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13 Primary School Comebacks That Singaporean Millennials Will Remember From Their Childhood

Primary School Phrases Singaporean Millennials Still Use


As a 90s kid, nothing warms my heart more than recalling the times in primary school when my friends used phrases like “orbi good” and “neh neh ni poo poo” to annoy me. Oh, sweet memories. However, with the rise of the internet, the phrases used by kids of the social media generation are a whole new ball game.

What on earth is “w00ts!” and what does “neh neh ni poo poo” stand for?? In this post on 13 primary school phrases that only make sense to Singaporean millennials, I’ll teach you how to converse like one of them cool kids while also take a walk down memory lane. 


1. Who Ask You


who ask you

What it means: Used rhetorically, it can mean “I told you so!” and “ you deserve it!” depending on the context. Essentially just rubbing salt into the other person’s wounds. 

How to use:

Student A: *falls down*

Student B: who ask you anyhow run HAHAHAHA 





orbi good


What it means:  It means “Serves you right”. It is to insult or laugh at others for their misfortune and has a similar effect as the phrase “Who ask you”. However, for this phrase, it is mandatory to flap your arms for maximal effect. 

How to use: 

Student A: Wah I forgot to do my homework! This time teacher sure scold me one.

Student B: Hahaha, who ask you play Pokemon Go! Play until forget, ORBI GOOD.




i tell teacher


What it means: Literally meaning how the user intends to report the other person’s actions to the teacher. It is commonly used as a threat from one classmate to another which is generally quite effective as students fear getting reprimanded.

How to use:

Student A: OR HORRR you copy her homework, I TELL TEACHER! 

Student B: 






What it means: Mainly used by the 90s kids, this was The Phrase used to annoy your friends during catching games. It is expressed in a sing-song manner in order to taunt the “catcher”. Up the annoy-ometer by sticking your tongue out and flapping your hands up and down like a duck.

neh neh poo poo 





What it means: As a counter to people who like to us “got” a lot as it sounds like “God”.

How to use: 

Student A: Where got?

Student B: 

god in heaven


6. Eeeeeyyyyer



What it means:  Coming from the root word “eeyer”, it is used to express disgust. “Eeyer” can also be shortened to “eeee”. Primary school kids like to stretch the word for added emphasis,  “eee” =/ “eeeeeeeee”. Remember, the longer you hold your breath saying it, the greater the disgust expressed. Got it? 

How to use: 

Student A: Eeeeeeeyer you dig nose, you yellow yellow dirty fellow! 


7. Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow


yellow yellow dirty fellow

What it means: A remark made from one to another to laugh/ insult/ express disgust at someone’s dirtiness. Typically said in a sing-song tune with an increasing pitch. Not a racist remark as far as we know.

How to use:  

Student A: *digs his nose* 

Student B: eeeee you yellow yellow dirty fellow!


8. What The Fish


what the fish

What it means: The censored version of “WTF”, used in the same way as an exclamation of disgust/ surprise/ shock/ annoyance. Because saying the F-word will result in an “OH HOR I TELL TEACHER!”

How to use:  


Student B: What the fish really???? 


9. Siao Liao


siao liao

What it means: “Siao” means “crazy” while “Liao” means “already”. Putting them together, it is used as an expression when something bad or unfortunate happens. 

How to use: 

Student A: Wah siao liao, my phone kena confiscated by cher. How now?? 


10. W00ts!


What it means: To express happiness/ excitement. Typically used by the 90s kids.

How to use: 

*crush comes online on MSN*

Student A: omg w00ts Sarah is online!! 


11. Eh Don’t Sabo Me Leh!!


What it means: No this isn’t a reference to the online fashion label Sabo Skirt. Far from it actually. Sabo, is short for ‘sabotage’ and can be used when someone does something to get you in trouble.  

How to use: 

Student A: Teacher! She never do homework! 

Student B: OI, DON’T SABO ME LEH!!!! 

Student A: ORBI GOOD! (see #1) 


12. See No Touch, Touch No See, See and Touch Must Pay Money 


What it means: Said in a sing-song manner, it is just a more civil way to reject someone requests to borrow/ see your belongings. Because, who wants to pay just to touch something? 

How to use: 

Student A: Eh eh eh can I see your pencil case pleaseeee 


Student B: See no touch, touch no see, see and touch must pay money

Student A: Walao eh, okay lor. I don’t see.

blind seeing


13. Don’t Friend You 


What it means: Short for “We are not friends” or “We won’t be friends anymore”, it is used as a threat from one to another. An alternative version used by adults would be “I’m serious”. 

How to use:

Student A: Eh don’t tell teacher I never do my homework ah if not I don’t friend you

Student B: ya la ya la 


A Blast From The Past 


With the growing vocabulary of the younger ones and the rising influence of social media, many of these phrases have been but a thing of the past. Many new slang phrases have been added to our slang bank with more popular ones like “YOLO” and “ship“. Nevertheless you may still hear some of the above being said by the 90s kids which still brings back a wave of nostalgia for many. 

Have more to share? Let us know in the comments below!