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Christmas season is just around the corner and with so many options, it’s not always easy to decide where to dine during the festive season. We had the privilege of checking out what Regent Singapore has in store for diners this holiday season, at their swanky Presidential Suite recently.

I was doing little somersaults in my head when I saw the spread of festive treats prepared by the talented chefs from Regent Singapore’s F&B outlets – Basilico, DolcettobyBasilico, TeaLounge and Manhattan

Some of the offerings we had are available for takeaway – Dolcetto by Basilico has a “Party-to-Go” menu – but others are available only for in-house dining. Here’s a preview of what you can expect from the restaurants at Regent Singapore.


Festive Offerings


b2ap3_thumbnail_truffles-cheese-cream_Snapseed-Copy.jpgTruffle Burrata 

This is a little jar of truffle goodness that you have to try! It may look unassuming but it packs a punch. Full of aromatic, intense flavours from the creamy cheeses entwined in a whole lot of woody truffle. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5277.JPGb2ap3_thumbnail_salmon-prawn-egg_Snapseed-Copy.jpgPrawn with Rockets and Avocado Tart

The prawn’s fresh and succulent, complementing the creamy avocado and crumbly tart. This dish is recommended if you prefer something light on the palette.

Smoked Salmon 

I’m terrified of salmon but still slurped this down. It is extremely salty, chewy and decadent. The little red specks are saffron, while the two orange spheres are caviar. Those who love salmon will definitely appreciate this better than I did.  

Deviled Eggs 

This whet my appetite – I’ve never tasted an egg as acidic as this! The Deviled Eggs gave me a new appreciation of how eggs can be prepared.

b2ap3_thumbnail_foie-gras_Snapseed-Copy.jpgFoie Gras Terrine with White Balsamic Jelly on Brioche Bread 

This lightly-seasoned delicacy is an indulgence for many. I was torn between tasting it and giving it a miss. The foie gras was rich, buttery and melted in my mouth. 

The sweet-acidic combination from the peach and strip of balsamic jelly was delightful but the brioche bread unfortunately wasn’t very good.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5286.JPGAngus Beef Duo

I was told that the beef cheek had been slow-cooked for a whopping 72 hours! I highly recommend the cubed beef as it’s extremely tender and flavourful. The other piece was too tough for my liking. Regardless, I enjoyed the earthy mushroom and creamy, smooth pumpkin sauce paired with it.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5292.JPGChilli Lobster with Steamed Buns

The Chili Lobster with Steamed Buns came with two large chunks of soft, fresh lobster flesh but this was underwhelming. The thick, sweet sauce was cold and lacked flavour compared to our local tze char stalls that serve piping hot chili crabs.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5282.JPGSlow Roasted Pork Belly “Porchetta” with Apple Sauce

I don’t usually eat the skin (and fats) from my meat dishes for fear of putting on weight, but the ultra crispy, golden square here looked too alluring. Absolutely no regrets stuffing it with the tender, spiced, lean meat into my mouth. I don’t know how they did it, but you’re bound to enjoy the loudest crunch ever when you chew on it! I could do without the cloying apple sauce, though. 

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5260.JPGBronte Pistachio and Crunchy Praline Log Cake

This is the best log cake I’ve ever had. No exaggeration here, of all the dishes Regent had to offer, this is my favourite one. It is full of nutty goodness with morsels of pistachio nestled within the cake. It’s unbelievably light and soft, while not being overly sweet. 

The zesty mango praline portion was a bit of a surprise for me simply because it was a little on the tart side. You have to try this new creation because it’s that good!

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5305.JPGAlba Truffle and Hazelnut Macarons

Say hi to this adorable little macaron that’s full of earthy alba truffle and sugar! If I can have two favourites, this would be one of them. The chefs ensure that your money is well-spent on quality decadent ingredients fit for a king.

The woody aroma’s so tantalizing there’s no way they could have scrimped on the truffles. I wish I had more of these!


More Festive Offerings


Regent Singapore has much more festive goodies to share with you this holiday season. The following pictures you’re about to see are just some of them that I didn’t get to try because I was too stuffed. 

The desserts are supposed to be a highlight, so save some space for them! 

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5262.JPGTurkey “alla Porchetta” (Boneless turkey breast stuffed with dried figs, Amarena sour cherries and wrapped with 36-months cured San Daniele Ham)

b2ap3_thumbnail_Chuao-Amedei-Dark-Chocolate-Raspberry-Log-Cake.jpgChuao Amedei Dark Chocolate Raspberry Log Cake

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5259.JPGTraditional gingerbread cookie treats.

b2ap3_thumbnail_AT6A5304.JPGFestive Sferas (Amedei Chocolate shell decorated as Snowman) 


Christmas at Regent Singapore


Find out more about Regent Hotel’s festive offerings here

Ordering period: 1 December 2014 – 1 January 2015, daily from 8a.m. to 9p.m.
Address: 1 Cuscaden Road, Singapore 249715

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