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PUMA bugis pop-up Run xx Nitro Experience

PUMA Now Has A Pop Up Challenge At Bugis+ Where You Can Score Freebies & 30% Off Running Footwear

PUMA Run XX Nitro Experience

Athleisure is here to stay. Whether it’s to appease your hypebeast soul, to lounge around in comfort, or to train for hours at the gym, there’s no harm getting yourself a good pair of workout shoes that’s both stylish and long-lasting. 

Well, now’s your chance to get a pair at a sweet 30% off. Just head over to Bugis+ from now till 5th June to snag exclusive discounts and prizes when you complete the PUMA Run XX Nitro Experience. Spoiler alert: it’s beginner-friendly too, so everyone’s welcome to give it a try.

Challenge yourself at 3 interactive zones

Head on over to Level 2 of Bugis+ and you’ll immediately see the PUMA Run XX Nitro activity pods taking over the atrium. The goal? Complete these activities to get goodies you wouldn’t normally get on any given day.

PUMA bugis pop-up

First up is the Nitro Foam Pit where you’ll have to find 5 black Nitro cubes. Trust us when we say this one’s both fun and challenging as you’ll have to “dive” into a pit of foam cubes to find smaller black ones buried underneath – no problem for those with tons of ball pit experience. There’s a time limit, so bring your A game to the plate. 

PUMA bugis pop-up Run xx Nitro Experience

The second challenge is the PUMAGrip Sprint where you’ll have to Ninja Warrior it up an ascending track. It’s pretty steep, but eager beginners will have no problem stepping up the ramp. 

Filling out activity card

Contenders will get 2 tries to complete both challenges. Once you do, the crew will sign off on your challenge card and you’ll unlock a 30% discount off any running and training footwear from the Bugis+ PUMA store.

PUMA pop-up in Bugis

Before you call it a day, there’s one more activity pod for you to wind down. Take a stroll through the Monomesh Arch to feel what it’s like to walk through PUMA’s airy shoe uppers. After that, scoot right over to the PUMA store at Bugis+ right next to the activity zones to get your haul of comfy new kicks. 

Social media challenge

That’s not all – snap a photo of yourself doing any of the challenges and share it on Instagram or Tik Tok with the hashtag #PUMASG. Show your post to the staff and you’ll be able to redeem a free pair of PUMA socks. While stocks last, of course. 

Free socks
Free socks when you post an IG or Tik Tok of yourself at the activity pods.

Get comfy gear for long workouts

Run XX Nitro shoes

If you’re having a go at the PUMA Run XX Nitro challenges, you’ll probably be well aware that the new Run XX Nitro running shoes ($199) are in the spotlight here. These shoes have been made specifically to fit and support the arches, heels and insteps of a woman’s feet. 

Run XX Nitro shoes
The Run XX Nitro shoes are suitable for all sorts of workouts, strenuous or not. 

Then comes some much-needed comfort during a workout – it gives the sole lots of cushioning thanks to the lightweight and durable Nitro foam midsole. All this comes with a footstrike guidance tech that’ll make sure your strides are aligned and stable, perfect for those who run long distances. 

PUMA running outfit
Pair the shoes with the collection’s training bra, leggings and top  – these are airy and wick away moisture for comfort.

Take part in PUMA’s Run XX Nitro Experience

PUMA pop-up at Bugis

Whether you’re a fan of fitness challenges, or simply just adore PUMA’s footwear and fitness garb, you’ll want to turn your attention to the Run XX Nitro Experience

Drop by Bugis+ Level 2 Atrium to experience the interactive pods from now till 5th June, and pay a visit to the PUMA store at Bugis+ to pick up your coveted running and training footwear when you win your 30% discount.

PUMA Pop-up at Bugis

Those who’re new to PUMA Singapore’s online store can also sign up for their newsletter on the Run XX Nitro game card. You’ll score a 20% discount for your first purchase on just by doing so. On top of the Run XX Nitro collection, hypebeasts will also know that exclusives like PUMA X Minecraft and PUMA x Batman are just a click away. 

Check out PUMA’s Run XX Nitro collection

This post was brought to you by PUMA.
Photography by Chan Huiwen.

Bugis+ 201 Victoria Street,
Singapore 188067
27 May - 05 Jun 2022
10:00 am - 10:00 pm