ($279) make perfect Christmas gifts.

If you’re going all out, then their Louison Bracelet ($399) and Louison Ring ($279) will make a much-loved gift. We’ll be admiring the fine quality of the multifaceted crystals – especially when crafted with a special swan wing-shaped cut that’s inspired by frosty winter leaves.

Prove you’re not like other practical Singaporean boyfriends – whether it’s the Creativity or Louison range, any girl will be overjoyed to receive Swarovski jewellery.

Swarovski - gifts with purchase

From left to right – Sparkling Blue Fur Backpack and Swarovski Remix Pouch.  
Image credit: Swarovski

From now to 27 December 2018, you can also get a Sparkling Blue Fur Backpack with any purchase worth $320. Top up to $550 to receive a crystallised Swarovski Remix Pouch!

Find out more about Swarovski’s ‘Brilliance For All’ here!

This post was brought to you by Swarovski.