Be The Time Keeper


There are two types of people in the world: people who use their phones to tell time, and people who use their trusty wristwatches. If you belong to the former, we’re sure this list will make you want to strap a watch round your wrist in no time. Whether you wear it to master the art of time management or just for the sake of aesthetics, having it with you is bound to add value to your life. If that hasn’t convinced you, here are 6 more reasons why a wristwatch should be a wardrobe staple for all you swanky Singaporeans.


1. Form a great first impression



Nothing screams ‘I’m well put together!’ like an elegant wristwatch, and people are bound to look at you in a more sophisticated light. At social or networking events, a watch can express your personality and complete your look. When it comes to job interviews or formal appointments, this detail is often understated; the presence of a tasteful timepiece speaks volumes of your taste and judgement.


2. A powerful fashion statement


A fashionable wristwatch never fails to make a classy outfit even more chic. Wear one that’s flashy to add a pop of colour to your get-up, or keep it simple and stick to good old black. If you aren’t a fan of chunky arm candy around your wrist, the right watch is an elegant fashion statement that’ll make you stand out.


3. Never be late for anything again


For some of us, being on time can be a constant struggle. When our phones are snugged comfortably in our pockets or handbags, we never feel like taking them out – even for something as important as checking the time. It’s the same reason why we have that one friend who tells us he’s “reaching in 5” when he had just boarded the train!

With a watch conveniently strapped round your wrist, telling the time is as easy as a quick glance at your wrist. You can’t lose track of time even if you tried! This heightened sense of awareness save you from many embarrassing entrances.


4. A sneaky way to check the time


It’s 3pm in the afternoon. You have just slipped into food coma but your boss is droning on about targets and statistics. Your eyelids are like iron curtains, ready to fall and send you into the dark abyss of sleep. How long more till this ends??? You fight the urge to be impolite and sneak your phone out of your pocket to check the time. With a handy wristwatch, you’ll be able to sneakily check the time during boring business meetings. It won’t change anything, but it’ll lessen your pain when you know there’s an end.


5. Match it up with your partner



If couple tees are way too cheesy for you and your partner, couple watches are the way to go. They’re classy, simple, and a really subtle way to match it up and have some fun with your partner without being too in-your-face. Also, this is the answer to many birthday, christmas and anniversary gift headaches!


6. Your best travel companion



A watch is not just an accessory; it can hold so many precious memories and possess strong sentimental value. Maybe it’s a gift from a dear one, maybe you got it for yourself to celebrate an achievement, or maybe it’s been with you on countless adventures. Whatever story it has to tell, it’ll always be your best source of comfort when you’re alone in a foreign land that’s bursting with possibilities. If you own a dual-time watch, you’ll always feel connected to home whichever continent and time zone you find yourself in.


The Time Is Right


A classy wristwatch is a great investment you won’t regret. With all these wonderful reasons to have one strapped round your wrist, the time has come to stand a chance to win a luxury wristwatch of your own! TSL Kulte Watch Giveaway! Kulte is a brand of retro-chic timepieces inspired by the sixties and today’s trends and graphics. The bold, quirky brand believes that people should escape the obsession of timekeeping, and true to that, you’ll realize that their watches have only one hand on the dial!

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